Kate Middleton And Prince William’s Children Dominate 2019 Kensington Royal Instagram Posts

Kate Middleton And Prince William’s Children
Dominate 2019 Kensington Royal Instagram Posts. Kate Middleton and Prince William have had
a busy year and the work they’ve done are constantly shared on their Instagram (@kenstingtonroyal). Despite their popularity as royals, however,
it’s their children — Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis who still dominate
their social media account. According to The Sun, the Duke and Duchess
of Cambridge’s most received and liked photos on Instagram are mostly about their children. The Cambridge kids are aged six, four and
one year old respectively. Over 2.2 million royal followers have “liked”
the photo of Prince George with his sister, which was taken on their first day of school
at Thomas’s Battersea last September. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge walked their
two kids to the school’s front door during the regular parents’ drop off on their first
day. On the other hand, over 2.1 million fans liked
Prince George’s birthday photo taken last July, where he’s laughing and lying down on
the grass. Princess Charlotte’s photo, where she confidently
shook the hand of her teacher on her first day of school, earned the third-best spot. Prince Louis photo for his first birthday,
which was taken in April, received 1.5 million likes. The post of the christening of Prince Harry
and Meghan Markle’s son, Archie Harrison, which also included aunt and uncle Kate and
Prince William, was the fifth most popular photo in the Kensington Royal Instagram. This image also featured Prince William’s
father, Prince Charles, stepmother Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall, Meghan’s mom Doria
Ragland and the two sisters of the late Princess Diana. Meanwhile, Prince George and Princess Charlotte
are now counting down to opening their presents for Christmas as school is closed for the
holiday, per Hello! The young royals are currently on their Year
2 and Reception school year. Their school is located just 20 minutes away
from Kensington Palace. Prince George has been taking French, Ballet,
Literacy, Numeracy, History and Geography, Science, Computing, Music and Arts, and Swimming
as a Year 2 pupil. Princess Charlotte is also taking French and
Ballet, as well as Computing, Music and Arts, and Drama as a Reception pupil. Their school also offers an outdoor exploration
activity. The Cambridge royals are expected to spend
Christmas in Sandringham with Queen Elizabeth. They will join Her Majesty during the annual
walk to the church on Christmas Day, where they will be met by a throng of spectators
who will also hear mass.


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