Hubble Time-lapse Shows Shock Collision in Black Hole Jet

  • as usual. Good data but wrong conclusion. then NASA got the megaphone to reinforce the wrong version and is not interested in any other. MG1

  • What if all of this matter escaping from the black hole is the receiving end of something that went into the black hole? Technically it is but, what if the participants are still in one piece and its just taking them light years to come back together.

    You can see the black hole, its pulsating getting bigger and smaller. What is the cause and affect of that?

    If my conclusion is correct that means Time/Space travel is real. Just not possible for us yet.
    No question is ever a dumb question. please be nice

    actually there are only 4 frames relevant in this video, watch it as slow as possible you will see in the white jet 3 bright knobs in 3 frames (in the 3rd the merging is about to start) and then in the 4. frame you see that the 2 far knobs did merge and became brighter; then the sequence of the 4 frames just repeats over and over;
    you see these 4 frames: -o-o-o -o-o-o -ooo-o -OO–o

  • Think about it.. this is the last true frontier known to man, space of uncertainty that we have yet to walk upon, full of vistas that we have yet to see through our own eyes. This will be part of our empire one day.

  • So its somewhat similar to a magnetic plasma loop that the Sun sometimes creates, and shoots out at whatever it wants?

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