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Hi, I’m Kate, and this is Bite Size Book
Review. Today, I’ll be reviewing King of Crows by Libba Bray. King of Crows is a
paranormal horror, historical fiction novel set in New York City. This is the
fourth and final novel of The Diviners Series. It follows up on and concludes
all of the storylines of the protagonists and the two main villains.
Since it’s the fourth in the series, I can’t necessarily go into much about the
plot, but I’ll talk a little bit about the characters. As always, the focus on
the characters in this story is excellent. You can really feel that the
stress of their situation is starting to cause strain, especially for Memphis, who
is a bit angrier and snappier than usual in this one. Which is pretty
understandable given his situation for much of this book! I felt like we got a
really good amount of growth from all of the characters that we’ve grown to love
so much, and I especially loved the character growth of background
characters, like T.S. Woodhouse, Woody, the journalist. He was really given a moment
to shine, sort of a bit of a redemption arc, which I really loved. Also my ship is canon forever hell yeah. There were some things about King of
Crows that I didn’t like. The pacing was definitely off. The sense of urgency that
we have in the first third of this book completely dissipates. And that was
pretty confusing, given how urgent and high stakes everything felt. The middle
of the book sort of meandered in a lot of different ways, and it took a very
long time to get from point A to point B, in a way that felt like we were wasting
time. The ending felt a little bit rushed, which probably had a lot to do with how
slow the middle of the book is paced. And there were a couple of things that tied
up a little bit too nicely to be entirely satisfying. The choice to change
the setting from New York City felt like a bit of a negative. The atmosphere of
the city that Bray has invoked in the last three books feels very central to the
series, and the lack of it here was noticeable. Was it narratively necessary? I don’t know. I gave this 4 out of 5 stars,
and while it seems I found a lot wrong with this book, ultimately I did really
enjoy it. I thought it was a good conclusion for the series, if imperfect.
I am excited to reread it, because I think that I will like it more the second time,
which has been true of all of the other books in the series. I’d recommend this
book if you have already read the first three Diviners books and are interested
in completing the series. Otherwise I don’t think picking up King of
Crows on its own would be a particularly good idea. That has been today’s Bite
Size Book Review of King of Crows by Libba Bray! And I will see you next time!

  • I am only on book 2, which I am not really loving. But I want to read book 3 because I know its a lot of people's favorite. But I am afraid that with how I am feeling about the second book, that if I finish it, I would get into a reading slump. I am thinking about skipping ahead to the last 2 hundred pages. But I really hate doing something like that. But I definitely have the last 2 books and what to see how everything wraps up. So I really don't know what to do. LOL

  • Stars aligned! Just finished this today!

    I have so many of the same opinions! The ship has sailed! Woody! ??? Exclamation points!

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