Lunar Eclipse Horoscope – January 10, 2020 | Kelli Fox | Astrology.TV

Hi there I’m Kelli Fox from astrology TV
and I’m going to be talking about the lunar eclipse (January’s lunar eclipse).
So there’s terror and mayhem at the thought of a solar eclipse, so you can
imagine what happens when there’s this lunar eclipse! People predict
outright death and destruction at any sort of mention of a lunar eclipse, so it
won’t do to only name whatever lunar eclipse is happening by calling it – like,
you know – the super dark plague power karmic vampire Blood Moon death and
destruction lunar eclipse. So, it’s not always doom and gloom, and it’s
probably also the mention of how this lunar eclipse will open a gateway, maybe
to the gates of Hell, and that some of us might even leave our bodies and populate
the new intergalactic stratosphere and become one with some other race. OK, so it
isn’t as dramatic as that but it’s pretty intense this one because, you know,
astrologically lunar eclipses are fully-charged full moons and they’re full
moons packed with an extra punch. So it’s quite a lot extra actually – like
those little bottles of whiskey you poured into the school
dance punch bowl – maybe when you were about 13 – and things were going really well
(this is now relating this back to a lunar eclipse, right) things were going
really well until you found yourself face down in the middle of the dance
floor! Yeah, that’s sort of like how a lunar eclipse rushes in (like, probably a
lunar tidal wave) and the next thing you know you’re pulling seaweed from your
hair and everywhere else on your body wondering which continent you
washed up on. That’s also how a lunar eclipse rolls. It brings change, it
brings really big change and sometimes you don’t even know what hits you. It
brings sweeping change, it brings shocking change, it brings unexpected
change and not always bad change. I know I’m making it sound pretty bad. So, you
know, you could get married, you could start college again, you could
emigrate. So generally speaking however a lunar eclipse is about something
ending and something coming to a head. So it’s about something that’s been
building for six or twelve months, sometimes even longer, and something you
really really need to get rid of. You need to let it go. You need to just – you
know – relinquish. So it’s a full moon after all and that always asks us for a
release. Think about the full moon supercharged full moon. So for a
step-by-step guide to find out how your zodiac sign gets affected, and will be
affected, by this lunar eclipse visit astrology.TV.
I’ve got a breakdown there of how this lunar eclipse in cancer will be
affecting your zodiac sign. So be sure to go to the website astrology.TV to get
more information about how this lunar eclipse will be affecting you and your
sign. And it really is an intense one because of the involvement of the Saturn
Pluto conjunction. And I have video on that and lots of other information and
how this will be affecting your sign. So I’m Kelli Fox from astrology.TV.

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