JUPITER in 10th House in Vedic Astrology Birth Chart

in last video we have discussed about
Mars in the 10th House of the
horoscope and one of the effects when
you have Mars in the 10th house today we
are going to talk about what happens
when you have Jupiter in the ten
thousands of the horoscope so keep
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about the Jupiter in the ten thousands a
combination let us understand what is
Jupiter Jupiter is the positivity in the
life Jupiter is all that is good in life
and it is the polar opposite of the
Saturn Jupiter is all about optimism
wisdom faith higher belief counseling
teaching success surplus income gains
all that is positive can be seen with
Jupiter Jupiter is the planet of
teachers and guru Jupiter is also the
planet of your values your character
your morals honesty knowledge teachers
all these can be seen with Jupiter now
this Jupiter comes into the tenth house
of the horoscope what is tenth house
tenth house is one of the caner houses
what are the kinder houses Kindra houses
are the foundation of your horoscope
when you have more and more planet into
the killer houses it gives strong
foundation to your horoscope that’s why
we give importance to the planets into
the ascendant or into the fourth house
seven thousand or the ten thousand tenth
house is the strongest of the kenra
then tenth house also represents your
highest material achievement in this
lifetime your life journey started at
the first house and now you have come to
the 10th house 10th house is the house
of your work your career and more so
about your achievements you are often
identified by your deeds you are what
you do you are known by your profession
that’s where your Karma’s determine who
you are and now Jupiter is here into the
tenth house apart from being the kinder
house that is the foundational strongest
house of the horoscope it is also one of
the uber Chaya house
what is the purge house OPA tire
literally means the house which grows
with time it is the house of constant
improvement house number 3 6 10 and 11
are the opera houses so when you have
planets into these houses these planets
tend to give better results as the time
passes so initially you may not have the
good results of the planets the house is
ruled by those planners but it does
great as the time passes so malefics
into the third house six thousand ten
thousand eleventh house does great job
the energy of the malefic skate the
direction into the tenth house or anyone
else for that matter and it helps that
person to constantly improving tenth
house is also the house of your father
fourth house is the house of your mother
seven places away from this fourth house
that is the partner of the mother is
your father tenth house is the house of
your father
ten thousand
also represents your public life Cayman
houses are associated with the direction
the first house ascendant is the sign at
the eastern horizon and seventh house is
the western horizon and 4th and 10th are
not north and south these are the netter
and the Senate nether is the place just
below your feet and Zenit is the sky
just about your head so this is 10th
house and there please below your feet
is the fourth house
okay now 10th house is an open sky it
gives you the visibility 10th house is
about the fame success status Authority
career work all these can be seen with
the tenth house now let us look at
happens when you have the most benefit
Jupiter coming into the 10th house of the Horoscope
the planet of positivity comes into the
house of work and career it makes these
people successful in their sphere of
profession these people are respected in
their profession these people have huge
gains from their profession the planet
of success and abundance comes into the
10,000 word so these people are widely
successful in their sphere of profession
they are widely known for their
professional expertise in their peers so
they are always considered as successful
in their career they can be in any
career they can be film stars they can
be astrologers they can be scientistic
they can be anybody but their peers will
always give them respect and will always
consider them as well as the successful
messenger of whatever profession they’re
following the planet of abundance and
expansion comes into the 10th house of
the public life so these people inspire
others because Jupiter’s inherent nature
is of higher belief optimism and faith
think about the positive side of the
life now when the person has the Jupiter
in the 10th house what it does is it
makes the person expand so his image
gets expanded so he is known as I won’t
say guru but he is known as a mentor for
the masses he is known as a teacher to a
lot of people in a public speaking so he
will he will always talk about how to
get successful with the
element of Jupiter we talked about the
same thing about the mass and how Mars
can inspire others but the inspiration
of mass is more of an action-oriented
like Tony Robbins or Gary Vee but this
is the guy who is having the true
battalion qualities now that person the
person the Jupiter in the tenth house
will inspire you and this inspiration
would be an hard-hitting and
but more so it will be of the wise
advice so it will be an intelligent
advice to how to be successful in the
profession our business or whatever he
is teaching he is widely known as the
teacher the planet of the optimism and
positivity comes into the house of the
authority work and father and all the
most important house so this makes this
person optimistic in general the person
with the Jupiter in the 10th house tend
to be optimistic okay but these readings
get altered if you have conjunctions if
you have aspects if you have the
exchange if we if this Jupiter is
involved into some negative yoga’s like
arista yoga’s or involved into the
superior Raja yoga things will change
decimally from 10 200 from 100 to 1
depending upon what kind of involvement
this Jupiter is in with all other
planets so don’t just jump to the
conclusion that while Jupiter is doing
great here
Jupiter feels uncomfortable into the
10th house why the planet of higher
belief and all the finest qualities is
is coming into the reality it is coming
into the world of competition is coming
into the cutthroat competition but
nobody cares about others and this
really disturbs the Jupiter he doesn’t
like that he has the idea of positivity
in the life so he doesn’t like the idea
of putting others down or some politics
into the work area so he is not much
into these things and that’s what really
frustrates the person because Jupiter is
about the higher belief optimism and
everything beyond this real um and
ten-thousands the most practical house
because in the collaboration valley the
tenth house is ruled by the Capricorn
which is the most practical sign and
that is the reason Jupiter gets
debilitated into the sign of Capricorn
because Capricorn is is materialistic
sigh sigh the Capricorn sign cannot
understand the higher belief wisdoms
spirituality things beyond this real
long like God religions will know
Capricorn likes to work and likes to pay
the bills and they keep doing it and
they become rich but they don’t
understand the things which usually
Jupiter talks about that’s why Jupiter
gets debilitated into the sign of
Capricorn and tenth house has the energy
of the Capricorn and that’s why Jupiter
feels uncomfortable here ok from the
tenth house Jupiter aspects the three
houses Jupiter has three special aspects
Jupiter can aspect five places from
itself seven places from its
and the ninth places from wherever it is
splitting and we have to count the house
it is splitting now let us count from
the tenth house Jupiter will aspect the
second house of the horoscope with its
fifth aspect 10th house 11th house 12th
house ascendant and the second house so
what is the second house second house is
all about your speech is about the
finances about the things which you
value and when Jupiter is aspecting the
second house of the horoscope it is
blessing the second house with the
abundance positivity and optimism and
all that is tributary in qualities so
what it chooses the person with the
Jupiter in the tenth house is going to
get the financial gains from their
profession more so it is also going to
bring in the positivity and optimism
faith and spirituality aspect to their
speech so whenever this person will
speak he will have the conviction he
will have the optimism and he will
always talk about the highest good and
the greatest growth of the humanity
because all the tributary and qualities
are getting imposed on to the second
house of your speech from the tenth
house Jupiter aspects the fourth house
of the horoscope now every planet is
going to aspect the fourth house and
whenever it aspects the fourth house is
going to impact the relationship with
your mother and more so it is also going
to impact the
relationship of mother father your
relationship with your parents is going
to underline due to this placement of
eighty planets into the tenth house
because now it is connecting the tenth
house with the fourth house with its own
element like if mass is into the ninth
house expecting the fourth house will
bring the element of argument for Venus
it will bring the love for moon it will
bring in the feelings for Sun it will be
the self-esteem and the realization of
the soul or self-awareness all these
things so each planet is connecting
these two kenra houses with their own
element now it’s time for Jupiter to
connect these two houses so the planet
of positivity is aspecting the fourth
house of the horoscopes so the mother of
this person is positive person and she
installs positivity and spiritual and
religious education and this positivity
helps him to become who he is today okay
from the tenth house Jupiter also
aspects the sixth hours of the horoscope
what is sixth house
what is six thousand the house of dates
delays divorce arguments dates serving
the people your pets can also be seen
with the sixth house now the planet of
the wisdom of the positivity is
expecting the sixth house more so sixth
house and the second house are also the
earth and record houses along with the
tenth house so it is going to bring in
money so the Jupiter into the artha
trikona brings in money so now it is
inspecting the sixth house and it will
impact your cash flow it will increase
the money coming in it will increase and
impact your daily routines the sixth
house things your job
and it will bring in that positivity it
can also avoid the arguments with this
aspect or you will be benefited with the
arguments as well and you will have a
tendency to help those who are
underprivileged or to help the page all
these can be seen with displacement next
what if this Jupiter is debilitated when
Jupiter gets debilitated into the tenth
house the first thing you have to look
for is check the Rashi of the Jupiter
into the d9 chart if the Jupiter has the
same Rashi as in the d1 it gets for
Gautama and which kind of cancels the
double addition or look for the d-line
Rashi if it is Sagittarius cancer or
Pisces on Capricorn for the Virgo Tama
case we talked about so you have to
check if Jupiter is into any of these
rushes because it cancels the
debilitation okay but if Jupiter is not
in any of these rushes you also have to
check for the cancellation in your chart
I have made a separate video on the
cancellation of the debilitated planets
I highly recommend go and watch the
niche among garage oak video to see how
to check the cancellation of the
debilitation so you have to check for
the cancellation of the debilitation for
the Jupiter okay but when Jupiter gets
debilitated into the tenth house it
rules the ninth house and the twelfth
house so it brings in the element of the
twelfth house and the ninth house that
is the foreign things into the work area
so if this Jupiter is getting the
cancellation it can also give you the
gains from the foreign lands from your
okay and what if the Jupiter is exalted
if Jupiter is exalted you have to do the
same thing check the ratio of the
Jupiter into the d9 chart if it is into
the debilitation this will you know
reduce the impact of the exaltation when
Jupiter gets exalted into the 10th house
it in fact rules the 3rd house and the
6th house and both these houses are the
houses of OPA chair houses of the upper
GI category so when you have exalted
Jupiter into the 10th house it will
perform better as the time goes okay but
you also have to look for the other
factors as well like conjunction and
aspects exchanged yoga’s and more so
also the Lord of the sign Jupiter placed
in four debilitation look for the Saturn
and for the exaltation look for the mood
we have not talked about nakshatra you
also have to consider the neck chakras
as well and you know you can go on and
all this is always have to be checked on
the background of him shortly mahadeva
otherwise it has no meaning okay so yes
this was Jupiter as much as I could hold
grasp and share with you guys if you are
starting into Vedic Astrology what to
watch next go and watch how to get
started into Vedic Astrology
go and watch planets through houses
series ascendant or rising science
playlist or just go to my youtube
channel go to the playlist section and
start exploring the fascinating world of
vedic astrology sending you tons of
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