LEO HORÓSCOPO SEMANAL 23 AL 29 DE DICIEMBRE 2019 + Pregunta Interactiva

leo welcome to your weekly reading of the 23 to December 29 greets you jot You’re here in my tarot reminds channel subscribe and activate the bell will Start with the message for Christmas from your angels and guides spiritual and message this 24 December to you is that the situation improve any situation in which you find yourself in these times of difficulty of conflict of sadness pain difficult situations they can be happening right now even health to your angels are here telling you that you have faith that you follow believing in them and definitely the situation will improve for you this week the lucky day for you will be your on Friday lucky numbers 21 and 51 and message of the tarot cards for you have seven of spades Seven of Spades is here six swords and have the three of golds Lion looks are talking about a situation this week where you you’ll be leaving behind situations problems’ll be leaving behind groups naysayers groups people who are taking advantage of you to finally leave all that behind going to move towards something more quiet much more positive me speak you’ll have like a rebirth emotional spiritual rebirth one renaissance with people who are around you and where things in the past you were affecting situations where this could ever feel Strange or not you felt comfortable with groups of people now all that will left behind I see this week It will emerge a new read within you the true Leo will be emerging will They are taking step to be having speech tranquility that you will not allow this letter to the seven no one swords that madden anyone steal lime perhaps above your allowed is that any person or group of persons or particular person mother father brother boyfriend girlfriend couple you out riled that person maybe to being next to you can not stand going the things he said this week all that slouch some of you might You could be making travel plans be attending consultations with consultations with lawyers consulates with embassies could be trying to process any type of visa a types of documents this week because because I see you talking to someone through a window and this is for a process of a document important to you with a visa application because you want to travel what else is there for you letter from the chariot the xota of diamonds and ace letter swords wonderful to these letters here you are indicating that you’re asia walking ahead going into the right place could be analyzing some ideas for life work proposal are thinking what to do with that this week I here are indicating that you’re going to be gaining victory with this letter from the ace of spades that situation work that you’ve been trying to resolve a situation where perhaps You were trying to go forward and I could not do it when you have this cleaning and stay away from all these Toxic people will realize that then you walk to salts of all this darkness and keep forward I speak of progress Progress leave obstacles ago this week will be important for you for you hardfacing positive things and approaches toward a better destiny If some of you have been participating in some sort of auction or You want to buy something that maybe They sold at auction they can sell social networks they can sell internet but you have been as betting money can be because You want to buy a product maybe eBay or Amazon are something physically attending an auction a one of these clutches we are where people sells things could be betting on Money opens people selling their houses and sells let things there comments like you know him that it might be participating in a of these activities and can get that object also if you are expecting money to bet on a car you’re betting may be giving your Initial subscription walk initial work a car that is the message what you can do during this week also I read we will move forward with the question interactive because you can make a question and choose one of the two or You make a yes or no for each letter If you took is the option to answer for you is that you have to take a new management find another way to resolve the situation you find and if you took the position or the position b says there is something better waiting for you already know patience and calm things will go well this week you manage to beat those difficulties and that toxic people They are not providing anything positive screen right now you appear the following videos you recommend Here is the video read 2020 This is to discover what your future holds destiny and the universe this new year of the now here is the link to visit my website and know what are different private consultations I offer and prices I am quota and decree you a Merry Christmas bright and progress


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