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for you stay with me your energies
This week look at what most beautiful energies
leaves you the letter of creativity and
this letter is indicating that
You have a week where you will be able
solve different problems or
different situations were you
but you were harassing
giving situations or people you
they were accessing feel that way
eventually they will be left behind because you
You’ll find solutions to
problems that will arise from a
quite differently quite
original so some of you
They might be thinking warriors
pounds to create something to work on something
may perhaps you’re involved in
some want to make youtube channel
be something independent artist have
your website have your social networks
and maybe you’re doing some
project that will take you to light
You will bring out I cut nails
so I can not get the cards you will
to bring out an incredible way
my warriors pound so this will
be a way for you this week
you can find solutions to problems
creatively look at this letter
cute so full of many colors
Some of you might be
getting inspiration for this week
devote himself to writing books to paint
to work in any situation or energy
You are having to do a lot with that they can
or you could be creative advertisers
have a great idea that will generate you
much luck and many blessings
you if this is the case and you’re a writer
or you’re soaking these lines
artistic and creative remembers having
carefully deliberate rare crumb
it’s not going to be commenting your stuff
people around you because they could
then steal that star and that
blessing that you will have this week I
your spirit guides say here that
you lock up you were
but having in mind in situations
that perhaps could not overcome
situations where they could not
walking forward not find solutions
these blocks will be lifted from your
life there is something in English is called
Writers work that’s when a person
for example writing is stagnating and
brand that many of you are in that
status maybe or maybe writing
developing a project
Independent but you are told this
Once your life and here you are
indicating that mental block is
up during the next week
also do things that inspire you
do things that help you develop
that creativity have fun and you
relax during the week
these are the energies that are going to have to
creativity around you so
bright for you
let’s see what message here
I think I went a look letter here
is that not
let’s see what the message is for your
family for this week you have to
We consider your family will
stay with this look you out the letter
the Knave of Wands and speak from your
family at this moment or someone in
your family is thinking about making a
You can make you trip and are thinking
how to give this information to your
family is like right now no
or you had plenty of those energies by
find ways how to explain
to them you have planned this trip
for some of you this journey has
to do perhaps with your creativity you
They may be calling for some
hearing you may be calling for
a casting that may be calling
for some activity or program
TV or contest and you could be
I am thinking how do I tell
this to my family but definitely
around you in the family and energies
trip someone is thinking of leaving
the house but I do not see it being anything
nothing stressful worrying me decay I
I lay here not a person I see
It is having energies of being a person
Young is thinking of
Separate from the house ways and is
analyzing the situation to see if
convenient or not to make these changes
his life well
your friends will see what is
going on with them here is the letter that
He wants to talk and you get the letter from
10 free swords appears that you and your
friendships have any situation
difficulty tells me this letter here
some of you may have
I felt betrayed or deceived some
friendship yours did not tell you to be 100%
truth and talk about this week
then you’ll be having a
conversation with this person to
identify what it was that happened because
acted that way and you know that your
instinct tells you that person
when he came to you when I speak not
I was doing a hundred percent
It is a sincere friendship is not you
telling the truth is hiding
somewhat careful with these friendships because
They could be the energies perceived to
Home of people who want to take away
which rob your creativity
blessings that come to you during
this week so he is preparing
because you have to have this week
very careful with comments
that you do to your
because there are friends betrayal
betrayal or deception
pound could also be a friendship
yours who feels betrayed by
you so attentive to these energies
the important thing is that what your crown
Reading is the letter of creativity
that tells you that you are getting the
way to solve these problems
in an original way
I see among you this week
Also this does not mean it’s a
remember that these friends of yours
readings are general readings can
indicate that around you is approaching
a friend to tell you or you know
that releases such fulanita know me
said ‘I was lying but that these
energies around you
see if you’re working on these
now let’s see what happens in your
work in your working life
there are two letters that we fell for you
pound to see which one we
ok look walker with both for those who
They are working this is the letter of
Emperor and have the letter of xota
cups and this letter is already turned down
exit and suddenly looks
They are telling me here your guides
spiritual that there are some of
you could pound Warriors
this week be receiving good
news of a boss and this
situation is something you’re not seeing
some of you coming releases can
have energies around where
fear for their work for stability
and here are these letters to tell
your bosses what they want to talk
with you is a good thing is a good thing
what you’re seeing a point
Negatively but you have to
immediately change this week
get ready because you’ll have
talks with leaders who will
want to give you a chance to go to
want to hear your voice and it marks here
you might have energies
insecurity so very attentive to pound
is that because you better
opportunity to work is like this
week your boss approached and told you
because if you’re watching this reading day
that the public is today
Thursday Friday you’re watching your
boss told you or sends you a message and
He tells you pound
we need to talk next week
Monday at 8 am in my
office and you are spending to
week will vote me I would get fired
I’m staying focused
and it’s nothing that’s super positive so
he wants to talk to you is a
I see important conversation
Positive maybe at the time when
you receive it you you say no it is not
for me I do not want this offer to me
my boss is doing but here is you
They are telling your guides considers
because it will be positive this offer that
conversation will come out good things
there if you are looking for employment in these
moments we will see what will happen
you next week
from 28 to 13 November you out the
strength chart looks tell me there
people around you this week
they’ll be pressing or you have
Come pressing pound for you
get a job for you to do
something at this moment and there are energies
around you who feel like that
low but I do not want to do this but
I do not want to go out there or that are
far away
or abuse me at work in the
sense that you get to work as
long hours do everything when your
functions are limited to certain
things and have these energies to your
where there are people around you will
forced to do something you do not want
with respect to the line of work
this week obviously if not
you’re working maybe you you’ve
heard from experiences of other
people who demand that or
you know that company and do not want
part of it but a lot of attention
because here someone will be
putting pressure this week
to try to get work and
You have to do things in a way
relax let things den
naturally everything flow
recalls the end comes the question
interactive so stay with me and
If you want to return to the next
video that was first published in the
week as to share this video
it is the most seen the most watched video
is the video that is published in first and
This week we touched pound you if you are
in a relationship you out the king’s letter
golds and gives me they’re telling me that if
You can have a partner you’re watching
your partner as a person who is the
provider a person who gives everything
It is other and you could be having
energies in which you tell hears my
Love him down a little know not
Nor is it because you are giving away our
food and your partner tells you no you do not
food worry I will abound
I will bring more food then your
partner should have some control
This person could be you who has
energies of being a king of diamonds in the
which perhaps you are not having control
your money and is wasted or
using your money in a way one
very arbitrary bit like you’re
we telling your partner today we will
control the pocket because you’re ok
I understand that my family and adores
you want to give them things but
we are going to eat our
children but these energies to your
very careful about
If you are looking for right now
couple what is the message for you to
next week fell several move
and to gear again if you are
this is what I want to talk to out
the letter dated 5 cups pound pound
There is a former pound has failed
there is still a person still you
still hanging around and this person
may return, for the next
weeks and especially is this
Reading from 28 to 13 November and
very careful because they will be
departing again is going to excess g
resurface and that could then
descontrolar t there some people to your
around these moments that
They show an interest in you with
about love but you’re focused
at this moment or you focused this
week in the person who will reappear
very attentive to this
let’s go through the numbers
luck and then comes the question
Interactive lucky numbers
for this week
let’s see if you play the lottery or
You have random play 5 on June 56 will
That way you leave you can mix
If you want to advise you that this is
61 61 also is the one who left you
56 61 can use fashion
you prefer the lucky day
for you this week pound one day loaded
positive energy for you
achieve your goals so you can
receiving good news will be the day
Friday so very attentive to the day
Friday because that day you’ll have
good news or conversations
let’s move on at this moment to
interactive question for you my
warriors from pound right now
you can press pause and make your
question can be good for me
I should take this job
stay quiet this weekend
the conversation will be important to
my boss I can buy a car
ask what you want so you can
pause while you think about your
question and then you have it
I’ll come back to take two cards
the choice there is the option of choosing one and
there will be a reply
Are you ready if you took is the option to
Interactive answer to your question is
a not but this is not definitive
You can be converted into a yes yes so thou
want in the future because it is the
star chart is a letter very
nice if you took is b
the answer for you is a resounding no
with the Charter of death
Pound congratulations on being the first
sign to be published this week
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I offer’m much light you jot and decree
and progress


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