LEO HORÓSCOPO SEMANAL 9 AL 15 DE DICIEMBRE 2019 + Pregunta Interactiva Tarot

leo welcome to your weekly reading of the 9 to 15 December jot and greets You’re here in my tarot want to jot channel invite you to subscribe to activate bell for you to reach all my let me notifications comments your name and your country to have you present when I’m doing my meditations before starting these readings can also follow me Jota my instagram account arroba tarot 7 and there we can also be in Contact this reading will be slightly differently than I do every weeks let me know if you’re like with your fingers up and share also first I want to start with energy you’ll have for this week to give a general message letter leaves you are the world Letter isolation and letter realize the message I am playing at this moment for you They are telling me that there are some of you who might have some sort of fear fear insecurity out Warriors read and connect with the world see a person who is on a corner that it is hidden is hidden that you are using some kind of falsehood not because they have bad intentions but it will be a week where you will not want to connect where you are going to feel isolated and you could do it yourself you I leo same warrior who is acting thus he says you have to you have to go explore this week this week is leaving your comfort zone to step by step you can go connecting with things Cute that they are in your environment with beautiful things that will be for you Many of you might be having a revelation by this reading also where you realize that maybe you were acting in a manner in yourself that you were restricting and that we are causing what was some some anxiety certain depression problems and they are inviting you to These participate weeks of a group participates in any activity that is interesting or important to you attending some kind of aerobics class do exercise classes where You can do yoga where you can connect with people so that also at the same time You can take away negative energies and You can relax because someone speaks which she is hiding a person who is quite important and powerful that it has large and influential but not yet He has discovered its potential and invites you this week you start to take steps slowly I also might indicate someone who has some kind of Phobia to go outside can be for some kind of trauma or experience you last that generated this situation could be all it could be someone in your life with whom you have Contact this week if a situation medical definitely always remember seek help with the doctors who are going to be majoring in those things but then you have to work in no not isolate yourself because I disconnect a person who always speak leo passed as covered in your heart that passes in his locked room that does not leave that does nothing and you’re missing The most beautiful of the most beautiful world of life that you need to start to take risks this week Let’s see what there is another message for you this week that will be happening for you read my warriors You have the letter of 3 gold medals chart Temperance and letter of 9 3 gold bastos me is talking about a meeting that could be having stable looks out to connect with people to a meeting conversation very important that you be having with a group of people could be doing some kind of presentation you could be giving them meet a group of people at a conference, a seminary or a simple meeting exposing a particular topic in your work or loved ones about a project you want to do a project has been assigned you this will to be a conversation that will be you too shocking for you They could be called into a room conference is a meeting where another person who is doing this exhibition and you are taking there as some kind of training or some kind of reminder or some sort of update also proceeding at work It can be a family member calls and She told we will meet this week because we need to talk about something important temperance letter tells me going to be a week in which you’ll They are asking a lot of spiritual help You are going to be asking a lot of light much going effort to be trying to Connect with your divine beings with your special beings with loved light I see a person who could be interested in doing research or searches for groups or meetings out of the darkness to leave the negative energy toxicity and you could be inquiring about spiritual meetings churches yoga meditation looking an alternative to leave a spiritual situation are telling me that your guides some of you this week grains Leo are having a conflict with their beliefs and do not know whether to believe in God do not know if believe in the church do not know whether to believe the spirituality do not know what to believe in the universe and are having like that situation where you are in Conflict is where you want to believe but not You know what were gonna be like that Search this week exploring researching different beliefs of different religions different energies and how they work to see which you call you more attention to what you feel more confident or could come into your life that opportunity for you to meet some kind of particular religion the letter speaks nine of Wands me it will be a week where you They could be recovering from some also is this type of confinement that I see some of you may be if you were having some kind of medical problem or situation where I could not get out of bed he could not leave tuvistes home because some such Once this accident happened and I’m not You are saying that this week you will have no accident so utterly out of Energy here out of your mind your life going to be recovering this week saw you a person maybe even walking with a stick person Could this week get the stick to walk it has been waiting for that and see a person who is beginning to show recovery and This week will be paying first steps what else comes to you this week Lion Warriors You have the letter from the six Copas magician and star chart very well this will be very positive one week also for some of you who will very good’ll be getting a I offer an invitation to speak here could receive is looking at the letter from the magician you about spirituality speak to you different things in different beliefs and the star chart will be a week where you will be receiving an invitation an Offer Work can be can be a invitation to meet someone but you will be filling a lot information’ll be connecting to new tools to act a better way in your life some of you who have been I am waiting for a call me are saying a call for some kind of hearing or casting that may have made going be the receiving during this week definitely going to be with these energies in your favor the letter of the Wizard speaks that you will discover new tools for this week to find solutions to various problems there is something that is constantly repeating this It will be infallible say this week week is also about a person and It makes you offers you a rose or is sell a flower The star chart is me indicating that there are some of you in which this week will If you manage to overcome this stand situation and these negative energies your life manage to stand out and manage one recognizing a Leo recognition It will help you with all your esteem and That will help you get ahead I’ll ask your guides what long are you going to realize your dreams These are the letters of the answers Angels see what they say says you still have to wait for these dreams come true and that manifest and we will see the message you give the angels this week you have to take into account trusts need to trust and I look I’m talking about some of you They will have problems with their beliefs spiritual and watch this letter He says you have to have faith that you have to trust that it will be a week where you will receive spiritual tests and where you’ll be able to demonstrate truly who you are, what you want and what He makes you happy find your way Let’s see what your numbers Luckily for this week and then comes an interactive question 7 9 have 4 to 10 or 1 can be 40 or 79 and 41 luck day for you one day full of energy positive this week Leo warriors will be on Wednesday and is very aware of energies on Wednesday let’s move on to the question Interactive here I’ll get two letters you can ask a question and choose one of the two cards or you can ask a question for each letter as you please if you took is the option to answer for you this week is coming something better there is no better thing is the answer you are giving in now that is it would be like a not because something better comes if you took option b is the answer They are giving you a non so is it did the first questions and you returned to repeat between not telling the rinsed again Leo did not leave to see if you like this rereading this new format where I tell you a little more detail what you It may be happening this week screen appearing at this moment the following videos you recommend which it is the video channel love in my jt I invite you to ross stores you subscribe there too and here is the link you das click you can then visit my page web know what the different I offer private consultations and I jotita prices decreed one week filled with lots of light and progress

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