Is Kevin Hart Telling The Truth About His Accident?

Wow hey good evening this is the star
report on a Friday night welcome aboard okay um first and foremost did you see
me stuntin up on the gram this morning Oh niggas hatin I don’t like the way
you’re laced up those Air Max Plus anyway um I had a great day today I’m
out of the loop I’m letting you know right now I started to you know put
tonight’s show off and do it tomorrow but I said I I’m gonna tell you all
about Lake Lanier what a great time I had I just woke up and said fucking I’m
going everything else is canceled so I need you to tell me if I should not go
back is there some type of black protest or boycott shit was lovely I filmed the
whole thing also for those of you follow me on instagram troy terrain that’s Troy
with an eye my last name is tio Rai n I filmed the whole you know adventure
drove around walking on the beach had a great time but this lake lanier area
hang on a second where my nose Lake Lanier Islands I mentioned this
yesterday 60 miles north of Atlanta supposedly it’s haunted oh now I want to
be fair and respectful because some of you may have lost family members friends
loved ones at this place so is it really haunted or is that a narrative that
someone or some group or organization has created to keep certain people out
of there or is it truly haunted me myself I’m a non-believer in the theory
of gods I don’t subscribe to witches warlocks genies you know they’re too
fairy and all this or a mystical shit but there’s a lot of people that are
mystified I say that respectfully and they feel that it is haunted I had a
great time I got some notes and as I said I filmed the entire adventure I’m
going back in two weeks it’s only an hour and 10
minutes away from where I live an hour and 10 minutes and I also want to ask
before you you know call in or send in super chats or akash apps if you’re up
to speed on Washington Square Park in New York City I produced a documentary
years ago called the NYU suicides that produced that and the director at the
time he was putting together his notes and he was telling me that Washington
Square Park used to be a gallows and it was a burial ground for slaves
african-american slaves so is that area also haunted anyway phone lines are open
and also our top story is Kevin Hart telling the truth about his accident
folks I’m not at the speed on that I’ve been out all day and was handling some
other business when I got back and then I had to lay down you take that old
nigga nap and I’m just not in the loop I called Ronnie and I said hey is this
like you know a major story and she said well you know on the chitlin circuit it
is so is Kevin Hart telling the truth about his accident what happened
now we spoke about this the two nights ago when it first happened I think I’ll
have to check the dates and I was questioning was he in the backseat who
was driving and just I’m kind of drawing a blank here but now they’re saying
Kevin may have been driving he left and went home but he had surgery so how did
he get from the accident to home did a bodyguard take him did he walk did he
run I did hear some audio earlier of his wife I assume that was his wife and she
sounded aggie she sounded either you know hi awesome cush or just I guess she
was talking to the 9-1-1 operator I don’t know I don’t know the details of
the Kevin Hart accident but you know feel free to call in all right and some
other things we may or may not get to tonight I’m hold on a second okay I have
officially left it’s a nightmare
there’s a nightmare you know respect to the older women that do support my
machine thank you love you when when when live but I just I don’t
want to hear horror stories you know I just I like to go out and have fun I’m a
man of a certain age of 55 years of age but you know I just I like to just go
out and have fun you know it doesn’t have to be a silly outing all the time
but you know I don’t want to hear horror stories you know a lot of the older
chicks have the do’s and the don’ts I don’t like this and you know you’re
taken to a restaurant okay you know I gotta check my food because you’re
there’s always hair on the food here you just oh that’ll actually shit give me a
second hang on oh that’s nice okay okay so um yeah I’m off of is there
another dating app that you recommend I don’t think I’m dating anybody over 40
years of hates I’m sorry or if you’re over 40 or over 45 you have to want to
have fun I want to take somebody up to Lake Lanier you know hold hands walk on
the beach I’m gonna get on that Fugazi shit maybe wear some Gucci slots and
bring the kids oh you got to see the water slides what else well you know go
see the video I filmed the entire thing again on my IG page but then we’ll come
back to that all right all right phone lines are open
um we may may not touch on actor Isaiah Washington formerly of Grey’s Anatomy
he’s now a trump supporter okay is he cloud chasing or is he at the bottom of
the barrel you know trying to figure this shit out and Malik Yoba you know
let’s let’s riad r s Malik Yoba either tomorrow or I’m sorry Sunday or Monday
because I saw him doing a freestyle up on Vlad he’s now freestyling his
response to Mariah Lopes the transgender a woman who says that Malik Yoba was
doing some ungodly things I’ll just use your terms ungodly things to her when
she was between the ages of 13 to 16 right yeah he’s freestyle
that was strange anyway go to the phone lines and some other things we’ll talk
about tonight area code for zero for hey good evening 404 is Kevin Hart telling
the truth about his accident fall for boss nigga what’s happening man what’s
up man how are you hey AC checking their video man I don’t know if y’all checked
out the I might have missed this last movie Kevin Hart had a movie called the
upside last year about him taking care of will be called quadriplegic man I saw
a part of that I couldn’t finish that’s all about maybe 20 minutes of it this
shit sounds like from Lee Daniels publicity shit man like what are we
talking about mechanic they need to get their story straight what we doing okay
so now is this still a concern is there a conspiracy is the Illuminati involved
what’s going on because again I’ve been busy today and Ronnie said this was kind
of like bubbling on the more so the black blogs they said this gives me
Jesse smothered vibes like I don’t think they figured out the story first
okay he was in the backseat as friends was driving now he was driving but then
he went home but then he almost died I mean it’s this is this got too many
holes in the flight you know it’s convoluted he’s digging up so we don’t
need rollout plans man he’s not you know Nicki Minaj’s somebody that neither we a
shot in the arm so I don’t I don’t really make sense so no I’m just can’t
okay Kevin usually moves you know a little smarter than that
do you think that it could be a legitimate accident and we’re all
overreacting I mean I can’t even say I’m overreacting because I’m not in the loop
do you think that maybe he just had an accident and it’s not that fucking deep
and there’s no conspiracy with only five niggas lives when they trying to cover
something up so I don’t know why we can’t just get a straight story you know
sharing so that that’s that’s why I leads me to speculate where you know
where we can make some conspiracies because they should just don’t add up
well black folks love a conspiracy sure you know I would be a fool to sit here
and say that they don’t you know I mean I could sit here and say well you know
this is it’s not a story let’s just go past it but then you got a whole bunch
of trending shit and then you know it turns into some Illuminati scandal you
know I’m gonna text I mean you’ve been hanging out of this man-made lake man
and my city city all right stay with me stay with me you’re calling from 404 now
you born and raised in Atlanta damn right okay I need you stay with me have
you ever been to Lake Lanier I go fourth of July and that that’s all I can do not
not the theme four-foot homey homey this shit was lit I’m not gonna lie to
you today man I had a great time I’m not on that cool shit where you know you go
to a place and you don’t see too many black people and you say yeah the only
black person here no I’m no no I’m not on it like that but that was about maybe
a hundred people there today I didn’t see one black person and I said what the
fuck is going on are they trying to keep them out of here I did a little research
I don’t know much to my knowledge black people lived there in large numbers they
flooded the place allegedly got them out of there or what is the history please
well you know niggas can’t swim so that’s that’s really for all the niggas
can’t swim unfortunately but uh for the most part ministers that’s the redneck
hang out man you get a couple Bud Lights and they go get drunk and be out on the
water and get a lot of accidents so that’s why we got a lot of deaths out
there people uh get drunk and you know you get well when
you got motorsport equipments not really a good mix so you do have a lot of
deaths I don’t really buy it today is haunted business you know I did speak to
three people that work there and and two of the white guys they said hey come on
back you know and bring your family you know we get a bad rap but he said in
reality this is a lake this this is part of a river it’s not an ocean people come
here they’re expecting waves and shit like that and they don’t see the wave so
they assume it’s okay to get high you know drunk and jump in the fucking water
they their heads on shallow rocks and it’s a
it’s tough to get the fucking ambulance in here so that was what these two white
guys said to me and they said it’s not a haunted man people just come up here and
they do too much we think about that that’s facts when everything at Jorge’s
man made us some mountains man made the fucking Lake Lanier is man-made we don’t
I mean the special yeah I mean so it kind of don’t make doing what we got you
know find you a trailer park Betty Manor and enjoy the Georgia thing well listen
before you go let me just say I had a beautiful time I’m going back you know
maybe next week or the week after shit was let me I filmed the whole thing
if you get a chance go on my IG page and I’m going back man I’ll give you the
last word yeah man they go without some air max they go run that you saw him you
so knows right they look what they look like my thighs oh yeah they are your
size come get them come get him nigger thank you I’ll meet your papa ladies
okay salut all right yeah that’s what you tell the nigga when they say you’re
what size are those they’re your size nigga come get them all right give me a
second uh who got my cocktail going got my water right here folks I did not go
to the gym today I’m gonna keep it real with you I woke up this morning I just
said you know now’s the time to go to Lake Lanier now not next week not this
weekend now I threw on the polo sweatpants polo top airmax MX plus for me
white sox gang huh niggas hating up on my ig page at white shops it’s only
you’re crazy yeah and um I had a great fucking time you better tell me
something because some of you sent me links suddenly via sent me to a lake the
homie salute to Tyreke nasheed you know I put
respect on his name always I did not get a chance to watch his video he spoke
about Lake Lanier a year or so ago you know I don’t reach out to him and bother
him but you know I will watch his assessment of Lake Lanier he does great
research you’ve heard me say that before but I want to ask you guys tonight
is it really haunted shit was lovely let’s go to area code nine five for
gravy nine five four talking about Lake Lanier is it haunted or Kevin Hart is he
telling the truth good evening yeah yes circle even good
night good night sorry hey you can’t hear me yes believe
me who’s this crime scale crime skill my nigga hate bill crime skills um I’m
feeling on season grade I love the fact that you enjoy yourself violate Lake
Lanier I’m sure agile says that place a couple
of times beautiful oh my goodness mentioned this
earlier earlier let me just say this I got to the break that to the big ass
some type of brick you know monuments that’s at the entrance and I pulled that
mobile I pulled out my wallet and the little white girl she said it’s
15 dollars and I said okay and I passed on my debit card and she said oh we only
take cash because the debit card machine is down so you can go in free today and
I said really are you sure yeah go ahead enjoy
yourself and hopefully you’ll come back what do you night yeah but like I said
um I was about to tell you about I was reading two days ago right um you know
that that that showed that LeBron James some got on HBO where he sit and they
talk with ah yes conversation with like all all kinds of people a lot of actors
and superstars or whatever well are you talking about some type of barbershop
show yeah yes yes yes well well pertaining to Kevin Hart right he and
Kevin are the seasons the one that’s coming out I was reading this okay he
and Kevin Hart had a conversation where um that guy arm little that that kid all
country road what’s his name Lou listen hang on
gonna help you you’re talking about some show on HBO lil nas ex was talking about
coming out and Kevin Hart said so what and he just said yeah yeah so what
you’re gay like it’s not a big deal we’re not hating and now you have
certain members or trolls saying that Kevin Hart was being dismissive and
that’s now a form of homophobia because he said we don’t care if you’re gay
well I don’t care good well I’m pertaining to even this accident and
everything that’s going on and I’m like and I’m like it’s just off that’s that I
mean I look I look into things broad from a broad aspect I’m just waiting a
little bit to see really what’s going on but that’s all I through this here oh no
hang on a second crime skills because you sent me Lu are you want to talk
about creation so listen I’m a I’m a high school dropout I’m not an act like
you know I know this I mean I’ve been my mother used to make me read a lot of
books back in the 70s I had to explain the books fucking dinner table so
there’s a lot of shit that I just I remember again not that I’m some fucking
genius but um with regards to Lake Lanier is it haunted I’m asking the
question who has put out this narrative because you know there’s a story from
2019 came out made the 10th Newsweek knows week is now saying asking the
question is Lake Lanier really haunted but now if that’s not the mainstream
media creating a narrative or black people falling up under this this
mystical this mystical you know thing that that’s that’s keeping people out of
there because now you yourself use but we’ve spoken about creation and other
things you do know that voodoo came out of Africa yes yes Africa that was
originally called Africa Rikka so now maybe black people and I
say this respectfully are just mystified and they’re always going to assume that
something is haunted spooked or you know demonic what say you to that well I
can’t I can’t because I’m not I didn’t grant I
graduated from high school then I went to college and I dropped out of college
and I did other things but I study things myself and when you always owe my
high school dropout rate but fasting that mean you’re not 40 nobody stop
saying that anyway um you have to think about this star where did it came from I
am certain mankind did did not come up with food witchcraft sorcery divination
I’m a hundred percent sure of that yes it started in that region but Africa
where Africa its origin it was thought to mankind put it like that it was
thought to mankind mankind didn’t just came up with all all that it was thought
it was something that was passed on to them it was forbidden it wasn’t since
you’ve been reading a lot throughout the years what do you know about the story
of Mount Hermon do you know anything about that
hang on climb schools you’re taking me down a different path I want to stay
focused on the topic here is Lake Lanier really haunted I just threw it you know
boo boo boo out there because you know that’s one of the original religions
coming out of again Africa or Africa so do you think that it’s really haunted
and we will have to talk about Kevin Harper do you think that Lake Lanier
could be haunted that you what when I when I was a kid
they used to use that so I don’t go anywhere I’m a dude I go anywhere I know
all 48 states from anywhere anytime so I don’t really I don’t I don’t I don’t
know I don’t think so I’ve seen so upset by brave upset by the cemetery much
shocked I was just asking me I want to get back to the topic I thank
you for calling in let’s let’s chop it up again right respect respect sir yeah
yeah all right crime skills on the check-in I
mean no disrespect about voodoo but you know I had a couple of Haitian
girlfriends back in the days coochi was fire and one of them shoes to put rocks
up under the bed and I said I said why do you got mid-90s in Brooklyn I said
why do you got rocks up under the bed she said well you know that’s part of my
religion okay I want it you know be disrespectful because uh we had a great
relationship but you know I think that that that may have had something to do
with the coochie beef being fired the rocks in a bit I don’t know let’s go to
area code hey is this Ronnie hold on a second Oh boss chick one is that you
seven three two hey good evening how are you thanks Ari
thank you for stopping by how’s it going pretty good and yourself how good I’m
sitting here sipping it’s Friday night I’m not in the loop on this Kevin Hart
thing you and I spoke is there anything really there is it you know is there is
there a conspiracy the Illuminati what happened he was in an accident how did
he get home his wife called 9-1-1 what’s going on can you bring us up to speed
speed please okay yes so uh the vehicle happened and it was a 1970 barracuda
that he gifted to himself for his 40th birthday party had two other people in
the car now it is a two-door but he was able to escape from the driver’s window
and his security arrived and helped him climb up because it was a 30 foot
embankment that they flew across right yeah well I thought it Mulholland Drive
or a highway or something that much I dunno go ahead right in calabash
so it looks like the vehicle just completely veered off the roads
I saw the skid marks so his security arrives and takes him home and the other
people are stuck penned in their car now Kevin never calls 9-1-1 but just a
random witness contacts nylon one this is at 12:45 and I think this is why a
lot of people are questioning because he didn’t call until 2:13 which is an hour
and a half later so but but the but my first question before the timeline is
why would you leave your people on the car duck pen yeah yeah so now we touched
on this again two days ago and I didn’t think too much of it but it has picked
up traction so now he left the other two people in the car one of the guys I
think that the female was the guy’s fiancee so why didn’t Kevin lead them
explanation for the female is his wife’s personal trainer her name is Rebecca and
that was that was her fiance who is said to be the driver now Kevin had three
fractures in his spine so he had surgery to repair it and the driver had surgery
to repair it now if I’m an immediate need of surgery
I’m not going to leave my friends buck penned in a car to go home for an hour
and a half right right that just doesn’t I mean I’ve been in a very serious
accident that’s just not something it just that just doesn’t seem reasonable
right you she’s questionable very sketchy okay so
now hang on a second I heard the audio as I just said a few minutes ago with
his wife that was his wife who was talking to 9-1-1
they came to Kevin’s house because he lives in a gated community
if I’m not mistaken she said that the accident happened outside of the gated
community but again why did he leave them there oh can he just go for delft yeah and so the width the width what the
witness who called 9-1-1 said that um that when Kevin’s security guard was
helping him you know up the embankment when he reached the top and he saw him
he said you know who is he as if to say why is he here and you know he said that
they just they left they pulled off Kevin got in the truck with his with his
security guard okay stop right there stop right there so now I’m not trying
to put this on him but you know we’re talking about people being in a car and
maybe some freaky shit was going on maybe maybe Kevin was ashamed of what
happened he said fucker you know I’m just guessing has Kevin
Hart said since why he left them any statements – no no no he hasn’t made any
statements but you know he’s had a major surgery so I can imagine that he’s
probably not going to be making any statements for a while
she’s probably gonna have to go through some sort of recovery process you know
and you know maybe we’ll hear about it and isn’t that next that yeah so why is
this such a concern with regards to it as you said the chitlin circuit why are
they making such a big deal is there some fucking Illuminati thing going on
are there they tried to kill them are um the like the questions that I keep
seeing coming up were you know was he the driver is he trying to hide another
DUI because you know I guess he previously had one answer but the
witness says that you know the driver was penned so if the driver was penned
there’s I don’t think you could have done a switcheroo and you know what I’m
saying don’t think somebody would agree to be
penned if they weren’t the driver to call under a question where everything
is a black in spirit everything is a black conspiracy you know basically is
that what’s going on here it’s just people don’t want to believe the truth
well I think it’s very questionable why he went home for an hour and a half that
part is questionable I I would have to say that much can you hang out Ronnie
was I bring a couple of calls in let me bring in area code eight six zero
believe me eight six zero while we’re talking about the Kevin Hart Illuminati
quagmire one for you eight six zero cleaning so you’re on the headset we
can’t do that tonight come on give you like 5 seconds four three two one bow come on what’s that man Kevin what but
what about I’ll just get him out his phone sounds like shit please don’t do
that to me sometimes in here I’m I’m in a great place
I’m not AG you had a great time at Lake Lanier come on area code for one for
good evening is there a Kevin Hart cover-up is there
a conspiracy you do Minotti involved for it Brandi hey baby what’s wrong children
hey what’s going on sir I’ve been trying to like I was trying to like hit you up
for a long time hopefully I sound good but let’s get right to it
Kevin Hart they was in the backseat like playing with each other pussy indeed
these easy baby listen you two been playing they don’t see me sell those
words Luke you to play the game slow it down
allegedly don’t even use those words come on slow it down
okay they was they was in the backseat door Nate thing the front driver was was
was doing his thing too and it got to the you know climax point in peace he
swerved off and Kevin Hart he should go play like he’s
the driver but if you’re driving a barracuda and you got two people in the
backseat why isn’t somebody else in the front seat with you why isn’t the lady
in the front seat with you why is it only one person in the front seat
driving will you come from darling area called
for 1/4 will you come from Milwaukee Milwaukee outside of Chicago I’m not on
the home of pimping 10 that’s my homie right but yeah shout shout shout outs
are running to our I love running commentary on ok alright so yeah good
think of some type of cover-up or do you think it’s just you know the folks just
you know nitpicking there’s nothing there and we’re all just doing too much
I think is kind of like you mentioned this before it’s like those Hollywood
guys they they do you know freaky stuff and sometimes it goes left and when it
does go left yeah they gotta cover it up because the
fact that he was able to get out and you know understand later say oh I got back
surgery you how you get back surgery if you wasn’t pinned you know what I mean
and you nobody else had surgery what was going on hang on baby respectfully
respectfully what are you smoking were you smoking right now
I don’t smell that dream okay what do you drink you drinking snaps wheezing
that’s nose respectively my name is brandy saw me
drink brown yeah how old are you drinking I’m 27
sweet Jesus hold on do you know how do you know any red a young dope man cuz
they never matter Milwaukee also penny red a dope man no I actually really do
not listen to any of the Milwaukee order like artists you know Rico love young
dope man as a pen baby he’s a pimp as a friend of mine why are you trying to
fuck with me ain’t me I ain’t trying to go down to Atlanta no time soon but you
know when basketball season start let’s slow this shit down you came on the line
saying he was trying to get with me now how hard are you trying to get with me
holla to our Instagram DMS no I said I was trying to get on your on your show
on your as far as commentary okay you ain’t trying to come to Atlanta and
get that bag you mean anybody tell you that you just want to call in and talk
your talk no I don’t need a bag got my own bag respectively start but I do I do
respect your game like you are probably the most credible resource on YouTube because in the words of pimpin 10 hang
on hang on in the words of pimpin Ken I’m looking for a pig so I can give her
a wig and a gig I was a pimp and Ken’s words yeah what is he doing now is he is
he is he still out here camping ken is space-age pimpin that’s very good yes
mate a space-age pimp yeah to the cabin silent for a very long time
quiet money is the best money sure they don’t get in fucked up okay so just just
just for the last word yesterday this is why I was really trying to hit you up
about Nikki I know you don’t like to go back but I’m gonna tell you you you you
you can’t do that you you can’t say cardi B is making Nikki retired Nikki is
retiring because that she’s put so much in the game
and it’s it’s what else could she do because when she tries to work with new
artists they call her a clown when she doesn’t sense anything they said she’s
washed she’s out of this so you can’t say that about Nikki Nikki is probably
trying to build a family and when every little thing she does people debt her
like she has to Reem Anat her whole situation and it still isn’t working so
like the best bet for her is to retire that’s like saying somebody that was in
the NBA or an NFL that they are a good player but every you know every time
they play and they go to the league or whatever they don’t get a championship
so hang on a second baby stay right there Ronnie do you want to jump in to
add to what the young lady saying Ronnie well you know it is true that Nikki is
sort of in a position where she’s damn does she do she damndest she don’t
but a lot of that is because of Nikki’s own doing and the way that she handled
situations so now there’s like a lot of animosity towards her and the tightest
turn people are over her you know they’re ready for the next girl they’re
stirred you know and the way she’s handled a lot of situations you can’t
blame people for being ready to dump the dirt on her I mean you can agree with
that right the way she’s handled some situations hasn’t always been right I
was gonna agree women dealing with the baby yeah I I can absolutely agree with
that but it’s just not one person it’s an entire team every artist that you see
is not just doing everything by themselves they have an entire team
around them so if your team isn’t isn’t you know I’m saying making it happen how
could everybody just look at Nikki and say Oh Nikki Nikki just lost she’s out
here she was doing whatever she crouches is a whole team
so if your team is they making you work for you
at the end of the day yeah I’m retired too just like uh Andrew Luck you know
what I’m saying like it’s a point of Andrew Luck was getting hurt a lot baby
his body couldn’t hold up but but now hang on a sec hang on a second oh thank
you body can’t hold up so now are you a Barbie or are you a retired Barbie who
are you exactly I’m a hardcore Bart man I don’t know I
got CDs right now a lot of love Nicky the only thing I haven’t done would see
her life because people don’t like to come to Milwaukee but I mean you spit
some bars right now I was on the plane with Dwayne come on
you can call me what I was on the play come on come on I want to hear it play
because anybody piggy I was always you can call me what boom caught me him call
me a Whitley call me he’ll Maine come on come on he was pitching wait I can’t I
can’t remember it because it’s on the spot it’s on my mercy baby baby baby
don’t do that you just say you are a Barbie through and through I was on the
plane he’ll mean come on man I can’t do it on this I’m the baddest you know what
about is no way I’m the better than I’m the better than the game I can’t do it
on the spot because I know it verbatim I just can’t do it on the spot
hey maybe a lyric said Charlene do you better not pop up you mean Charlie they
go on another swim don’tdon’t announce when you’re not to rinse I’m not the
bitch I can’t do it on the spot you’re not
doing this I cannot do I cannot do Nikki on the spot like that because I can you
google I’ll put you on hold listen me it’s Friday night we own that
silly shit can you google the lyrics to chun-li right now
pull up your laptop yeah we have a laptop or a tablet
plus a heart folks bear with me is Friday night and we wall and just bear
with me give her a second Ronnie hold on a second okay you go ahead Google I’m
coming right back let me go to UM super chat my nigga gorillas own the check and
he says star salute to Antonio Brown for calling his boss our crack up and going
to work the next day hashtag black excellence I’m not at the speed can you
send me a link holy shit did he go ten toes down like that thank you sir day
breaker daybreak driver says hey star salute check out my new video on my
youtube page daybreak driver titles uber rides gets shot on the south side of
Chicago okay I’ll check out big nigga thank you for your contribution let me
just promote his page again hold on a second daybreak driver on YouTube thank
you so much for your contributions to the show can they see Williams good
evening sir he says just trying to see how this shit works big nigga this is a
trial run Thank You Kenneth ok ok baby dad you got to lose – Chumlee
come on now don’t let me down don’t let Nicky down yeah I was on a plan with the
wait he’s gonna come you know Chun Li Chun Li okay
and I know Charlie now I was nervous at first as well hey young I know I been on
bitch I been conned that’s ok that’s oil now swinging off
the room this ain’t coming off the bench when
I’ll come and knock the court fully drench it got some head already it’s a
thirst quiz Styles on them in his Burberry trench
huh these birds copy every word every inch but gang gang got the hem in a
restaurant I put this into me come on you fucking me about Sara Ellis yo I
bent all Bentley tents on Fendi prints all yummy and I been strong x-men she
skipped apply so hard like the principal bits are bent on bitch you Bank on
Bentley tits on sandy Prince and you are bend or Bob or Banquo please say Charlie
drop the Benz oh yeah tell all these bitches lick a tampon come on Nikki and
when it’s not the caustics put it in my blender stop it I’m Thank You Darla
thank you so much okay listen I appreciate you if you want to come to
you know to the ATO get that bag with me ha let me uh IG dm’s okay thank you so I
appreciate it you did great thank you baby yeah thank
you thank you darling okay yeah for one fall in the check-in folks I’m a little
silly tonight bear with me pardon me hold on a second Ronnie sit tight I’ll
be right back running stay right there folks is Lake Lanier haunted shit was
beautiful today I’m not gonna lie to you I’m riding around on wood grain gripping
smoking a cigar and I said you know I said don’t smoke this cigar in the
goddamn in the truck but the shit was so good the fucking view and I’m going back
is it haunted you can google Lake Lanier haunted a lot
of shit pops up if thank you again to full blast radio the
homie DJ Tiger salute mean him mean him gotta talk man because maybe we should
do some type of little I don’t know some type of I don’t say a party but maybe
some type of fucking gathering up there get a bunch of people to come up you
know get on that fly shit rent a boat here I was thinking I had to drive to
Atlanta upon me uh Savannah hey I was thinking I had to drive to Savannah to
see some water because I’m a water person I’m born and raised in New Jersey
I love the water yeah I’ve been going to the shore all my life going back to the
70s I thought I had to go to Savannah DJ Tiger said nah man we got Lake Lanier I
go there and she does let people in my fucking on my IGP George it’s haunted
stay out of there who the fuck is there Michael Myers Jason coming up out of the
water fuck is y’all talking about it’s
whatever you co 4 1 3 grieving 4 1 3 is Kevin Hart telling the truth about his
accident you give a fuck 4 1 3 yes sir how are you I’m Lynn here
sipping I’m smoking the black ammo I’m lit what’s poppin sir I see you live man
hey listen straight up let me get right into it now I want the water
allegedly from the ribs okay Kevin hotline like a motherfuck in the
accident run off the lead 8 peeples there now let’s take us some legal crazy
shit going on bending it was either banging out light had a bits missing
lines awful who or just had a bitch in the car getting hot dog okay yeah it’s
real simple yes real simple put that in your nose
and tuck that old you know squeak huh come on okay you saying good no I’m just
saying like somebody you know you’ve been trying to kick their whole squeaky
clean image and that’s all good ain’t nothing wrong with that but when you
collecting demons you can’t keep them motherfuckers hit it along right
right now it’s not at all and all now unless you’re starting to come out on
that ass okay so hang on so do you think there’s a cover-up is the Illuminati
involved me what’s I don’t see it you know I’m trying to get up to speed here
believe me I just is it like some great fucking mystery or
is it just you know Kevin Hart partying go ahead well I’m not going to
loominatee lingo and do all that tonight but whoops so why not it’s Friday let’s
go there come on all right so fuck it let’s go didn’t my nigga just what it is
fuck will go to loominatee you know they can cover up anything think about it
it’s a regular man was in the car with his people the car flipped over some
crazy all that crazy shit you ran off hold on clean back surgery and ran to
his house that’s what I’m not understanding right you fret you’re just
fine but yet you running home how does that work didn’t he went home or did the
bodyguard take him home run why did the boy did the bun take him home Ronnie
Biggs are carried after honey the bodyguard the bodyguard came and picked
him up and took him this accident happened less than a mile from his house
see that’s crazy because that’s so close to home and you know all this shit go on
and all of a sudden you end up home and the police don’t get caught four hours
later like that’s just real crazy to me and if they don’t get to the bottom of
this there’s definitely some cover up crazy shit going on by the way how you
doing tonight Ronnie hi hi good night I mean good evening I don’t have to agree
with you I’m not leaving my friends pend in a car I’m yeah
and no point could I at no point even somebody I didn’t know let’s say I pick
the fucking stranger up and gave him a ride somewhere in the car flipped or I’m
not gonna leave somebody in my car and run the fuck off home to save my ass
then they either had a ratchet on them some cocoa on him or he had a bitch in
that car he wasn’t supposed to have in that mother well sir especially if I’m
high on some blow and the car flips over you know and I can get up out the whip
and I can go home I’m leaving everybody I’m
and you know what you know what’s funny start a that’s where I’m kind of leaning
towards I’m thinking he was going off there to finish his that had that
adrenaline running he was able to get the fuzz off their car so let me get the
fuck about it in the words that Chuck D I’m going for delft me know right I’m
going for Dell fuck below you are you going for Delft that’s just that it is
what it is then you probably just wasn’t in the right mind yeah I said before I
let you go are you familiar with Lake Lanier it’s 60 miles north of Atlanta he
ever heard of this place I’ve heard of Lake Lanier oh I got
cousins that live in a little from Massachusetts this please will call
another match thank bill Mack hold on born and raised in Springfield born and
raised there okay I spent eight summers on Martha’s Vineyard as a kid from the
late 60s throughout the 70s oh yes beautiful out there yeah that’s out not
that’s on the east side it’s beautiful out there yeah definitely is you don’t
know I don’t fucking know I’ve seen some special on arm you know one of those
haunted show they’d be having like the History Channel all that she didn’t talk
about it but all that haunted stuff is bullshit that shit is food and saying
this respectfully that’s for the white people that got they own shit going on
there though I’m sorry they don’t have nothing going on well sir voodoo goes
back to a free coffee bag so a lot of people you know think that it’s real
well the thing about that is though how many niggas actually seen a ghost
well how many niggas actually been dealing with these according to people
who are you know they’re who claim to understand voodoo a lot well well my G
sorry you ain’t gon stop going there right no I’m going so I want you to keep
going up right I want you to keep going let me get some butter biscuits and I’m
going there nice can you get this right I want you to keep going there so you
see some crispy shit then you get the fuck up out of their banks oh uh thank
you my appreciate the show and all I’m sending a super chariot man y’all have a
good answer Ronnie hold on a second
I’ll be right back on a second yeah yeah I’m going to Lake Lanier Islands I’m
sorry the people that were renting the boats they were just they said hey do
you want to you want to take the boat out and try it and then you know and
then come back and then you can rent it I said really
now I went there by myself because again I just I got it early this morning I
threw on some fucking sweats hoping that one of the boxes I got like
14 15 boxes of airmax plus I swear on every day struggle flew to the homie
academics way no and the desk oh I still have all those sneakers all that Tommy
Hilfiger polo gear so I don’t want to pair those fucking airmax
I put a clip up on my IG page that says let me go now I had a great time I’m
going back I’m going back but I’m asking you right now is it haunted where are
you people via super chat and cash don’t send me a bunch of emails later your own
store it’s hard to call in now call in now we’re talking about Kevin Hart we
haven’t even spoke about Dana white party hold on Dana White
BJ Penn’s UFC career is over what is this some thought something else
about rock nation jay-z his charity I don’t hear about Lake Lanier is it
haunted that’s the topic tonight it’s go to area Kota 201 on a second greening
201 it’s Kevin Hart telling the truth about his accident or is Lake Lanier
really haunted 201 good evening we’re gonna talk about both this new look
how you doing hey good evening we call from Dolan good
I’m calling from Teaneck New Jersey as usual nice to hear from you
hey hey hey hey all right nice good to hear from you tonight all right we got
so much okay oh you want to talk about first Kevin or the lake now you want to
talk about the lake first you like you’re warm and fuzzy about this way no
baby Lake Lanier you but you better tell me to stay out of there something
because I’m going back you ever been there
Lake Lanier okay I’m gonna say I don’t know I haven’t I haven’t but I must say
this you I grew up in North Carolina Orient’s in North Carolina so I grew up
on the ward I also heard that you went to Martha’s Vineyard
I love Martha Xenia I just gave up my damn vacation I don’t want to talk about
it about anyway so I get the water I used to live on Martha’s Vineyard back
in the late 80s as well go ahead you lived there I’m so jealous
mom so I had to I had to go dry out because I was doing a lot of coke in the
early and mid 80s and then around 1987 my body got tired of being sick and
tired so I went and lived there for a year and a half I wouldn’t my
grandmother I wouldn’t we had family home there so yeah Elizabeth anyway good
you were saying for me what a good place to go dry out dog but anyway okay so I’m
going to disagree with the last gentleman even though I really like the
conversation but I’m gonna disagree I am a spiritual person I’m a lot of things
I’m a pastor’s daughter so I do believe in a spiritual realm I don’t believe in
a spiritual world I have seen spirits no I don’t do voodoo
so when the little bit of research that I’ve done it seems that is cursed to me
I feel like the lake that you love the beautiful place I feel like there’s a
curse doesn’t curse I don’t believe it’s hot like Hawk it and curse is two
different things to me so what do I mean when I say curse so when I researched it
it talked about the death and to 2018 like how many deaths it was about what
eight eight and in 2018 you know that’s quite a bit and it’s unusual it’s
onions with a boating accident so please you know be super careful be super
careful so I believe that it is definitely one of those things that draw
that draw people in but shit do go down there so you just be careful now hang on
a second stay with me stay with me we love we love Pet Sematary we love the
shining but we will have Friday the 13th the Halloween all this old crazy shit so
now we have a place that you know according to believers could quite
possibly be haunted why is it now don’t go there why don’t we go there and have
some fucking fun I want to put together real talk
a small a small bus a small bus ride of people and go there and and and drink
and and you know just have a bonfire some fucking where and have some fun oh
my god you should do that I wouldn’t be a part of because I’m do that don’t do
that shit you can go ahead I wouldn’t do it with you however you definitely have
an audience or do a whole party but you know and bring people you know charge
they would definitely come you have an audience it wouldn’t be me I’m not
trying to make no money off of this but I called slim to God everybody know slim
to God is my manager down here in Atlanta I said yo slim what we got to do
something up here some type of fucking boat ride he said man I’m already on it
so you know I’m just saying if it is haunted you know who gives a fuck oh my
god y’all could go ahead I wait for you to come back the next day and talked
about above fuck hell no I’m not now I don’t play those games I don’t watch
horror movies I don’t play y’all go ahead with that shit I don’t know I
didn’t see get out you know people tell me all about don’t say those reindeer
games I’ll take a girl in the woods we’re just
a flashlight get this man get this mash and hope some shit I hope some shits
moving around now that would be hot so be hot so somebody to be scared and kill
somebody just had a fucking fear you know how when people fucking scared and
they do something ah yeah no I play too much hey you want to talk about Kevin
Hart before you go yes I do I’m Kevin and then okay so listen to my
perspective okay so let’s just think about this guy okay so it’s someone like
Kevin abruptly run so no you’re not running from the drunk driving hell no
that’s just easy I’m sorry y’all but a drunk driving accident in Hollywood is
easy it ain’t the end that’s not a regular person it ain’t sit in for him
so no that’s not it it’s not coke I don’t believe there’s none of that like
that could be added to it but that’s not why he ran
I believe Kevin ran because they wear I believe they were trying to harm him
anytime someone like stuff like that go down and you just leave I believe
something real like real bad went on in that car now I believe it was real left
and you know you know when people get angry they want to take everybody out
they kill on the saw they’re questioning the fish no all of that shit and I
believe that it was highly uh highly emotional time I don’t believe his drugs
and not as too easy I believe it was emotional and I believe he’s all nuts
fuck that shit I believe if the adrenaline was going because you know
when your adrenaline is high like that and especially when you angry or
whatever you don’t feel shit that’s like a fight you know not me people get
stabbed it’s not and still go at it and then ended up dying later this shit
happens a lot you know what I mean so that’s not unusual to me for me to hear
it so so now hang on a second if I can jump in here you say you are a spiritual
person I’m a spiritual person I was brought up in a church I don’t go
anymore but I definitely have I definitely
extremely intuitive no I will never call myself
like none of that no I don’t pay you don’t deal with kinetic energy or
anything like that no thank you I feel I still I definitely feel energies like I
feel people I definitely feel like I’m you be good I mean I’m really good with
it you know what I mean I trust me how about that stuff money do you have any
questions for the caller wins abortion cloning yeah I was gonna ask her when
she thought about the Kevin Hart situation
yeah I you know we talked about a Kevin I feel like he was angry I feel like he
was on some like acid like nah fuck that I’m not saying I gotta get away from you
motherfuckers y’all just talking fucking kill me fuck y’all like not I believe
something real like real emotional anger anger went on in that car during that
time of course where you know all the you know bells and whistles drugs but
that’s regular shit that ain’t no like thank you feel cold only have a great
night and I appreciate you calling it oh right
okay thank you okay Ronnie you still hanging out you got to go Ronnie what’s
going on with you no I’m here I didn’t need my phone for a second come back I’m
gonna read some super chest give me a second
mal moog leaving sir he says Kevin Hart let’s get him out of here k43 Emerson
says via cash at Kevin Hart is a known drunk driver in his book allegedly okay
he’s probably got that Napoleon complex gets gets behind the wheel start turning
up you know and just doing too much I don’t know if he’s drunk no drunk driver
but thank you is it Christine hey Don if I’m singing
name it Christine hey sir I need to get that co-host spot
hit me hit me you hit me that’s what she said
but baby well listen you sent in a cash I’d get on the line where all you send
me an email and tell me what number you’re calling him from hey full blast
radio salute that’s the homie right there
DJ tiger that’s my nigga Tiger Mahalo – tomorrow man
he’s the one that put me up on Lake Lanier full blast malmo says
this is for the gun show Lake Lanier is cancelled why there’s a Christine or
Christian run shoddy run girl 15-year sentence you know I don’t wish Jail upon
shoddy Oh whoever tree wait I just I don’t give a fuck I honestly don’t give
a fuck you matter of fact you know what hang on I said let me write this now
it’s no Billy one of the hottest niggas on YouTube I’m gonna write this down
hopefully I’ll remember in the morning if anybody can you know keep me up to
speed on on the snow Billy a boss report I know he’s gonna be talking about this
shoddy sentence sent me emails and links via you know anything that snow Billy’s
talking about with regards to shoddy I’ll follow his lead I don’t know about
shoddy you copping out of whether he took a deal who gives a fuck mom who
says shout-out to Milwaukee pence okay Lulu hey dollar Lulu says I can’t with
this rap okay she’s talking about the Nicki Minaj yeah we were spitting lyrics
at chun-li come on it’s Friday night you know I’m I’m with the silly shit
Oh is there somebody sending in a email and where’s your cash yep I don’t see it
let me just hit delete get you up out of there put some respect on my fucking
name mahmu sends it another guy he say
– Ronnie with her gun show on her banner Oh Brian do you want to talk about your
banner mom who says uh your gun show do you work out Ronnie – Jim I used to work
out I stopped working out after I had a hand accident in 2016 so I stopped
working out after that but you know I’ve always been pretty much really fairly
the same size I’ve always been very physical when I was in high school I was
on the wrestling team when you know I just always have been very physical very
just naturally that way okay well he said shout out to your gun show I
noticed you have a tattoo on you on one of your arms are the hands praying or
you’re a believer you’ve got yeah I actually have touches
on both both arms I was raised in the church but I’m not a religious person
anymore so if I answered your queries your faith tell me about as James
Cleveland so so you don’t you lost your faith respectfully I guess in a sense
yes okay I’ll leave that alone thank you mom oh he also says via cash
chef shout-out Jon Jones BJ Penn let’s get him out of here okay I don’t know
what’s going on this whole MMA world Jon Jones BJ Penn I I did see Dana White
a video of Dana white from the UFC talking about BJ Penn the the UFC is not
gonna book him anymore his career is over I don’t know let me see if no man
Nick is in the queue maybe he can clear this up
no I don’t see no man Nick but yeah thank you mama for your cash shot let me
also go to super jet black races he says fuck Lake Lanier I don’t know if it’s
haunted or not but I’m not trying to find out I’ll take my black ass too
Sweetwater a creek where I can’t drown fuck out of here where is I have no idea
where that is Sweetwater Creek you ever heard of sweet water Creek Ronnie in
Georgia I don’t know he just says chance County thank you for the superjet he
says niggaz used to be to be scheming with the shower posse oh you stuck my
meme now you in the Southland listening to smooth jazz and watching lizards fuck
nigga hashtag respect sir you both heard me say though those niggas were too they
were too real I had some great memories with you know the guys that I knew we
were very young early 80s in Brooklyn great memories you know somebody was up
on Vlad TV recently talking about getting shot by the shower Posse I
didn’t watch the whole whole clip thank you a chance County let me go to area
code what is this – 1 5 I think that’s funny
hey good evening 205 is Kevin Hart telling the truth about his accident –
1/5 hey star hey Ronnie hey hey um to be honest the last caller the female that
called previously she actually pointed out a good perspective out and think
about pretty much when she was saying the the fight-or-flight which I believe
is it’s true because I’ve been in situations where I haven’t felt anything
and I just reacted so I think that’s a good that’s a good perspective that she
said because there first I just immediately thought that that nigga’s
lying okay hang on a second you’re calling out of Philly 205 where you’re
calling from yeah Philly okay okay so you’re talking
about the Kevin Hart quagmire I’m a little lost I’m not in the loop on the
whole story no yeah just about how the lady said that he could have just wanted
to get the fuck out of there pretty much because he just got into accident
just wanted to get out of there so I don’t think if anything funny I just
think that it’s a lot of holes that we don’t a lot of holes of the story that
we particularly don’t know so I’m kind of siding with him on this one
hmm when I hang on respectfully how old are you I’m 27
okay okay perfect perfect so now you’re too young to remember that Teddy
Pendergrass when he had his car accident there was a tranny in the car with him
the Rolls Royce and and and God forgive me Teddy Teddy was the one that was up
under the dashboard and they had to cut him out because he was you know
according to the reports the tranny was driving you know so there could be a
cover-up here you know could be a cover-up me maybe kid maybe some freaky
shit went on I’m not saying it was but let’s not rule it out maybe Kevin said
oh hell no I just had an accident let me sober up and get the fuck out of here
you know well that’s a good point too because these silly niggas they they get
like that so I can speak like that from experience
I don’t want to put no disrespect on Teddy’s name but you know rumor has it
that the tranny was driving you know yeah sister
shit started getting good to somebody I wanted to make a comment on the lake
lanier so doing some research and it says something about there’s like an
underwater town or something like that I don’t know so educate me it yeah there
was um I wish I could see if I couldn’t pull it up again but they said that back
in it back in the day let me see can we get your name you called from Philly you
said you’re 27 can we get your name baby nice to hear
from you DeeDee okay let’s not rush take good time see what you can pull up
because I had a beautiful time there today you know and I’m going back and I
don’t want to be like you know are no cool shit you know and and just going
there and and and disrespecting you know the ancestors but you know at the same
time I’m an atheist I don’t subscribe to spirits and warlocks and shit like that
you know well I’m patient so I believe all that it okay
respect respect let me take your time okay I found on the Sweetwater Creek
where’s that running it’s 46 miles long it’s a stream so but I don’t see like
barbecue or campgrounds or is it in Georgia where is it yeah it is in
Georgia there’s also a Sweetwater Creek State Park okay so okay it says I found
it it says um this is from and they said right here that there is an
underwater town that was submerged and it was farms lakes and rate a racetracks
actually and originally they actually had people relocate because I guess that
area was drowning what was thinking so they kicked people out of the town but I
can actually see why I would be haunted because there’s underwater towns they’re
showing fish on buildings and stuff like that so you want me to send it to you I
can could you please please okay okay well yeah listen I don’t want to bother
Tyriq nasheed I always put respect on his name he does great research someone
sent me a link to him talking about Lake Lanier so you know for those of you who
do subscribe to witches warlocks demons and things like that I’ll hear you out
you know what um I had a wonderful time well it’s good that you have had a
wonderful time but if you see it go in that bitch you better leave I don’t
think I’ll see a ghost the demons that I have seen throughout my journey have
been human beings that were alive and and I said I see demons now that are
alive they’re not dead isn’t it these niggers and white people
Asians who ever you know Hispanics they’re alive and I considered them to
be demons you know yeah you’re absolutely right yeah but I can see it
being very believable because I’ve seen things before and things that like I
told you I’m Haitian so it’s things that happened in my family that is just like
couldn’t be explained and yeah so I definitely believe that it’s it can be
something going on at Lake Lanier do you put rocks under your bed when you and
your boyfriend no you know being intimate no do you know that’s about as
far as possible um to be honest with you I don’t know
what it’s about but since you said it clearly if you were messing with that
girl for a while she probably did something for you to keep coming back
because I know girls by your coochie I’m not gonna you know talk to crazy
disrespect uh but I am kohji rock scissors yeah the rocks have something
to do with it yeah Ronnie did you say something about the sauce would you say
Ronnie this special red pasta sauce oh I wasn’t gonna go there but since you
let’s take it easy YouTube has Community Guidelines do you
want to chime in on that dee dee dee dee right um yes and all I’m gonna say about
that is here you you you hit it on the nose with that why Ronnie so you do make
the special sauce yeah I have it but I’m a family members has and and it works
like I said there’s a lot of things that I’ve witnessed right and I’m I’m a true
believer you know something I’ve heard I want to
ask you if it’s at what you think about it but some people say that the reason
that he became like won the war and became the first black independent you
know country is because of voodoo-like that’s how they were able to defeat them
ultimately do you think that that’s true or do you think it was just you know
they outmuscled them and well I don’t know I would just say that no I wouldn’t
think it’s it’s the food Oh in that type of situation in that situation no I
don’t think so but I’ve heard that a lot like my uncle’s always telling me stuff
like that and and I just think that yeah they were just doing the damn thing and
then they won their independence I don’t think boodle had anything to do
with that well hang on a second hole in a second with regards to the Haitian
Revolution there was poison that was put on the Buckshot that was shot into the
French did you do that yes my uncle did tell me about that yes he did so yeah
when they were shooting the French with the buckshot the poison would seek seep
into your body and paralyze you you know you couldn’t move in it the enemy then
haste is run up on you chop off judo chop off your goddamn army you fucking suck ma se ma boule thank you for
checking and rolling before I let you go can you finish these can you finish this
for me hey yo I been on bitch you been College
finish that Bentley prints on Fendi I’m not iron go a lot I’m not I’m not a
Nicki I’m not a barb I’m not a barb don’t play yourself come on hey yo I’ve
been on get you been called come on bet me prints on fit hold on I’m doing
more look at Oh cuz you ain’t bout to play me a oh I been on bitch you been
corn badly says thorn been deep so on I mean I’ve been storm x-men been
form he keep on dollar Nicki like the Prince phone a bitch I’ve been no get on
the same page she retired but put this back on her name thank you for calling
didi thank you darling thank you you guys have a good night okay
thank you soon okay okay Ronny hold on a second if you still got time buddy hold
on okay I’m doing a lot right now guys bear with me Friday night
Gemini 209 all day thank you so much Jim and I said salute Errani hashtag the gun
show okay okay thank you Gemini 209 old day k43 Emerson says not alleged won’t
driver star actual drunk driver well I have to say legend you know I I don’t I
can’t call Kevin Hart a drunk driver if he’s got a conviction okay but I don’t
know if he’s still a drunk driver you know he may have cleaned himself up and
who knows uh k43 Emerson also says via cash at it’s in his book he never quit
just hire driver okay thank you thank you for the for the Intel okay somebody
sent me a link to snow buddy okay I’m gonna get to this later one of the
hottest niggas on YouTube snow Billy talking boss talk let’s not get it
fucked up I got it respect it I don’t wanna get in
the middle of anybody’s tension of beef that’s not my that’s not my thing you
know but when the niggers talk in that talkin I gotta pay attention okay four
three Emerson also says look up his book he’s a fax star okay thank you thank you
Kevin almost hit a tanker and got arrested Fox thank you for the
clarification okay know what at home sir consume I
send me a link here who is this okay I’ll come back to this later guys I
have to stay focused on the show I can’t do a bunch of emails right now unless
it’s pertaining to the show hold on my name come right back to you
HB 2n good evening sir he says Ronnie de robot with the synthetic skin and metal
chat jassi’s just has to download her ass from the booty app Ronnie has the
same personality as a toaster oh shit hb2 and are you calling in sir you know
you you know your money’s good with me shoot me an email if you’ll get on the
line HB to win Ronnie do you know HB 2 n no no okay he’s been scrolling he goes
hard at dad he goes hard at Dana with the dad and now he’s coming at you but
you know just sent into school oh that I’m expected yeah is he up the line no
no he might be just you know sending in a cash shopping I met Nick you know I
don’t see him I don’t know his number but you know I just let you know let’s
go to a vehicle for one for evening for inform Kevin Hart is you telling the
truth woman for you yes sir yeah I’m here can you hear me yes sir do
I want to say something I want to say something about Kevin Hart
I want to tell you again that’s the man from here back okay come on you know go
by Milwaukee’s finest your royal highness
yeah no no he tried to say I know where he had but like you said quiet money is
best money so I go for this business up my butt nightmare on Kevin Hart okay I’m
Kevin Hart though man I’m just looking at what his girl was there you know she
was like the real Sadie man yeah and like some was going on then when they
tried the interviewer at the hospital she was still connected you know like
she was scared or something well respectfully she’s been through the
bullshit with him before you remember that little situation a couple of years
ago he got caught in a hotel room with some other
girls so you know so she made a bird so she might be suspecting that some
weird widow shit went down in the car you know somebody was somebody jerking
somebody joystick you know yeah oh that extra carrying on and she probably said
you know yeah I love him but he’s a fucking nigger so I don’t know okay you
were saying yeah exactly like um basically wanted to say come get this
nigga yeah but see the same and I’m playing again they could say whatever
their loominatee or whatever book you got 80 to 100 million dollars in the
bank you can spread that around man yeah that go a long way now
you know money talks night yeah but yeah that’s what I want to say and then I’m
gonna give to your Lake Lanier man do your thing man star Nona kick I’ve been
following you for years thank you going up there having a good
time and no don’t go by what everybody else there you know like you say man all
the teams I’ve met they were real life people night right they real life people
so well you know there’s some people that could say well you know star the
reason why you like you so much is because you’re a demon and I always say
the devil knows his home right yeah I’m on the water and I’m paddling a fucking
kayak or some shit and I see something pop up out of the
water wouldn’t bother me do you know pimping Ken do you know Ken
yes I do good news here my brother passed away he he was a temp too so good
nigga no he can’t you know his family got his family got a barbershop here man
your sisters nephews no I don’t want to talk too reckless man but me and Ken
used to play pac-man down there back in the mid 80s on 11th Avenue and 38th
Street down there by the Greyhound bus station the hose was on the track and
the pimps was playing pacman in the fucking diner he’s good nigga man yeah
yeah yeah he was man and I’m peeking you know he told us
where he was at but I’m gonna tell them I said love and respect me and love
respect I definitely will man thanks sir yes sir salut okay yeah man pimpin can cross country so much style so much
finesse area code 347 good evening 347 is Lake Lanier really haunted that’s the
question 347 oh you knew I never been there my niggas I really can’t thank
okay but uh if it is do I have to way from your problem I had a great time oh
you wait already I went today listen I don’t know if you know Instagram I got
up early I thought some brand new uh fucking a Air Max Plus White Sox gang
okay okay it’s an outward five minutes where I live Dayton or lines calm I closed it down
man just you know respectfully I don’t want to talk to you know females that
are older and depress them I’m back to the young soul yeah I’m back to the
young scammin bitches you filming hey there you go oh we got you a pic this is
a pic cool well I don’t I don’t sling no free tool anyway hey so we’re talking
about Kevin Hart um you have to speed yeah I think that the other day his wife
how big how face told it oh man that nigga was in the car game some head or
something yeah cuz they was acting our own you
know if Kevin booking okay oh you know he’s ice cold bro and then they show the
picture the lady in the guy I guess it was gonna call with it take
it easy we don’t know too much YouTube has guidelines take it easy so
now in your opinion do you think that there’s a cover-up I don’t know but I
mean I never heard of somebody okay not from the accident you know people have
something left but you just leave your people behind like that no no well if
you’re high on that shit you can get up and get to get the fucker and being in
that circle we’ve been yeah pretty much hard man yeah I don’t give a fuck if you
got fractured bones broken bones if you’re high on that shit you can bounce
right up and say you know what I’ll see y’all later I’m going home if you hire a
night shit somebody hasn’t said so white man to me or a was that no sir and
Fontana no sir and he was on the floor like his head was like almost between
his legs ah damn you talking about Brooklyn okay
okay yeah and um he was fucked up well that’s the area de Ghent to find I was
like yeah that’s how I like to see he thought like that okay Thank You Man
thank for call salute thank you no prob okay hang on a second Ronnie let me uh
go back to Kash absolute to Malmo putting scroll on the table and he says
boss holding Nicky auditions pay attention man we gotta put respect on
Nikki’s name and I can’t I can’t sit up in clown Nick even though I think you
know the guy she’s with you know he’s a weirdo
walking around extended clips sticking out of his pocket
you know real niggas don’t even let you see the hardware they they want it to be
a surprise when your dumb ass gets at a pocket you get to 12 can reckless and
all those I’m betting you can hit twice you you start shaking oh Jesus huh extended clips taken out of the park
oh you holy shooting nigga who are you trying to scare me slow down okay you
wanna check on our subject area code seven one three good evening seven one
three Kevin Hart is there a cover-up as a woman how do you involve what’s going
on seven one three hello my nigga hey Houston already what’s going on with you
man how you feel demon say no here chillin man holy goddamn it on the fuck
shit I don’t even know where to start with it it’s so much fuck shit going on
well hang on are you sipping the Palmer song where are you tonight
you new in that place yes okay yeah as you should be as you should be
you work hard day and there yeah work hard anything about to close in on the
deal ain’t gonna hang goat everybody I’m in real estate
don’t worry about shoddy got 15 years do your kids Dora
shiny got 15 years you give a fuck huh Shani trailing 15 nah nah fuck them
niggas dick everybody thought him Nicky going down snow Billie’s gonna have all
the updates in terms of shoddy I’m going to snow Billy I’m not gonna guess I’m
not gonna wonder about a fucking thing take it out all the bigger taking air
they tell about everybody is that what it is new yorky darkness shit y’all
didn’t take that arrow doc have we talking about Kevin Hart Houston any
thoughts Kevin Hart – his accident conspiracy what man I was about to bring
up the Teddy Pendergrass thing like you brought it up I think that’s whatever niggas come around the curve put that
way up right there bang the white were driving too far or weigh
you down the fucking neck and sorry shaking weight white boys don’t care
that will shoot up anywhere between the toes you know in the middle of a goddamn
baseball they’re probably doing all their their whatever their car does the
Teddy Pendergrass figures what I was trying to break alright when he found it
out there with less that’s what I speak if I think it’s simple is that
yes all right Peter turn dependent Eddie Pendergrass his memory I mean no
disrespect man but you know the tranny and the Rolls Royce with a man you know
yeah ran into them all fuck he was he was doing the Lord’s work man you
thought everyone if you went out and you know but uh keep doing what you’re doing
kayaking and all this because I’m oh you know I got my stake in it I’m like
remember my government name duh okay remember government name in your will
because you can’t kayaking you got down the beach like what okay every time I
see a white person died in the water I we like remember my government name any
knowledge on Lake Lanier Houston Lanier any knowledge no as far as far as I’m
hearing I was trying to look it up but uh far as I’m hearing there’s a lot of
white people going out there just off knowledge as far as I’m hearing they
going out there they being reckless and they done and that’s what a lot of
people out here in tech was doing you know just a motherfucker jumped out the
thing to save a kayaker in he drowned but they saved the kayak supposed
supposedly there’s some rumors about that the they flooded certain areas to
get the black people out supposedly I don’t know if that’s true or not you
know yeah but you know what those spirits still live there they were
trying to when I was down in Galveston the hotel got Vaughn they always they
hunted I Drive by her mother fucker and I’d be like hanging in that you know our
own wonders don’t want to deal with okay but they say how Gausman got had a real
bad flood back in the day and they say that shit exists but I don’t know okay
I got no problems my baby mamas honey oh shit
your baby’s mama still got you international court Houston now is that
the Mexican one or is that the African American when I forget the African
American one is running for the hills now she see I bit the head off the snake
with the Mexico okay okay yeah I got my kid upstairs now I’m like they thought I
was bullshit yeah that right in the end and then her mama rubbed the egg on me
or some shit the Mexican baby mama I’m like what the fuck but they be doing
that type of thing I gotta go talk to you slew thank you man
thank you okay all right Houston one two check him black racers sends in a super
chat he says star a Sweetwater is a couple of miles from Six Flags in
Atlanta that’s where the old white people go to exercise and niggas go to
barbeque on holidays small but quiet okay
maybe I’ll check it out thank you so much for your super chat black racist
right now I’m fuckin with Lake Lanier and folks for the rest of you we need
you to hit the like button if you would be so kind it’s the like button on the
show we’re gonna leave the stream up I tried to we let we let the live chat fly
but we need you to hit the like button and also if you want to join the
conversation the link for cash app and super
Cheddar’s right up under the video okay I was told to mention that and I forgot
right a few more calls Tony baseball says star Mount Rushmore flea James
Jamerson geezer butler Bernard Edwards okay okay he’s talking about bass
players geezer butler yeah Bernard Edwards absolutely flee yeah I
interviewed flee back in 2005 flee flee has always been awesome but Sir you’re
forgetting you’re forgetting two people and and truthfully um but not Edwards is
is my number two but not Edwards is number two if we’re talking bass players
number one Geddy Lee from Rush how could how can you not put Geddy Lee in that
list sir Geddy Lee but not Edwards um Stanley Clarke you forgot him
you forgot Mark Adams from slave you forgot John Entwistle from The Who
you forgot the great Steve Harris from Iron Maiden
you forgot Chris Squire from yes but thank you sir thank you for your super
jet you are appreciated okay so the area code six seven eight good evening six
seven eight we’re talking about Kevin Hart and Lake Lanier are you there
six seven eight yes are yes serve evening hey don’t don’t go down there
tell me why tell me you tell me why you know the owner of the lake died in the
lake okay that people died down there like all the time don’t go if you go
around there don’t actually go in the lake okay niggas die every day sir and
we still go into the Chinese rest nigga get refried rice and dirty poultry
niggas die right in front of the Chinese restaurant and we still walk in there
what is in that’s true that’s true but hey if the owner of the Chinese
restaurant ain’t dine in the fuckin restaurant the owner the late died in
the late little iffy it’s a little if he like every year you hear about both of
these people dying in the same link over and over because I stay in a line okay
every year every year every year people dying in like Diamond Lake died late but
they still go not there they still on the dumb shit
hey can’t stop them how old you certain have you ever been to Lake Lanier I’ve
never been okay are you mystified are you scared of witches warlocks demons
zombies what but I just believe that I don’t know niggas get smoked at the
Popeyes drop drive-thru so on a regular you still go to Papa’s yes niggas get
shot at chick-fil-a you know arguing over a fuckin combo meal you still go to
chick-fil-a yes I do niggas get murked at Steak and Shake I
Drive through you still go to stinking shake yes no are you gonna fucking take
a seat sir I gotta tell you I I went to Lake Lanier that shit was lit today and
I’m going back I’m going back hey keep your old ass on the shore bed all right
don’t go in the water Thank You Man thank you salute folks
Lake Lanier you tell me something via email cash ab soup
Chett that shit was fired today if you go to my IG page I left up the the video
I was driving around had a great time honey D good evening honey D says star
can you pick up 203 hold on a second dude where are you too old I don’t see
203 uh honey D is that you 203 honey D can you hear me I dream how’re you good
how are you I’m at work I’m gonna make it real quick okay so they said about
the lake lanier I think the reason of sheet and pardon me if I’m repeating
what others said that and I asked you to fix your headset it sounds very airy and
echoey can you okay what about now much better okay yeah now so better someone
sent me a link I’m Tyreke Nishita I did not get a chance to watch it yet yes I
recognize she’s word is gold with me you’ve heard me put respect on his
research and a lot of things that he does yes but I went there I don’t know
yeah I don’t know if he’s ever been there I went there it was beautiful what
do you want to go I heard it beautiful but there’s a lot of beautiful places
have spirits like the other caller said I’m Haitian as well we have beautiful
places but there are some funny business going on in those places so basically
what he said is that it was a thriving black town that’s the white society for
sabotage and they I guess opened up the dams or the levees and flooded flooded
the town purposely and also there’s been some weird and questionable deaths I
don’t know if anyone else brought it up but uh surestep son died there too I
think while he was jet ski alrighty I heard about that you know I don’t want
to yeah but again like you said people die every day people I mean it so you
don’t know where to go with that but if you’re having a good time then listen
we’re gonna have all have to go anyway so yeah and are you in the Atlanta area
have you ever been there yourself no I have it but my sister lives down there
and she so she set foot there and I don’t know
if she hears it from the local she moved from Connecticut down there and she
heard you know what the locals say so she’s not she said she’s not going and
so with the Kevin Hart thing stick with me a Lake Lanier stick with me don’t you
at work okay now you know Washington Square Park in New York City I don’t
know if you know or not it was built upon slave slave graves
african-americans it used to be a gallows people go there they sit out
there they meet they congregate they drink they party you know here in this
cool yeah I’ve never been there yet here in this country we have a lot of places
that used to be former graveyards that you know the coffins are not even dug up
we just build on top of them you know so I’m not sure I’m not trying to be
districts a mental thing it’s true yeah it could be just that we psych ourselves
into if you think sometimes you psych yourself into things happening I don’t
know if that’s even a real thing but it could be yes I think we do strike
ourselves out a lot but on the other hand I do believe somewhat and some you
know meta meta physical phenomena and just unexplained things that happen is
like when you know I don’t know people trying to tie a whole bunch of random
deaths together maybe are you mystified are you um are you scared of demons and
warlocks and things like that you know what I I walk a line between scientific
because I am a scientist and not you know I went to school yes masters
molecular biology I spent my educational career reading up on studies and doing
research and thesis but on the other hand I grew a patient in a Christian
patient household so I had to deal with that yeah yeah so I’ve always I was born
with doubts they sat me in church all the time and I was seen as a rebel
because I used the question well how do you don’t use any saw here the rebel and
you know what are you seven day event no I was it’s basically um was
Pentecostal yeah very strict like a charismatic movement Pentecostal so
that’s already drama-filled in itself and so I have to walk the line between
do I believe or I believe that everything has a scientific explanation
okay with all that voodoo stuff like you said with the arrows they can do and the
other caller is wrong they did perform a voodoo ceremony in Haiti before the
patient revolution yes they did yeah a lot of Haitians don’t want to
talk about it but in a part of our history yes they did with dutty Boukman
dutty Boukman who was a Jamaican he told the Haitians you need to get back to
your roots which was the you know animalistic African you know deities
which a lot of issues you believe in to this day they may renounce it my parents
renounce it all day long but it’s still in us right now respectfully are you
married and do you put rocks under the bed but I did hear of my mom telling me
there’s something called shum and that is it’s a little weird but that’s when
women would want to keep a man coming back if you let you give them a cup of
your yeah yeah okay yeah so my mom did and I was like that is gross but I have
something funny to say the other day I don’t know why I married your ass maybe
you’re fine he’s under the spell he ain’t going nowhere but yes so it was
the Lake Lanier I think we could be psyching ourselves out but again we have
all these slaves and all these you know mental I think we’re psyching ourselves
into a lot of things and white people are just not caring they’re going there
left they don’t care you said your sister lives you know
Lanta is she married no he’s not married okay respectfully if she once said you
know go faced her fears tell her to holler at me and and I’ll take her to
Lake Lanier oh I’ll bring it up to her how old is she oh I’ll bring it up see
you see chief 187 how old are you 32 yeah oh just right too old too old no
just right thank you for your cash tap you have a great evening thank you so
much no problem you too bye bye no okay all right hang
on a second Ronny we’re gonna finish up me check cash at and make sure to miss
anybody okay Ronny you sent me an email about saltwater Creek State Park thank
you so much and right now I want to ask you one thing before we go I don’t know
if you had time to check into it I sent you a link if you didn’t see it that’s
fine it was a two young women of color beating up what appeared to be a white
teacher did you see that Ronny or no no I you email it to me I didn’t all right
listen Ronny I’m gonna let you go it’s getting
late I’m gonna call it a night um thank you thank you for all of your assistance
I I was out of the loop about this whole Kevin Hart thing but you know I
appreciate your help and I think I I think if anybody’s gonna get to the
bottom of it it will probably be TMZ so get to the bottom of anything yes yes
she did a great breakdown on this and because because to be honest at first
when I heard that he was in a very serious accident I just wanted to see if
he was still alive make sure you know that he survived the accident so I
wasn’t aware of all of the details but then I heard love I you know
I watched lovely cheese breakdown and it just I was like wow I wasn’t even you
know I wasn’t no I had as many questions it is to use what piping hot it’s a
noble thing yeah she did she did a really great job yeah because I wasn’t
even putting it together you know how ridiculous the story is for you
disappear for almost two hours and then you need back surgery yeah but yeah hey
thank you so much Ronnie have a great evening and I will talk to him okay
thank you all right Ronnie on the check-in I appreciate the help because I
just wasn’t up to speed on the whole Kevin Hart stuff I’m gonna keep it real
to you guys holy shit was lit you better tell me something else I’m going back me
me and slim to God DJ tiger from full blast radio calm me I’m a hollow DJ
Gabby as well we should get some type of little little of what do you call it uh
a bus party or some shit like that go do a bonfire hold on a second guys
let me shut this down hold on give me a second let me do some of this now before
I forget who else did I want to mention tonight okay close that down give me a
second me a second okay today windows open POF see r57 says store what about
Les Claypool bass player yeah good very good bass player is he one of your
favorites yep-yep-yep respectable absolutely respectable Jay Brent oh
three says could be lavender mafia be sending Kevin Hart and message for his
tweets about Lil nas ex did he tweet about wills little nas ex
did some show where he was um I’m going to go back into that some barbershop
thing and he wasn’t being dismissive he just said you know so what he’s gay now
they’re coming that Kevin Hart again I have no idea no I do I know said guys
let me let me get this get this stuff ready here okay okay okay so let make
sure I shut the show down right okay thank you for your super chat to
k20 says star do you read the morning call the 29 year old boricua woman in
Bethlehem through a decapitated chicken at her ex ex’s driveway no can you send
me a link when you get a chance via email I’m not at the speed what’s that
about decapitated chicken she practicing
Santeria Brujeria what sir yeah probably putting a hex on his ass you know he
probably out there doing some fuck shit and she today
hold this oh we should do that back in the 80s when I lived up town Manhattan I
told that story before you know just we should take the other the garbage bags
with the chicken chicken bodies with the head cuts off heads cut off on me and
throw them in the cemetery I was out of control
alright I think that’s it hey thank you guys for bouncing with me tonight I hope
that you have been entertained somewhat enlightened in parting I sometimes say
let me see if I could remember uh if you want to launch big if you want to launch
big ships you got to go where the water is deep
take care you you


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