LEO Revelaciones Septiembre, Octubre, Noviembre y Diciembre 2019 Tarot Fin de Año

how about my warriors are read how Welcome to this special reading New Year here we see the energies and messages that you have for the month of September, October, November and December remember to subscribe to activate bell and let me also your comments so that we get many more warriors and the comments leave me your name and country to keep you in mind when I’m doing my meditations before start this reading and share this video to reach 300 000 subscribers and we need little and when I do that then return to this video to answer questions let here random yes or no so start leave your questions and shares this video with your friends so that we 300,000 and I will do when We reach 500,000 subscribers if do by December so that share the first row you’re here you’ll talk about the energies that you are to be around in the month September, October, November and December the second letter will be a message directed to your soul from your spiritual warriors of your guides spiritual and the last line will then be Lion warriors advice from archangels for your love this here in the light as reflected I asked them to move it lower apologize or upload a little bit there Leo then see September the energies that you’re going to have your around is the letter of guilt that’s During this September You could be having memories things that happened earlier in your life or you could be suddenly also passing situations which you are thinking that people around you are away they are acting in some way being a reaction to the way you they’re trying to say here you have to be very calm tranquility and not allow these situations to your around you will be consumed and you go to harm might be missing the loss of a family member removal of a loved one situation that has to do also with your work so you have to do all things quite strict and quite concentrate when you’re doing your work when you’re doing the way in which you converse with people because there are energies in which you might be regretting things So you also have to have that much into account during the month of September careful with your word careful with the things you say take your time before answering an email before answering a person because you could be falling into negativity situations in which You say things that you regret later for another group of you this letter I also blame is talking about you have to control that voice inside because it seems that your demons during the month of September will be trying to attack and you’ll hear a voice that is judging but has to do with you it yourself so is that warriors can not lion feel guilty have to accept that what has happened in your life would did not happen or did you take action or not take action that’s not you can keep hammering you yourself You can not keep punishing thee nor through the same situations in which you do not grow because then you will not have to move find ways to relax and seek help for someone in your you can also hear about and advise What is the message of your guides Spiritual leaves you letter three drinks and they are telling here all this guilt all those those negative energies that you are feeling during the month of September are going to to conquer you can overcome but as I indicated at the end This letter tells you that you have to seek help that you can not do it’s time yourself and you look help with either a friendship either a doctor is a psychologist therapist psychiatrist what you’re going to need because they will give you the steps They are necessary so that you can heal his wounds forget the guilt and celebrate This letter speaks also that you might be during the month of September attending some kind of activity where you go to a party one celebration going to a meeting with your friendships with important people and This meeting will be something that It will definitely help you come forward and get ahead celebrations and good news for you or whether this letter because the you master advice for September in love you give out the letter call your soul mate this indicates that your prayers and your statements visualizations will help you to you can manifest your soul mate and appear sooner in your life you have to have energy in which do not lose faith not lose hope and once you do then that change of attitude you will be able to realize How comes into your life your soul mate this card also marks for Love your soul mate is also in search So could soon be I am having a special meeting in love Leo warriors will see for yourself October what the energies are going to have around you you out the letter of the This guide indicates that if you get to feel lost if you run feel of you do not know which path to take universe that being divine in you Believe will put you clues to your around and you’ll handholding to the way you deserve towards the correct way you should take speaking here you have to start Also listen to your intuition because is the best guide you can have in your life when things around you begins to wake up and you start to feel such Once in your mind that tells you something no lame over there eating this way go to be able to control those voices during the month of September there were no I could dominate’ll do during the month October and you’ll be able to finally then guide you on the right track listening to the correct voices some of you this also involves you might be meeting a who will give you hand will carry out the things you need also speaks as if you finding you a teacher someone who I will teach you going to train and will give you the tools you need to find your future you You could also sneak around becoming a guide for people around you talking about your experience telling them about the things you You’ve been doing so very attentive to those energies because they mark very positive for you advice from your guides spiritual they are telling you you The letter comes seven of spades you talks about you to be careful with your ideas be careful where you place your belongings because this letter also it refers to a type of theft can be an intellectual theft as It could also represent a theft idea so attentive as to the people you have around you because you could have people who are going to It is knowing that you know or not they are telling you things 100% truly not you are being honest could you do too that you are tempted to take something that does not It is yours to take an idea that is not yours do something completely different as plagiarism and if these are the energies you have around you then it is recommended that do not go Always remember to treat people just the way you like to be treated this letter also tells you about lost lost with material objects so very careful if you are in your home or if you’re letting people go to to clean up your house if you are perhaps allowing people not know you do not know 100% are going to your car you own your things close attention to this situation because you could be having an Lost also tells you that if you You want to invest money is not the time right for you to do during the October will not have energy positive so you see good results in the investment area what advice they give you love Archangels romance tells you about A disappointment So I read some of Warriors you might be waking up Who are these negative people They have a mask with a mask to around you that you are not telling the true so you could be discovering lies could be discovering people have friendships or relationships that you I been cheating and you might realize a truth that will finally leave to light this will be quite strong for you October has much more difficult but I do not see None of this is impossible you You will then get to hurt the Except letter tells you that he drops the mask of falsehood to people around you You could also apply vice versa and you the mask falls to you if you were lying to someone around you apply it as best resonate with you and remember that these readings is to September, October, November and December at this moment but you probably will not resonate you have to listen back to when we are in the month then it refreshes you in these messages if You want to make a prediction as this 2020 let your fingers up and so around the end November I will be throwing 2020 predictions so you know what next year holds for you remember to share this video subscribe to activate the bell you reach all my notifications comments and let me your question whether or not that once we get to 300,000 subscribers and 500,000 will come this video again to answer your random questions so sharing this video and tell your friends that subscribe November we are almost reaching the Amazing end of the year only missing Four months the energy you will have read around you are the energies of Isolation seems that this situation during the month of October in which you comes a disappointment in which’ll go through a situation of loss theft going to be then you will isolate yourself that you disconnect your world around and at the end of the day this is not nothing productive if you do it for a long time take your time yes you need if you need to be away people disconnected from your around but also you are going to be hidden for one year six months you can not stay in that status frozen sadness of loneliness or isolation techni pain because then you’re going to enter degrees of depression and that it could be harmful for you have come to light that you have to leave that darkness and soften a bit your heart despite great pain you might be going during the month of October so for November’re going to get into that isolation period where you go to disconnect from social networks you go to disconnect from your friends are not going to leave your house you could lose job Also if you act in a negative way it could be counterproductive to your Life So here you are saying let nothing of these things go to defeat What is the advice of your guides spiritual look is still imprisoned you out the letter of 8 swords It indicates that definitely you’re going to be your worst enemy you’re going to be hands you’ll be tied blindfolded and can not to then see the light you need obviously seek help during this November do not be afraid to fire people around you that will guide you to shake hands will help celebrate and out of that difficulty and all this has to do with the difficulty that you have passed during the month of October so on November have to leave that horror film later this month I see that you’ll be much healthier and much more productive but you can let your fears prohibit you further progress says you have the key to your happiness and you have to realize that during the month of November’ll realize that you you can find the same happiness and joy the council of the archangels of romance November to look at that soul twin is not going to be lost in the October and November is soul mate you start to make the call during the month of September appears finally it appears in your life in the month November and he is the person who will help to get ahead is the who will give in hand you can then leave behind all that all that isolation and sadness you can remove those bandages and leave prison in which you find yourself as I mentioned could be a prison internal so in love many things positive for you in November you’ll be meeting a person who It has powers to be your soul mate It will help you and shake hands for leave a stage difficulty sadness and pain that has obviously been strong for you during the month of October and November so much attention all is not lost we December year end December 2019 we read warriors see then what message the General energy you’ll have your fullness side you see the open yourself to new people the heal forgive leaving the past behind those difficult months will be that you feel will be complete you feel that all these sacrifices and all that difficulty It is happening to you perhaps during this whole year 2019 was worth He speaks of a circle finally closes in your life and start something new around you that will allow you to receive positive things and you receive the you deserve love letter fullness also talk that you might You are getting good news about your health you could be you recovering from mental problems headaches remember that if you are going through some of these situations you always have to take care of you with your GP for this letter fullness tells you that you feel and comes a moment in which you say thanks this year was difficult for the day Today I feel complete I feel that I managed internal things that had not I have achieved if he had not gone through these difficulties They advise your spirit guides you do so you can get ahead or is a new beginning I told you here with this letter of fullness you out The Fool card that speaks to you des that leap of faith that December will be a month in which you’re starting new attitude’re starting with a different way of seeing life even Some of you might be finally starting routine exercises power shift image because I see that you want to leave many things back and start from scratch He says you have to take that leap from you will have a loyal friend by your side it will always take care of you with the hand to guide you and take you to the Road to Success so I read two months Warriors heavy late October and November November and December things improve It will definitely be a point highlight for you where you realize you’ve finally been able to achieve several goals in your life Let’s see what love advice then you get your guides You know spiritual advice your guides is starting from scratch take risks given the different things that leap of faith trusts in you passion you speak that you can then live a very passionate moment 1 December and the beginning of the year also full of very positive energy in things as you which you saw above will change says let your heart and your soul sing of joy that you can enjoy these blessings and things that were of your life that disappointment and that He masks because that person was coming for you what you truly It corresponds as your soul mate and Now will you live at a time of a moment of joy passion romance comes the romance to your life finally December for Warriors so I read that you will be loaded with things very positive loaded with a situation you will finally make sense of you have achieved your goals to live passionate that all you do not do it with love that you put good intentions that you put force if something does not give you the energies of them because you feel like there in I really do not want to do this then do not do but if you go you do to commit 100% already You know September will be a month a little complicated with your own demons resurface again the past that you’re sure to make you feel bad October will see losses you can see disappointments situations last ones left behind will see the true face of people who are around and getting well that person here that you will give hand so you go ahead the month November you’ll be a little retracted you are going to be disconnected from the social networking’ll no longer be sharing both but this is fine so you can recharge you energy positive and healing that is important to December 1 you wonderful month full of New Hope filled with new abundance of new beginnings filled a lot of passion romance So for you this is the reading end of the year I hope tie you enjoyed these moments appearing the following I recommend and videos here on top is the link to have a private consultation with me am you jot and lots of light and progress decree

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