LEO NOVEMBER 2019 Who is Your Future Partner Tarot Reading | Extended Forecast

hey everyone welcome to you November
readings this is Lauren with the clarity
cure how are you guys I know it’s kind
of been a while I missed October Tarot
scope readings I ain’t do apologize so
much I’m not going anywhere I’m still
here I just was working on a couple
creative projects with my daughter and
time just got away from me so I
apologized profusely this channel is for
you guys so I’ve been playing around
this last year I don’t know if you’ve
noticed but trying different readings
who’s my future partner og which I’m
gonna do this month for November but
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wonderful holiday season I can’t believe
this year is over already
but the time has come and we’re moving
into a brand new decade and I’m really
excited about that and you’ll notice in
a lot of the readings there’s a lot of
endings and new beginnings so let’s
clean up what we need to and move
forward into 2020 and be happy healthy
and successful thank you very much and
we’ll see in the next round okay bye bye
okay Leo let’s see what we have for you
you receive the mending card from
Colette Baron Reid’s wisdom of the
Oracle and this is about forgiveness
making amends healing after arguments
and you received opposition so there’s
definitely some conflict energy here in
this new relationship coming in but it’s
interesting you know the opposition
caught it as a mirror and this is
something being mirrored back to you
some kind of fate and destiny or the
wheel turning to learn a lesson here
there’s a certain amount of success or
milestones in this relationship but this
also fears anxiety maybe this person is
not completely being upfront with you
and it’s really time for you to move on
you meet this person but you’re you’re
you’re not seeing you’re not seeing the
relationship for what it is
this person is very grounded my future
partner queen of coins very nurturing
very stable this person could be like a
teacher or a counselor could be a mentor
you have the higher font here as how
will you meet you can meet this person
through a group and institution through
somebody spiritual somebody that could
even be a Taurus somebody that is some
in some kind of hierarchy to you
that is introducing you to okay but
maybe this person isn’t ready to commit
there’s some kind of conflict here where
you two are not being relatable but it’s
supposed to happen with the wheel of
fortune here this this this is maybe two
mirror to you what needs to change right
beginning a new cycle in your life with
doors closing a new moving for attaining
action to creat the change you want with
the ADA cups suggest that transformation
is on your side but this whole encounter
is some kind of weird blessing and
decide in disguise and maybe it’s
sadness but you’ve achieved everything
that you can just in the encounter of
meeting this person with the moon card
here’s what kind of person or your first
impression of them I should say is you
it’s very emotional for some reason
there could be secrets coming out about
this person or something that is causing
you so much grief you’re overthinking
worried self restriction being really in
your head here and fearing the worst but
a lot of this is your own doing
okay the ADA sort you can very easily
get out of this situation maybe you just
you know meet this person there pretty
significant because it’s faded but maybe
you’re having a struggle and you maybe
you feel a certain obligation because
you this could be like a father this
could be somebody that’s trying to push
their norms and traditions on you and
you felt obligated okay to maybe go out
with this person but it may be this
person isn’t for you
right and you’re like shit you know at
the eight of cups this is you need
to move on move on and sidestep the or
walk through the fear I guess I should
say and walk into a brand new day which
are not doing which you know
unfortunately sometimes we get a hung up
and dealing with our emotions mentally
and emotionally here and you feel
trapped you feel trapped and I think
it’s there’s some kind of hierarchy here
that is making you you know follows some
type of tradition in meeting this person
they’re very significant and how you two
I feel there’s a lesson here even though
it’s a certain amount of success in the
relationship initially it’s it’s not
working out now it could be that this
person is hiding something
maybe this person is confused okay and
they can’t see their path ahead and
they’re not ready to commit they’re not
ready where we thought okay maybe we can
you know force this issue of you two
getting together but it could be on both
party’s behalf that neither you are
ready and nobody’s it’s almost like
there’s arguments about it there’s it’s
it’s time to forgive make amends
heal and move on I see the final outcome
here’s the nine of coins I see you’re
going to be able to move past and
through this scenario this is completion
it’s a nine you being in a good place
you’re going to be able to move forward
at this point in time is my single
status card this is you being the master
of your destiny leo
and it happens we meet people and it
just doesn’t work out this is gonna be I
think short-lived that’s how I’m seeing
this for the month in November like I
said even though it’s kind of
faded its Anna faded encounter I just
don’t see you two moving forward in some
kind of committed loving relationship
now we can clarify this let’s do that we
need a little bit more information here
spirit what is going on
once underneath the wheel of fortune
queen of swords could be a third party
there was an offer of invitation okay
maybe some of you already met this
person who will be very soon an offer to
go out on a date Wow – a cups under that
could be for some of you maybe this is a
bat about a marriage a previous marriage
or a previous commitment when things are
good and there was love okay and maybe
an offer to get back together for some
of you that’s very possible
look I don’t want drop my cards he
almost dropped them there’s some kind of
motional upset with you that comes to
light it calls out maybe seeing yourself
there’s a mirror effect going on here
leo so let’s just say you’re gonna come
out of this just fine sir I’m at a
triumph after a challenge
so for those of you in a previous
marriage or in a previous relationship
with this person and they’re coming back
into your life I mean I would tell you
it’s it’s it’s time once and for all to
move on that karmically you’ve learned
the lessons that you had to within this
relationship by the way this could be a
Pisces a Sagittarius it could be an
earth sign person as well because we had
to have the queen of coins here and
that’s you know very grounded earthly
energy Taurus Virgo Capricorn let’s see
what we have here five of the cups
dealing with you know what you didn’t
get what you were hoping for looking at
the past regrets sorrow it’s a cycle
return cycle closing in your life the
world card is being able to reach a
certain amount of accomplishments here
maybe you guys get back together and
it’s just or you try one more time and
it’s just even though it’s a certain
amount of success in getting back
together or trying this relationship
it’s still not there’s still not honesty
here that it’s not the right time even
though the Wheel of Fortune kind of
indicates that things the wheel is
turning in your favor it there’s there’s
a sense of it being forced is causing
even more blocks it is causing even more
fears and there’s stuff coming out I
definitely believe this um some things
here that are gonna cause some emotional
upset that maybe you don’t want to deal
with maybe you know this person is being
honest about their past and it’s not
working for you
hope and inspiration for your future you
know you’re you’re finding the balance
that you need you’re dealing with the
conflicts it’s time to mend and let that
hurt and allow go through you you
because when we integrate understanding
we can heal okay any unwanted burden
because it keeps us chained so the
certain amount of commitment here that
you feel maybe even obligated to which
is what’s causing the the mental anguish
and the self restriction from you being
able to be like you know it once and for
all it’s over it’s time for me to move
on it’s time for me to transform my life
I choose my future I choose what I want
to make me happy in my life and this is
your gonna be your biggest hurdle in
November is walking away from what
doesn’t serve you leaving fear behind
it’s got the fear card it I mean this
person you see them fearful too it’s
like you’re both in this fearful state
and it’s just not on the same page
there’s no not enough emotional
groundedness to heal like you’re at odds
with each other there’s this fighting
and this this this opportunity to
finally heal and mend and once and for
all ended and move on I apologize guys
so this hope for your future you have
the star card here with the world and
you finally being able to get over this
hurdle to do the right thing to move
forward is it’s gonna free you for you
because with the Wheel of Fortune as
your overall it’s a different kind of
energy this is you finally being able to
open that door and and begin a new cycle
in your life because this old shed is
over this is over this is a completion
card that it’s run the gamut that this
cycle in your life is it’s finally
closing and don’t forget to you know
we’re in the last Mercury retrograde of
the year right of 2019 but it’s also the
last Mercury retrograde for this past
decade you think about it we’re closing
at a decade here so this could be ten
years of stuff or issues in a
relationship or a marriage that you’ve
been trying to
work on heal men’s try to make it work
it doesn’t work get back together blood
could be a lot of back and forth here so
I apologize you’re next future partner
it’s probably somebody already know
every reading is a little different I
believe that somebody needs to hear this
that the queen of swords and the queen
of coins this could even be same-sex
marriage I’m picking up on that as well
for some of you maybe not all of you got
to Queen energies here Wow
you two are powerful together maybe you
were quite the team at one point you
know standing in your your own success
but I’ll tell you guys it it’s not meant
to be I think this is more of a lesson
for you to grow and move on in your life
not every relationship is meant to be
together and maybe that’s what what you
need to see here look in the mirror and
you know take a look at what what it is
about the relationship that is really
over and does it serve either of you
anymore you know so alright Leo that was
a little strange one I apologize but I
have to read the cards as they come out
I want to wish you a happy and lovely
holiday and we’ll see you in December
take care guys all right buh-bye

  • Hello first time I've seen the face behind the cards..your beautiful and one of my favorite and light❤

  • Broken hearted I'm fifty years old..I meet men who will not commit the last one broke my heart..He is sixty and no honesty emotionally closed off..I pray to my spirit guides to send me the right one.i want someone to spend my life with getting older..I'm a empath tired of broken people my vibration is higher and the men I meet are vibrations that are low…please pray for me with a higher vibration..Hes a leo and so am I power couple right..but not alot of men dont believe in astrology❤

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