Leo Watercolor

Hey guys, it’s Cupquake and we are continuing our zodiac series
So the next one on the list is Leo
So Leo falls between July 23rd and August 22nd
It’s a masculine sign
And its ruling planet is the Sun and it’s really appropriate because Leo is a fire sign
Their symbol is a lion
Which means they are brave and dominating
their birthstone is a ruby
and their colors are gold and orange colors just like the sun
And similar to the Sun their flowers are sunflowers and marigolds
So being that their planet is the Sun, Leos brings sunshine into people’s lives.
They’re very bright, full flare, and love to be in the limelight.
They’re natural born entertainer. They’re witty, they are theatrical,
they’re also loyal and devoted to themselves.
Leo’s feel the need to prove their worth
But not to others
prove their worth to themselves
They’re very generous, kind, warm-hearted, and shine brightly like the Sun
Which is why I wanted to make this piece very centered around the Sun.
Yellows oranges and reds.
Originally I had the idea to create an actual full sunflower
And the center of the piece the black portion
I was gonna have that be the black portion of the sunflower, but I decided it was gonna be a little bit too busy
So I thought the next best thing would be to place some sunflower petals
along the bottom of the circle to somewhat resemble a sunflower
it doesn’t have to be completely literal
but I think it really comes across and I wanted to make it look like the petals were actually aligned on top of the paper
In the center I have Leo’s star sign as always
and on top of that
I wanted to incorporate the actual Sun symbol
and kind of give it this art deco feel
Where it’s very thin, very straight lines, and very like pointy edges
I did somehow want to incorporate a moon phase into this piece, but I didn’t want to bring any of the like darker
Colors or like any blues into the piece because it’s supposed to be a very bright
happy and like
Sunshiny piece so I decided to stick with the red colors and instead of it being just a normal moon
We added a Blood Moon
Which are my favorite types of moons?
They’re like seriously so beautiful if you catch one the Reds and the yellows just illuminate the night sky, just so
Mysteriously, and it’s just so beautiful so I decided to create a blood moon phase
I’m a little bit jealous that they actually have this one in their piece
I absolutely love the way it turned out and I think it really pulls the piece together
and it doesn’t really distract too much from the eye the triangle at the bottom represents the fire sign and
That just about completes our leo piece
I hope you guys enjoyed this bright and shiny zodiac piece. I really like this
This is I feel like they just keep getting better and better and each new one becomes my new favorite piece
If you guys know any Leo’s or would like to purchase for yourself
I have some prints available in our store
They are hand signed by me, and I really do appreciate your support
Let me know if you guys think about this piece if you guys enjoyed this video, please leave a like
Let me know what you guys thought and I will try my best to get the next piece out very very soon
But with that. I hope you guys have a bright and shiny day
My name is cook wick and I will see you guys later. Bye


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