Introducing Memency: Divination with Memes

Hey, guys, it’s Nathara at CrowSong Lodge
and I’m… obviously back with another video, I guess? Um, so… I wanted to talk to you
guys about a thing that I have noticed and um, I’ve decided it is time that we give it
a name. Except I suck at naming things. So I fully expect someone way cooler than me
to come along and give it a better name, but for now, I’m going to call it “Memency.” And
I say it really smooth and cool like that because – because I’m a cool, hip cat, but
it’s kind of like shufflemancy – and if you’re not familiar with shufflemancy, it’s a form
of, like, divination or omen reading where if you’re thinking about a topic or you have
a question, if you turn on some music, the appropriate song with the answers that you
need will obviously just come right on. We called it “radiomancy” when I was growing
up and people still listened to radios, but now nobody listens to that anymore, instead
they listen to playlists on shuffle or like streaming playlists from Spotify or like…
I don’t know what the kids are listening to now – on Shuffle, and so we call it “Shufflemancy”
now instead and so now I’m christening Memency, which is where when you have a question or
concern, you can open up your favorite social media site with kind of a random assortment
of shares on it, such as Twitter or Tumblr or Instagram or something like that and the
appropriate meme to answer your question will be the first one that you see in the timeline.
So that’s it, it’s simple as that. And I’ve mentioned it to a couple of friends of mine
who are also psychic/witchy types and it has been working for them the last couple days
as well, so, um, I’m going to call it a thing, I’m going to name it a thing, it is now a
thing, someone come up with a better name for it because “memency”is kind of a weird
word, but I kind of also like it. So go ahead and experiment with that and tell me what
you think. Just so you have, like, kind of a concrete
example of what I’m talking about, this morning I was having a conversation with a friend
of mine and she was feeling very guilty and anxious about what a horrible burden she was
and I – we were just chatting over text, so I was waking up and I popped open my Instagram
and I’m going to put the meme that I saw here for you. And it was a meme that said, I’m
going to paraphrase because I don’t actually have it in front of me right now – sorry!
I’m not prepared! It said, uh, “Cooperation is the belief that none of can – no one can
succeed unless we all succeed.” And so that was the perfect thing for her in that moment
so of course I just screenshotted it and sent it to her and I said “There, there’s your
message for today, straight from Instagram.” and she felt a lot better after that, and
that kind of, I – I, I’ve found that to be very consistent. Whenever I’m having a conversation
with a friend about something or need advice, um, when I open up Twitter or Tumblr or Instagram,
Facebook is very unreliable for this for me, um, the image I need comes up perfectly and
for some reason, um, memes, just like music, are much more believable than the words that
are I personally say, so that’s a very convenient thing. Anyway, if you try it out, let me know what
your experiences are, or if you even notice this as a phenomenon in your life as well,
I’d love to hear about it, it- it is a little bit silly but, you know, Spirit is allowed
to be silly. Tricksters exist in every culture as part of the spiritual pantheon and there’s
a reason. Um, so, definitely let me know what’s going on and what you think. Again, this is Nathara at CrowSong Lodge and
if you feel like supporting me, check out the links below, and I should probably at
some point mention that you can subscribe to my goofy-ass channel. So do the thing and
hit the buttons. I will talk to you later. Bye!


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