Libra Full Moon Lunar Eclipse April 2015 by KG Stiles, Astrologer

Aloha and welcome to Moonscopes Astrology.
I’m your host KG Stiles. I’m here to connect
you with your passion and what you love to
realize your own true greatness. On today’s
show I’ll talk about the astrology of the
Libra Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on April 4th
exact at 5:05am PT. Time of letting go of
old ways of relating to yourself and others
that you are no longer aligned with. This
could show as releasing old mental habit patterns
and relationships that undermine you from
realizing more of your potential.
Ask yourself, ‘Am I showing up in a way
that allows me to receive what I’m truly
worth? Does my outer world truly reflect who
I am and how I value myself on the inside?
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first segment of the Libra Lunar Eclipse Show
with general info about the Libra Full Lunar
Eclipse with the Numerology Forecast and Ascended
Master to call upon. This second segment with
the details of the Libra Lunar Eclipse Astrology
shows the horoscope chart. I have a new astrology
program that’s very cool, very fun. Developed
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ON TO THE SHOW: The 14º Libra Full Moon Lunar
Eclipse on April 4th is exact at 5:05am PT.
This is the third Lunar Eclipse in RARE Tetrad
of Total Lunar Eclipses that appear as Blood
Red Moons that began in 2014. A lunar eclipse
occurs when the Earth comes between the Sun
and the Moon and blocks the Sun’s rays from
directly reaching the Moon. Lunar eclipses
only happen at Full Moon.
The dates for the Total Lunar Eclipses are
April 15 and October 8, 2014 and April 4 and
September 27, 2015. The September 27th Lunar
Eclipse is a 4º 40’ of Aries at 7:50pm
Pacific time. This Aries Full Moon Lunar Eclipse
is the Harvest Moon, a Supermoon or perigee
moon. And THE absolute closest moon to
the earth in 2015. This is the fireworks finale
and culmination of the celestial events that
have been unfolding over the past several
years. It
is now done!
area of the heavens where the Libra Full Moon
is occurring is over lighted by the archangel
Ariel the Watcher of the West and associated
with new adventures, new horizons opening
up and future visions.
A full moon lunar eclipse brings release and
letting go of anything that blocks you from
moving forward to realize your highest potential
and future Self that’s now being birthed.
You can call upon the angel Jophiel whose
energies are associated with the sign of Libra
to help to bring balance to your thoughts
and imagine a beautiful vision for your new
life that’s unfolding now.
The Ascended master over lighting and available
to guide you at this time is Lady Nada. Lady
Nada works with Saint Germain and Archangel
Michael to bring balance to the male and female
energies in the world. Call upon Lady Nada
for harmonizing and balancing your male and
female relationships in your life and within
yourself. Lady Nada will help you heal any
relationships with women in your life that
may be blocking the manifestation of your
desires. This opens you to new healthy relationships
the feminine.
April is a 4 month add 4 to the universal
year 8=12=3 universal month. A 3 month
brings opportunities for rapid fire connecting
and communications. Connecting the dots and
having epiphanies is likely now. The number
3 is the number of Jupiter the planet of expansion
and good fortune. Things can really open up
for you now.
Jupiter goes direct on April 8th the day that
Mercury conjuncts Uranus in Aries which is
trine to Jupiter in Leo. Of course Mercury
is the planet of connecting and communications
and Uranus is the higher octave of the Mercury
April 8th is an incredible day of unexpected
connections and forward movement when things
can really take off for you. The negative
side of this vibration is drama, gossip and
ungrounded action.
The best time to do your Libra Full Moon Ritual
and set your intentions for what it is you
wish to release to make room for your future
visions to manifest is the the Full Moon at
5:05am on April 4th until the Moon goes void
of course a few hours later at 8:58am.
This is a very rare and potent Full Moon.
You can also do your ritual of release of
any blocks or what’s been holding you back
when the moon enters Scorpio at 12:04pm Pacific
on April 5th (Easter Sunday) until the moon
goes void of course at 1:42pm Pacific
the 7th of April. This is just before Jupiter
in Leo goes direct in trine to Mercury and
Uranus in Aries. Rocket boosters for release
and realization of your true desires.
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