Kanya Rashi June 2019 | Virgo Horoscope June | #Horoscope Prediction June 2019

Welcome to Astrology Ratan Live Program I am Acharya Pandit Sarvanand Sharma on my behalf of all of you loving hello friends today we will discuss with you about the horoscope of the month June. But before you tell the horoscope, you’ll want to tell you what your planetary positions are in the transit . Wherever it is necessary to move first of all, let us first discuss the planets Sun is currently in enemy zodiac sign taurus is in the 9th house a taurus sign of horoscope. by leaving there on 15th june it will enter its friend zodiac gemini When enters his friend’s sign gemini on June 15, he is scheduled to meet with his friend mercury with his friend Planet Mars with his enemy Rahu . Now, referring to Mars Mars is currently infused with his enemy Zodiac Planet gemini with his enemy Planet Rahu, there it is united there it will unite with sun And on June 22, the amount of cancer that will emerge from this amount will enter that on 22June and Cancer is in the 11th house of your horoscope let us talk about mercury mercury is in friend in zodiac Taurus who were infused with his friend Planet Sun taurus is in 9th house of your horoscope it was moving with frined planet sun but On 1st June, the zodiac sign will enter Gemini, there it will unite with enemy planet mars and with friend planet rahu, and from 15 th june to 20th june it will unite with sun also on 20th June it will enter enemy Sign Cancer on 20th June cancer is in 11th house of your horoscope and on 22nd June when Mars comes in this sign, here they will both unite with each other jupiter jupiter is moving in curvature mode moving reversely and in friend zodiac Sagittarius it will continue moving for the whole month sagittarius is in 3rd house of your zodiac venus planet which is moving in Aries zodiac Aries is in 8th house of your horoscope From 4th June it is only from this zodiac sign that will enter your own zodiac sign Taurus which is in the ninth house of your horoscope there it will unite with enemy planet sun until 15 th june Because on this 15th June, the sun will go out. there it will unite with enemy planet sun until 15 th june in 9th house of your horoscope And on 28th June, it will come out of this sign and enter friend Zodiac Gemini where they will be reunited with their friend, Gemini, who is in the 10th house of your horoscope, will be with unite with enemy planet Sun again now saturn, Saturn are infused into Aquarius Sagittarius this time in curvature and will continue to do the whole month and there it is united with enemy planet ketu Finally, we will discuss with you about Rahu and Ketu , so you must have understood that before a lot of discussion has taken place Rahu will continue to do move in his friend and high-sum Gemini. which is in the tenth house of your horoscope and here you have been told all about their unity now it is with mars and will be with sun from 15th june and with mercury from 1st june their unity is going to be with different planets for different times. ketu is moving in upper zodiac Sagittarius with enemy planet sun will continue for the whole month so friends it was horoscope for Virgo zodiac people and their state of planets in transit for june Now, we will discuss how this month of June is going to be for the Virgos First of all will discuss your business BUSINESS In the same way, you will continue to receive mixed results In your business or job. Or in employment whatever you are doing Your employment problems will increase from mid to month end. Somewhere you may lose respect and you may have to travel long distances at the beginning of your month for your work which can be beneficial for you although this month you-+ may face some nervousness about your work which is not really good for you try to be polite with you responsibilities and complete them with honesty because the situation looks unfavorable for your business. we Will discuss further about your financial position financial conditions Financial situation is not going to be satisfactory this month you will also face interruptions in the income but But you are not going to lose the money that you have deposited, b you are absolutely sure that the money that you have deposited is going to be perfect. This month’s funds will not be harmed But some wealth gains by your family may be you
Either you have financial situation these are some situations here so this was about your financial conditions love relations There are no signs of progress about your love relationship. If possible, don’t waste your time in these things otherwise there will not be good results this month the marital life of the married persons is going to be very joyful and happy. enjoy it CHILD child Related issue is about to be created You may be somewhat disturbed by the fact that you will feel incapable of finding a solution to the problems You’ll get disappointing results related to your offspring in education If you pay serious attention to your offspring, it is better for you health There will be health related problems but after a little too much treatment you will get healthy what to do but after a good treatment you will be relaxed solutions to get rid of these problems Read the Argla Stotra daily Aditya Heart Stotra Reciting Daily The mantra of Shani is to be garlanded daily in the evening The mantra of Shani is to be garlanded daily at sunset offer water daily to the sun it is a very easy solution and so I will definitely benefit so you have the horoscope for the Virgos. for june month Share if you like it, subscribe And press the bull icon to get notifications for future videos Thank you and JAI MATA DI

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