LIBRA HORÓSCOPO SEMANAL 2 AL 8 DE DICIEMBRE 2019 + Pregunta Interactiva Tarot

delivered welcome to your weekly reading from December 12 to December 8 you greets jot and are here on my channel I invite you to jot tarot subscribe to activate the bell I reach all my notifications and if You are already subscribed and you are a subscriber super fan and always are here in my channel thank you very much for all your love and be enjoying these free videos want you to know that very I will soon be making videos for next year of 2020 and I’ll be doing in order of seen at the lower watched so if you You want to be the first videos be published my warriors pound this video of this week has to be one of the most watched so start spread the word leave your finger up and share with your friends and family when groups of WhatsApp on Facebook for each Watch this video and then you have the greatest possible views I want to start this reading of these weeks giving advice of my book j tarot tips now available You can buy both Amazon United States in Mexico australia japan You can locate several countries where it is definitely Mexico also amazon and at this moment I’ll ask think about a situation or think in any questions you may have and let’s stop then in a place where tell me your guides and says avoids taking the first exit you are indicating then you have to think very well what steps you are going to You are giving and you can not be taking the first option and accepting not the first person who wants approach your life in love and accepting the first job offer you get hit do not take things lightly nor accept anything simply out of step watch this week for others it may be that your message your question says that situation or that situation that you were asking you He says it will bring good luck either at this moment it is, for future the situation you’re going through now later you’ll see your blessing because it was in your way go through certain situations that you were asking right now Let’s see what the energies are that You have to remember this week these energies if they are positive you you grab find a way hold on to them and if they are negative because you already have an idea of ​​what you have to avoid and not allow this week to watch Pound for you this week leaves you change the letter letter positive for you and you are inviting try this week to leave the break routine to break cycles with habit that you do different things change your routine if almost always take walking the same route to go to your I work to go to the store to you do some market indicates that try an option is different than try to change you see things from another point of view and the universe will also be presented you opportunities to make changes inmates during this week you go have faced situations circumstances people will require you to have another way to think of a way completely which you are different for many people the changes could become quite strong negative and shocking that they are indicating if that is the case as you drive change because you’re used to routine start with small things so that in this way then can focus in progress in step different each day is also mentioning to someone who can have some sort of situation as a situation where you have to do something repeatedly for example you have to always count these lines 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 English city ​​called You could have a situation here a person who could be developing this or that could be changing it to a person who could be demonstrating by example Always have the TV volume to have it in the exact numbers have to be 17 must be 12 may be odd numbers because all even numbers It depends on your circumstances and could be indicating that you definitely if that’s the case all those situations could be analyzed by a doctor so you can give then some kind of guide or help let’s see the book for you what the message this week for your family I’ll stay with this letter chariot and let’s see what message your friends for him this week you the letter of the four golds looks pound this week with your family have the Charter carriage it may mean that a family member You could be undertaken in this change and this change could make some sort of situation with the car maybe you have to change auto have to buying a new car are thinking of sell the car and start taking public transport and that could reach be a change you need to make the family financial situation does not it is for everyone is for some people which can be found in this situation and perhaps are some of you against this change and are fighting so that this situation does not This are indicating your guides here remembering that everything happens in this life for a reason and that definitely there is a purpose behind this that You have to be more open open the circumstances will present in life and with great sorrow I have them to say I’m told my guide here many will not have the option of decide whether to sell or not they will have to take that car or that property seems here will be an embargo and that then you might have to do with the situation be reluctant to change as perhaps some of you have it or not return to live with their parents to return or which is not the case because because This is definitely not going to decreeing anyone anything I always take them Decree bright but much progress I also just say and I have to meet the message that some might be leaving to live in him losing his home leaving to live in the place where they are to live in your car is not for all is for some people if that is not it is you that do not stress relaxation is not for you but there are people who They are going for that situation and then they need to be acquiescent is they have to keep fighting that no must be held that this situation more difficult it is to them the lux take will help you right now you’re going to see If you are going through this situation and not you’ll understand that you will not fall into that right but you you will see that later when this happens because it will happen that the important thing will not allow you stay there this will happen you’re going to You can then understand why you had to go through this situation now just do not give up and pulls Later that leave your eyes Megawar Tell me a little comment there if They want about the situation if they are going through something so we can have a healthy conversation between all your friends you are talking about here also that there are friendships that will turn away from negative friendships friendships are not being at 100% sincere being stored certain and you can find then in looks really who these people here are telling me that a friend that he could have given the hand Pound financially and to the end that You do not want people going to discover who this week that friendship ends let’s see energies there for you forgiveness at work have the letter of the hung it makes sense to situation is happening if you seeking employment has a letter from the king drinks if you’re in a relationship you have the letter of the empress there and there aja if you are on a network if you are single You have the letter of the seven swords remember that at the end I will have a interactive question to be here Video so stay with me until the end so that you can do a question of whether I have letters I’m new to the crash today with all of you so I hope that enjoy at work This week’s letter leaves you hanging and the message I am getting is that some of you my warriors pound this week could be receiving news that work something the company is unstable or where you find yourself in these moment seems not 100% sure looks like it is not getting good income right now and They may be going through a situation retrenchment or closure the company if it does not happen this week You could start hearing the news this week the letter of the king of glasses for those who are looking for I talk about work you have I could have attended several job interviews but it seems that the person who was doing you interview is a person with whom bumped about your thinking and me are indicating that this person because if it has not happened will happen this week this person with whom you You have been interviewing believed it is the last one Life in the desert as cola because I do not endorse and is believed to be the You know all who have the position and enviable and when you came with He had a very good attitude as a shock not that person is well taken is not going to hire people are around saying he can not let go so he feels about you that is because he because you fell ill because the end says Your resume is very important very good but that person is stubborn is the person of power that is there if you are in a relationship in these instants letter to the empress some of you might be giving you pregnancy news something you They have been trying to make since a long time ago it can be an adoption it can be a pregnancy but will start a process or nine gestation months could also be a project home with you together to make buying a home remodeling do change a sale of something or changed a house bigger house more small to do an extension annex in the house of her parents back could So it takes them some time and talk about a few days of gestation for others is just the most wonderful news you can fall over where finally pregnancy news They receive the news that they will be parents single pound this week seven swords You have to be careful with you there are people who are dating you They are calling out for you you pay people who are doing believe that they are interested in you and during this week you go to account only they are to be taking advantage of you financially well which it is a week for which you have Be very careful because I see people you’ll know with bad simply pull intentions out not because they really go to have an intention to have a relationship careful who you metes your home because they are saying about me a person you could put your home to have one night of passion It could be coming out of your house with hands full of many little things many jewelry a lot of stuff out there in your house there will be the value that will embolsar with little money or flashcards with carteritas care will be warned today they are now not to panic everyone but they are going to put people who just met at home Let’s see what numbers are Lucky for you this week so play chance to have 43 and also 19 remember you always play responsibly if you do playing the casino gambling or lottery and day Luckily this week for you one day It is full of positive energy day Saturday then very attentive to these news on Saturday also They could be shocking not in a way so positive city and every Saturday to bring people home let’s move right now with the Interactive question is a question of whether or not you doing here in these moments I’ll get you two cards and the option the choice of these are my new cards of angels give you answers is the card I used for the videos extras readings for the past week the signs were first So you already know you share ask a question of whether or not and choose one of the two cards or make a question for each question whether a letter or if you took it the option or did is a question on the option the answer for you is not possible no energies possible If you took is b the answer for you is that you have You have to reconsider the question find another way to make that situation then you can made possible in your life you have to reconsider yet you have to make a decision decision is not taken by the universe at this moment on screen will appear the following videos you recommend here are the videos monthly in my secondary channel j tarot I invite you to stories you subscribe there too and this side is the link so you can visit my page web and know what the different I offer private consultations and prices let me know in the comments do you think of this reading and Also these new cards I jot and you decreed bright and progress


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