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okay let’s talk a little bit about your reading the first car you got was death and it looks a little scary but it’s actually not it just means that there’s been an ending to something and if you look at this next card the ending was caused by somebody being like sneaky and I mean this could mean that they were cheating they were lying something that they were doing that they were not supposed to be doing and it can even mean that maybe they were pretending to be one thing and kind of undermining you in a way if that makes sense like at first you didn’t really notice that they were doing something that was to hurt you but originally but eventually it came out and what that can be you know I don’t know it could be a myriad of different things and though you made a decision to cut this out of your life see the sword and then it shows you walking away so you see that all the cups are overturned you’re sad it was it’s not a happy period of time and you had to be strong and have some strength to get through this because it was a really hurtful thing usually this is like the divorce card or the end of a relationship card not pleasant time not a pleasant time and then you got rid of this guy so I’m thinking that this guy right here everything you know prior to this was the ending of whatever relationship you had with him and I think the the high priestess means you kind of intuitively went in and looked at the situation and decided that you knew what was best and I think probably that you always kind of knew that there was something wrong but maybe you just weren’t listening to the signs about it and then we have a new guy king of cups and a knight of cups sorry and he’s bringing his cup to you with this offer and you’re making a decision you’ve made a decision or making one to make a change and the change would involve this guy right here who’s offering you this love and it’s going to bring you a much brighter future I mean the star is like the best card in the whole deck so that’s like really really good quite a bright future there and so I was asking you know what was the end result and it shows you walking away from a lot of unhappiness if you can see that card and a lot of times this also means that you can the cup show that I mean you could have really really loved this person that you’re walking away from but you still know that it’s the right thing to do I mean sometimes people aren’t good for you whether you really love them or not and the temperance means that there’s some patience it’ll take a little time but that you’re healing you’re getting better and then you’re going to come out on top that’s the winner card you know he’s like riding through the streets look telling everybody that he’s the winner in this situation so I think things will get better fairly soon it may not seem like it immediately because you have this patience card here but the outcome is that everything’s better and the end card was judgment which shows that there is like it’s like their cycles in life you know where you’re not the person you used to be and you start you leave everything behind basically and it’s just like a fresh new start and you can probably look back in your life and see there are other times when that happened but this is one of those times where you’re leaving a lot of things behind and going forward with everything new and lessons learned and there you have the angel which is watching over you so I think that that’s really good and especially with this star card I mean the star is the very very best card that you can get so I would say that yes things are going to be getting better very soon

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