Life Path Number 5 Numerology Meaning

Numerology Life Path Number 5
People with life path number 5 can be simply
described as spirits of change. They can only
dream of resting. Life path 5 brings creative
manifestation of form. For people with life
path number 5 life is a mystical labyrinth
and behind every corner there is a new adventure.
They know how to be constructively creative
and love new places which allows them to have
new experiences. In Numerology 5 is the number
of risk and change. People with life path
number 5 are often very talented and are capable
to accomplish many things in different areas.
That is why it is very important for them
to learn how to make correct choices that
will not only bring fun but also benefit them
and those around them. It is very important
for a life path #5 to find their core, stop
scattering their energy around and prioritize
their desires. People with life path number
5 are quite flexible, active, full of interesting
ideas and they have the ability to inspire
others. As a rule they are not very patient
and worry a lot. Because of their desire to
try new things it is very hard for them to
do routine work. Their thoughts are either
about today or in the future, they rarely
stuck in their memories. People with life
path number 5 are very passionate and could
fall into gambling problems. Due to the lack
of patience of a life path 5, they want quick
results and it often makes them take unnecessary
risks. People with life path number 5 are
individualists who like adventure, traveling
and change. They don�t like any kind of
borders that can limit them. People with life
path number 5 can stay young in their heart
for a long time if they are able to find their
true passion and be creative.
Negative side of people with life path number
5 is running from one thing to another without
finishing it (which could bring disappointment
to their life). It is hard for them to concentrate,
they often change direction and it could be
hard for others to keep up with them. If people
with life path number 5 subdue their own truth
and limit themselves, they could become unsatisfied
with their life and fall into their fears
(people with life path #5 have a high % of
those who did not realize their talent that
was given to them at their birth). Here are
some negative qualities of people with life
path #5: vanity, anxious, restless, rebellious,
quick-tempered, impulsiveness, lack of business
orientation and light-headiness. People with
life path number 5 could get swamped and drown
in the material problems. They could get stuck
in only feeding their lower self. Life path
number 5 should stay away from constantly
creating enemies and fighting them. They need
to find own freedom within the limits of the
law. Life path #5 needs to balance their desire
to live free and live according to the laws
of Nature (and society). They need to control
own lack of patience that does not allow them
to relax. They should also be able to handle
their tendency to quickly be irritated.
Key positive qualities of people with life
path number 5 are: love for adventures, adaptability,
inspiration, curiosity, progressive thinking,
good communication skills and sexual attraction.
They are good in collecting things and often
have a big choice in opportunities.
People with life path number 5 are often smart
and are able to reach their goals if they
follow their positive side. They will be good
in all professions that require initiative,
flexibility, being a visionary, taking risk
and being brave. They should avoid professions
that are connected with routine processes.
People whose life path number is 5 are good
in business and in commerce due to their ability
to think quickly and inspire others. However,
it could be hard for them to be a real boss
since they like change so much. Advertisement,
public relations and sales are the fields
were people with life path number 5 can realize
their potential. Money usually come easy to
life path 5 but they could have issues with
saving money. Due to their attraction towards
risk it is advised to delegate their money
management to others.
In personal relationships people with life
path number 5 are very emotional and have
a lot of love (but they still fear failure
deep inside). They love to flirt and will
use all the opportunities they get. It is
too hard for them to dedicate their life to
only one person (field or business). Their
attractions are usually not very deep and
people with life path number 5 are not very
keen on expressing their deep feelings. Since
life path 5 are afraid to lose their freedom
it could take them a long time to take a commitment
in a relationship. They need to have a game
and be inspired in their relationships. If
they are constricted by limits it could eventually
lead to divorce. People with life paths 3
and 5 are good for life path number 5. Life
paths 2,4 & 6 might not be able to handle
a lot of change that comes with life path
5. If life path 5 connects with life path
8, they need to know
that # 8 will never give in. The tendency
to dominate in
a relationship that comes from life path numbers
1 and 9 could be very difficult for life path
5. In order to manage people
with life path number 5 you have to be very
sensitive and diplomatic.
Here are some celebrities with life path number

  • Can you please Tell me what my nummer is? I saw your other video, but i still can't figure it out πŸ™ im born: 17 june 2000

  • So my birthday is january 5 1995, therefore my life path number is meant to be 3 apparently. I don't relate at all to the things said about the life path 3 and know in my heart that i am a 5. is that possible ? 5 has alway been my "lucky" number, since I was a kid. And have been seeing the number 54 for years as spiritual guidance. I feel like you could tell me so much!Β 

  • Also, you were talking about the hand as related to the number 5 because of the five fingers but what is the connection between the number 5 and the ability to change? Surely if we had 4 fingers we could still change things?

  • I watched a video on KRS Astrology about the number 5 life path and according to Vedic Astrology it is governed by the planet Mercury. Mercury is the planet of communication, but I think that it is the type of communication that is not just verbal but it is more like a constant movement between objects, people, ideas, situations, events. Its an energy that transfers and shifts; an energy that travels. Perhaps a vibration that transforms as well. This could explain a bit more about the passion and the erratic nature of 5? Also, in Vedic Astrology House 3 is governed by the sign of Gemini (mutable air sign, mental, creative) which is controlled by Mercury. House 3 (like number 3) represents self-expression, communication and articulation (hands) through media. We use our 5 senses to express who we are in the world; our sight, our hearing, our smell, our taste, our touch feeling. We need those senses to create. Obviously House 5 also correlates well with number 5 too.

  • spot on, thank you. think i've already got killed by all the limitations i've been exposed to for so many years and have lost hope tho

  • I'm fairly antisocial, and would never get into sales or marketing. I work as a mechanic but am in the works of learning CAD/CAM design, fabricating, welding, and machining. I'm a rebel at heart, and crave the adrenaline rush. I have too many hobbies to keep up with, and I want to live in Switzerland for a while. My last relationship ended when I was told how often I could go out with friends, and how much and how often I was allowed to drink. I couldn't believe what I was reading when I found out I'm a number 5. Nail on the head.

  • Hi my son wants to know his life path! His birthday is 6th of February 2006 can you tell me his life path number!!! Thanks!

    Cause I can't do this πŸ˜€

  • Hi I need to know life path number and birth date are same numbers is 5 means.. my date of birth is 23/07/1991

  • I'm both life path and expression number 5. So far, I do all the negative treats of 5 – no discipline, no focus, get bored out of my brain easily and want the next high, totally unreliable and can't commit . . . However, on the positive, I love books. Books give me a sense of the freedom and adventure and answers to life that my curious nature longs for. And I love lurve luv looking at your bookshelves whilst you speak, and only wish I could reach in and read the titles.

  • This is EXACTLY me, flaws and all. Happy to know I am being true to me. Definitely gonna work on narrowing down my "projects", it drives my husband crazy LOL!

  • I feel some people are misunderstanding what it means to be 5
    I've agreed with most of what 5 is about
    I'm willing to wait though, and i will try to stop any rising temper within me
    I learned from the internet
    Which is probably the best way for a 5 to learn, with all the freedom to google what ever they might hear about, whether it's surprising or expected, it is an adventure in and of itself

  • Now I know why I don't like to stay in the same place for long. I get a rush of energy when going to a new place 😊
    I'd love to have enough money to be on a constant holiday for that reason.

  • So to deal with them is to make decisions for them? As a means to help them because it’s tough being a 4

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