LEO HORÓSCOPO SEMANAL 23 AL 29 DE SEPTIEMBRE 2019 + Pregunta Interactiva Tarot

welcome my warriors read this weekly reading from 23 to 29 September Jack greets you and are here on my channel I invite you to jot tarot subscribe to activate the bell you reach all my notifications and remind you that comments leave me your name and country You present when I’m doing my meditations before starting these readings also reminds me your likes your fingers up and Share this video at the end we will have an interactive question where You can ask your guides spiritual you want a question whether or not the energies that you’re going to have this week My warriors will read out the letter patience and this letter here you are indicating that it will be a week which you have to take it all in stride you can not stress you have to let the universe bring your feet or bring into your life things his timely since it will be a week in which maybe you can have energies of frustration energies in which you want things to be given immediately and so you will not have to run wait for another group of you this week it could be a week where you get Important news regarding babies pregnancies can you receive news of pregnancy if you are expecting to become pregnant or could even also be receiving news date that might be giving light during these coming weeks will be a week very nice for everyone you could be doing these great news but what about everything important here is you have a lot of very calm patience you have not you despair and let all things are given in due time your life I will include a new section in this weekly reading let’s see the energies of your family and your friends Let me know in the comments if there Like this looks in your family You have here a person thousand warriors Pound is planning to go is thinking of making a trip could be a can be your partner may be children They are thinking of changing or moving changing places and go to other lands to visit another country might also you are thinking of you in communicating soon with a family you have to the distance speaking here Travel changes in family and people They are thinking of moving look other lands or will have a called sudden to go live another country or to move to a longer trip either one or two weeks in another country another city or in other lands have those energies of family members who are thinking of traveling and that can affect to you because such Once that’s your partner you have to travel for work we go have enough patience to wait to that person go and come back and maybe you want to travel with this person but you’re not going to be able do here you are talking definitely it is going to be a week where you have to focus your energies on that patience in waiting for what you want is to give such but calmly Once you’re not taking the steps you you need or want in these moments so fast but you’ll you might even have also you’re thinking about making this trip and not still you have those energies then how to do it and if you do not do you’re having that kind of you doubt your friends out chart Knight of Wands speaks here of you You have friends that sometime They could be as passengers who are with you for a week for two weeks and suddenly disappear or people who are in your life with your friends they are simply there when You need that has nothing wrong but also it tells you that you share more weather you pass them some sort of time beside you try to share more and than only fleeting visits or when then you need your support also you could be talking about a who is coming soon to your circle of friendship and that person It is coming to your circle of friends it could be someone significant that you It will help you see things from another point of view and will give you strength and energy to keep you ahead if you are currently working on what message for you the card comes out well 9 Golds and if you are looking for employment 10 bastos if you are working chart 9 Golden talking to you progress you He speaks of a person who has a lot future in your current job tells you about much gain much wealth table energies which also you feel like you’re giving everything and it will be a week where you’re going to give He realizes that all their sacrifices have worth is going to be a week where you can receive this information news developments promotions promotions or even also money which it is to manifest in your life regarding work and this could be something you’ve been waiting for long some kind of increase salary that is coming to you we might even be talking about some kind of bonus or commission that could reached about money for this week but you’ll be investing some of the money worked a situation could Beauty make a new look or buy some material situation could buy shoes buy a bag one a suit holding a cap but I see that you may be spending money on some piece dress something calls for you much attention If you are looking for work you out the 10 letter indicates that bastos you have too much stress you’re throwing a lot of guilt and a lot of weight on top and thus can not then focus on what you want do with brands like one day you clearly the next day to fall back in the dark and you do not stay with good balance and that has to do with the stress or pressure you can You are feeling part of a family part of a friendship from a group of people around you and this It is then not allowing you to to move out of that darkness which you have to find get up those weights you have in your back and that stress that you like you were carrying the world and you’re not to this if you feel that so you should be able to be much more relaxed If you do not have this great weight of that great responsibility in these moments in your Life should be much quieter that stress may take off that weight begins to relax a little more than patience the job you expect it will reach you recalls that at the end of this reading I will ask an interactive question for your spiritual guides as well is that stay here with me so you can ask the question you have if you are in a relationship that is in the Nine of Cups letter and if you dating if you are single you out the letter of the tower for those who are in a relationship that speaks here you may soon be attending some activity of some sort event are telling me your guides spiritual could be a party one meeting a barbecue and you have to be careful and be you or your partner with alcoholic drinks because they may be to some extent overstepping a little with that and having some reaction slightly sudden also speaks of the couple are beginning to see some situations some problems here Leo warriors in which you feel maybe your partner is not on the same level as you emotional because you feel that one of the DOS is investing more in the relationship the other person and those energies the you’ll have around you during this week so much attention is that with this so that the relationship with the partner is not going to be affected also says I watch what you want appears that those who are in a relationship They are wanting something a little off normal with your partner and that could at end up not having the results you are waiting you say no play with fire because you can burn And speaking of fire for those who are singles chart comes out of the tower and This letter tells you that is not the right time so you’re you dating or relationships you are saying since certain status in your emotional life are des collapsed and this at this moment you are again trying to repair your being your soul your heart and you need to work in you so you can focus your energies in a new job for you can focus your energies on changing image so you can focus your energies into something new you want make but you could not do yet because you are focused on your your pain and trauma then works in you seek help if necessary important to seek help with some psychologist or someone who can give you good advice for you heal so you can rebuild your energies rebuild your heart and move again It may be a week where you have some emotional slumps have to control as you control for help let’s see what the numbers are Lucky for you remember me in comments if you like to have included in this Reading your family and your friends to continue doing let your Up crimes and shares this Video that way I know that you liked the lucky numbers for you this week you have 7 8 3 and 5 me really like 35 and 78 and 53 87 I do not like much you can do combinations of numbers you like to use these you give me 87 53 that my attention what will be the lucky day for warrior you read a loaded day positive energies Where are you able to make your dreams reality show and receive good News will be on Friday so very attentive to Friday because there goes to be a day full of energy positive for you let’s move on to the question Interactive question of whether or not thinking about your question right moments I’ll get you out letters Are you ready have two options the ay option b option then you do your question may be best for me to change Residence I should make the trip I should get a job one one question and take one of the two option b option cards ready if is the choice you made to answer for you is a yes if you took option b is the answer for you is a yes also very well my Warriors read on screen these moments that appears in the following videos that I recommend here is my secondary channel with videos there have videos daily horoscopes teens and others I invite you to visit my secondary channel and you Beyond subscribe here can have a private consultation with me and I am Jota decree a week full of bright and progress


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