Know That You Are Worthy Of Your Desires | Anahata Chakra | Neeta Singhal

Why you don’t feel
that you are loveable
Because you feel that
you need to be worthy
You feel because I didn’t
do this, I didn’t behave
Because I have not done
great things in my life
I don’t deserve
First try to understand who
are you to measure your worth?
A story about Lord Buddha
A person came to Buddha and said
‘O Master! I don’t feel worthy
and feel useless in my life’
‘I feel I am of no use’
‘Just tell me how can
I know my worth?’
‘I feel so worthless in my life!’
Buddha gave him a stone and said
‘Go to four different people and ask
them what is the value of this stone’
‘But don’t sell it!’
The man agreed
The man goes to a
vegetable seller
He asks for the
price of the stone
The seller asked him to take a
sack of potatoes for the stone
Potatoes for the stone!
The man said ‘No! I don’t
want to sell it now’
Then he went to a fruit seller
The fruit sellers looks at the stone
‘Nice! I am keep it here on my cart’
‘Do one thing! Take
ten dozens of apples…
…give me this’
-‘No! I don’t want to sell it now’
Then he went to a
normal jeweler
He showed it to the
jeweler who said
‘Yeah it is a natural stone. I don’t know
whether it is authentic, real or what…
…just pay me fifty thousands for this’
‘No issue! I don’t
want to sell it now’
Then the man saw a grand shop
He went in and showed the
stone to the shop owner
The shop owner kept the stone
(Ruby) on the velvet cloth
The shop owner said:
‘Even if I sell my entire shop…
…the money will be still
insufficient to buy the stone’
That is worth
Today you feel worthless because
you are with the potato seller
Just wait. Your worth
will be revealed to you
Wait for the right
person to come
Wait for the right environment
Wait for the right time
I often talk about the
stories from Mahabharata
The story of Lord
Krishna’s birth
What an emperor Krishna was!
But He was taken away!
He was groomed as a
normal cowherd boy
He spent His life with the
Gopikas (cowherd girls)
They used to graze the cows
They were unaware that
Krishna was actually an emperor
Yashoda and Nanda grew Him up
Actually He was the king’s son
When fully grown and capable, He
was told to go (for His duties)
Then only He realized
He is an emperor
So today you don’t
know your worth
Just because people have rejected
you or given you less value
You are feeling worthless
Try to understand first
…today I have not recognized, the
world has not recognized my worth
It is okay
But I am an unpolished diamond
When I grow, mature
and become capable
My day will come
I know it. I know my worth
because I am worth it
So understand you
don’t know today
But you know religious
books don’t lie
Those masters don’t lie
They know who you are
They know it. You can’t
see but they can see
Just try to be patient with time
And only when you realize
‘Yes I am worthy’
Only then you will allow
everything to come to you
Whatever things come to you
You will allow things to manifest
the way they are meant to

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