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Hello everyone and welcome to the show
this is Reverend Renee here with a reading for #Leo okay so how was your
holiday if you celebrate it and I hope that it went well my assistant today is
a piece a piece that I found at a beach unfortunately I think it’s a petrified
baby Channel but I saved him nonetheless and we’re
going to use him to hold up our cards so let’s see what we have seems like every
day somebody was passing away and they’re putting it on the news so that’s
how it is doing the Capricorn times and seasons okay so we have the impressed
the impressed okay the Empress is a card indicating
fruitfulness prosperity the Empress is actually pregnant she is pregnant she
has on maternity clothes and this represents Venus which is the heart and
the gold the gold wheat indicates the fruitfulness and the ideas and the
forlorn are in the background and the green evergreen with them you can see
that it’s a sunny day it has a crown of stars so this is this is a card that
indicates fruitfulness felonious and prosperity so we’re going to clip this
to the side and we’re going to see how that plays out
they’re gonna do a minimum of three cards but the entrance is a bit card to
start off with Major Arcana cards the number is four really okay we have the
king of Wands so this also indicates that this from this fruitfulness may
have to do with a night person a man sometimes the king of Wands can indicate
work or business but most of the time it’s going to be a man a man that is
related to this Empress keep in mind that so I would say that
this is a night person because I see in a little iguana down here and iguanas
come out to work at night and what and do things at night okay this is a person
who is probably very firm in their beliefs you see that they sit on this
submit tighten block or rock and they hold the stick or the wand which
indicates fire signs they even have like the lion pictures in the background that
they indicate fire that indicate work they indicate movement it indicates
getting things going and even though this sign is not numbered he also has a
crown on where you can see the three prongs sticking up one two three so
again the number three is going to play an important part in your in your
upcoming month probably the next three months it has to do with getting help it
has to do with getting with people to help you to do things to help you to
accomplish your endeavors making sure you don’t try to go it alone
so here is doing a good job isn’t it you know they had those turtle nests out in
the beach well some of the turtles don’t make it and then the Sam and the Sun
creates what’s called a petrified situation all right yeah you don’t want
to get stuck in your situation and when you get stuck in your situation it’s
kind of like in the biblical story of Lot’s wife it turns around it becomes a
pillar of salt we want to make sure that we keep moving and sometimes it takes
help for that help to keep us moving and where are we moving to we’re moving and
again the number five is about movement it’s about leaving something or fun one
behind okay so if you take the king of wars and put him these so you see his
head is turned away from the person and even though they are turning toward him
or toward home it’s almost like nobody’s looking at each other so this is stuff
this is a certain way see if I can get both of these up at the same time this
is a certain way that you can recharge who’s facing who why are you guys not
looking at each other why are you guys turned away from each other you in this
company or you and this person what is the problem here you know I just noticed
that the the King has a necklace on and I kind of want to see if I can see if I
can change some things here are my focus and trying to focus in on that necklace
I wanna see if I can see what that is okay
it looks like the face of a lion doesn’t it okay so this is almost like okay this
is Leo’s breathing so it makes sense that this face of a lion is coming up in
the reading all right so somebody must have had a tip or a bit of a a problem
with each other and even though you lost some things you see a couple laying on
the ground here you’ve got some things here but your back is to it and maybe
trying to space these people that remain in your life or you need to look to your
right and see that there’s a bridge over here so if you really want to go back
home just go across the bridge no it seems like you have the bridge of small
so it seems like it’s far away so you will have to go out of your way to go
back in it and it seems like you must have left for a reason let’s see if I
can clarify these two cards what is this all about
what is this separation all about Leo you know we’ve been talking for years
and it seems like you’re back and forth and back and forth in this the same dude
was it somebody different the King was what is it the same female
actually let’s put her up here – he’s looking at her okay
he’s facing somebody else so did he go and find a new love and you know there’s
something I’m noticing you know I’ve been reading these cards for years and
even though I’ve been reading these cards for years and I’ve done thousands
of readings literally thousands I’m seeing something here that I never
noticed before the red on the ground there’s somebody get hurt because it
looked like with these fallen tubs they might have done some some violent
interactions that took place here and I’m just taking my time taking my time
and we’ve have to heard it like hey I don’t care about little holiday I don’t
care about I don’t care about anything but keep in mind that the Hermit holds
up a lantern and that lantern holds up the star
okay so it’s like hey I don’t want to be bothered but if you ever need to find
them here if you ever want to find them here I’ve just sometimes misunderstood
it and I’m just fun times not available but I’ll keep the light on in case you
want to come back and because he’s facing in the same direction as him I’m
thinking even to save people and when you doing with permit characters whether
you’re the Hermit that I’m talking to or you’re dating a hermit
one of the things about Hornets is that permits out a pretty good sex drive all
right when they want it they want it and they can come out and be so easy to deal
with and fun but when they get into their moves they kind of go back into
themselves and they don’t want to deal with people anymore and some people
consider that to be somewhat selfish because it’s like if I need you
and you’re not there then what good are you to me if most of the time I cannot
reach you so the sacrifice or the challenge for the tournament is to come
out of your shell and be there for those around you more than which you are
instead of holding up the light why don’t you open up the door and leave and
go find them okay now this person right here she’s young so she doesn’t she
doesn’t really know that what was facing her she thinks that her beauty and her
pregnancy her aura is going to pull you out of this hermit mode well you can’t
stop a moment from being a hermit but one thing you can do is learn how to to
come to terms with the word and you have to go get some friends that you can go
to where the apartment is not available now we’re going to look at a few of your
archetypes also I’m sorry that you’re dealing with the situation and keep in
mind it seems like both of you feel colonel onii-chan
and if you’re dealing with our hermit why don’t you send him this this video
so that he can understand what you need from him okay for her let’s see what energies and archetypes
are around here right now focus and with me as we pull from our huge deck here
just shuffling a few cards the angel of vision someone is not revealing part of
the story trust your feelings over what others say now this has to do with
friends that you may have been listening to or talking to or people that are
around you that don’t want to see you happy why do we feel the need to talk so
much and tell everybody what’s going on and when he got you or what he bought
you when you could just try to keep it to yourself
because you don’t want to share everything with everybody even those
people who consider themselves to be friends you know most of the time and I
as a feel this way it’s hard to trust people most of the time there are
seasons and times where people will be there for you and they are to be twisted
during those seasons and times but most most people are not available for
another person all the time okay so learning how to back awfully you need to
back off and engage where you need to engage now when it comes to you being
around people who are not revealing parts of the story that doesn’t mean
just one person it could mean that and essentially trust your feelings over
what others think so you need to you don’t necessarily need to find the
Pope’s birthday if you need if you feel the need to back off or to kind of chill
because you’ve just seen some things that just don’t make sense you need to
do that because one of these things when you see this
dove here that indicates also the Holy Spirit and some of this is just the Holy
Spirit revealing things to you in whatever form the Holy Spirit is coming
whether it be the Orisha empty from Jesus so you have been something of them
revealed to you and you need to make sure that you listen and that you take
team because somebody is not telling you everything that you really need to know
all right we also have something going on with work so for some of you the
situation that you’ve been seeing that you’ve been dealing with that king of
Wands will represent work it will represent something happening at work or
something that took place in your job okay so the light attribute of the
servant card is delight and serving others with a free and loving heart the
shadow attribute is using the lack of money as an excuse not to move forward
with life now I don’t think that’s Julie oh I don’t think I think you’re going to
be permitted to money totally all the time as you live so you are the type of
person that you’re always giving you always want to make sure everybody has
what they need you’re always the one that everybody calls it take care of
everybody and you don’t present it in a shabby way if you come over to someone’s
home to take care of them you’re going to be dressed up you’re going to be
playing you got to be looking mind you’re going to be smelling good and
then if you’re bringing something over their house is going to be packaged
properly is that a look good it’s gonna be fresh you will have checked every
expiration date before you bring it over okay because this is who you are so the
question is what were they what people did the same thing for me you know left I know I know I know I know I know okay
let’s just keep going here I’m gonna go in my time with you okay memories so you
got these memories that’s that was that other card of looking back there seeing
it what you know having this person in your life and it’s turning hard to move
forward because you’ve met Rico and you met John and you met somebody else
so this said in there for her no you wait no you give them some attention but
you can’t even look at them because you’re thinking about what you’re lost
with these memories holding the candle okay so I guess my question whenever I
see this card is and please excuse my old cars like I told you I have done
thousands of readings and I’m almost afraid to get a new debt because this
deck is just functional that is probably worth millions of dollars
okay but um I just want to know is this healthy you know it are you guys
supposed to be bad together or are you supposed to keep it moving now yeah we
already saw the blood shit okay some of you may have to keep moving because you
have your strainer orders on people and they have restraining order on you okay
so now that the court serve all I want to say in any legal cars yet so we’re
gonna say the court are not involved at this time okay let’s see but you know
the good news is then this this thing is about to change you have some people
okay I’m hearing the names here Terry and this is not just kateri but
this is for other people to I here Lindsay okay Kate okay even the names of
Cola and some of you have ancestors who have gone on before you and they are
looking out for you and they have seen you and they know that you’re looking
for a brighter day because even though there is rocks and mountains rough
mountains you are not looking you just refuse to look at that and you have
decided you want to have hope so some of you Leo’s or she looks like a Leo to me
some of you Leo’s are like looking at I need a new day and it’s coming my way
and you have been heard and it’s going to come quickly and you’re getting ready
to move into a new season in your life so congratulations to those of you who
want to grab hold on that now it can be for anybody who wants it because every
prophecy that goes out is the more than one Tennyson and even if it wasn’t for
you you can grab hold of it and take it you want a new beginning it’s here for
you okay if you’re watching this video a new beginning is here for you alright
and then we have the terminal seduction Z part okay seduction
alright no why is this card coming up I need to put a card next to it now the
part is one of the go 80 spirits that came from the books on Solomon not
not Solomon as far as King David Solomon from Judah but the dough idea of Solomon
if you pronounce it that way we don’t think that it’s the same Solomon but he
wrote a book about various spirits and one of them is leap on okay so that is
what this card is about now why are you being seduced or a somebody around you
coming up that wants to seduce you oh okay so you you getting ready to stop
thinking about that oh love then take a chance okay you have a willingness to
follow your intuition somebody’s available they like you you’d
like them even though you haven’t held a candle to them and you you still think
about them you’re about to close your eyes to them and follow your intuition
that they weren’t really opening up to you the way you wanted them to and you
get ready to do what you know is the best thing to do full-on are you okay
now we saw the Stars and the accelerated motion part we saw the star of you
talked about just being some of those ancestors and those I thought before you
making it happen for you the Saints what are you pray to and now here they are
around you pushing you leading you and pushing you leading you a pity you look
are the energy the lines here saying hey come on what’s helping you stop trying
to see everything it takes a change stop trying to see wait 50 years to see
if they are going to to be faithful to you and take a chance okay it’s time to
take a chance we’re going to do one part one more heart
the little total is done good job we’re gonna do one more card but all this is
about positive movement moving forward because the person who you’re dealing
with is connected to you at the root they’re part of your soul apart kindred
spirit one of the things about kinder spirits is that they don’t really leave
you they’ll stay by your side if you want to
view them and they want to be with you they’ll stay by your side and there is
something there and you can build from here so my sense is it’s time to leave
the past behind because apparently it’s not something that worked for you and
this person may not even really be completely faithful or they may have
been with someone and created a baby and so it’s time to move forward because the
hurt is more than you can bear especially when they’re still not
completely revealing everything to you so the new people who are coming into
your life are helping you not only are they helping you but you’re your kindred
you’re those that are done before you are side by side with you they are still
pushing you along to bigger and better things so you’re not alone and you
should look forward to your future so Leo go ahead and keep them moving keep
it moving alright take care bye bye


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