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Hi Libra, I’m Kelli Fox from Astrology.TV
with your astrology forecast for 2020. How stable are you feeling, Libra? Nice and secure? Good, but prepare to have that challenged
to its core during the course of 2020. The year’s major astrological event, a rare
conjunction between Saturn and Pluto, rocks your home and family zone signifying that
big changes are on the way to where you live, how you live or how your family dynamics operate. Ultimately, these astrological changes will
be positive, but it may very well not feel that was as they unfold. So you may be in for a bumpy ride. The changes to your family life may have a
root cause in changes in your career as suggested by the Lunar Eclipse in January in your career
zone, which is swiftly followed by the Saturn Pluto conjunction becoming exact. Once Mercury turns retrograde in your routine
zone in February and combative Mars arrives in your home zone, you may start to feel that
change is inevitable. In March, Saturn moves into your play zone,
but so does Mars, and the conflict between the seriousness versus impulsiveness may underline
that creatively and in your leisure time. Everything is being squeezed. Pluto turns retrograde in your home zone in
April, while Venus shifts into your adventure zone. So Libra, its seems this is definitely a time
to reconsider your home base; whether that’s moving home, renovating it, or simply seeking
new pastures. You may find that your initial efforts are
blocked, however, with Venus, Jupiter and Saturn all turning retrograde in May. It may not be until a Solar Eclipse in your
career zone in June that your astrological path becomes clear. If this does turn out to be a home move or
a shift in family dynamics connected to your career, it may get off to a rather sudden
and rocky start around this time. Throughout July, the Sun makes a series of
oppositions to the Jupiter Saturn Pluto trio, highlighting conflict between your family
life and your working life. There’s also a Lunar Eclipse in your family
zone. So dramatic action may be required. In August, Venus shifts into your career zone. So you seem to have made your choice and prioritised
your career at that point, and once the choice is made, the uneasiness around your home life
will start to settle down. Much to your relief, no doubt, as Libra does
not do conflict. September’s astrology shows that it takes
a while for new routines to bed in with Mars turning retrograde in your relationship zone;
but with Venus in your social zone, it’s a light hearted enough fall following the stress
of the past few months. Don’t be surprised if you still feel itchy
feet though even if you have already moved home or are planning to, especially in November
when a Lunar Eclipse in your adventure zone urges you to see more of the world. As 2020 draws to a close, Jupiter moves into
your play zone, and the stress starts to melt away. A promising Jupiter Saturn conjunction in
this zone in late December sets you up strongly to enter 2021 from a more stable and secure
base and with a smile on your face. Be sure to tune in to Astrology.TV for amazing
new insights ever day.


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