How Two Astronomers Accidentally Discovered the Big Bang

– [Narrator] Listen. This sound is the first
evidence of the Big Bang. And, this is the story
of two radio astronomers who discovered proof of the
beginning of everything. This is the horn reflector
antenna at Bell Laboratories. Robert, can you tell us
what this thing does? – [Robert] It receives
radio waves coming from the direction it’s pointed to and funnels them into a receiver. – [Narrator] That’s Robert
Wilson, radio astronomer. In the early ’60s, he and
his colleague Arno Penzias were tasked with measuring
the brightness of the sky using the horn reflector antenna. But, no matter where they
pointed it, the antenna read a much larger signal
than the pair expected. – [Robert] Our immediate
reaction was that there must be something wrong with our system. – [Narrator] They thought
it might be interference from the horn itself, or New York City, or even some pigeons living in the horn. – [Robert] You know, we
thought about a collection of ordinary sources that
are in the very distance. That just didn’t seem to be possible. – [Narrator] So, they reached
out to a group of researchers at Princeton University led by astrophysicist Robert Dicke,
who had been scouring the sky unsuccessfully for
evidence of the Big Bang. Arno called, and . . . (phone ringing) – [Robert] Dicke picked up the phone, and they started hearing things like atmospheric radiation, sky brightness, all the things that they were working on. Dicke put the phone down and said, “Boys, we’ve been scooped.” – [Narrator] Robert and Arno had measured what Dicke and his team were
searching for, the elusive cosmic microwave background radiation. – [Robert] He thought
about a Big Bang source of the universe, realized
that it would be very hot, and, therefore, full of radiation, and, as the universe expanded, that
radiation would simply cool. And, whereas it was
extremely hot to start with, by now it would simply be microwaves. Now, it’s so cold that it
would just be radio waves. – [Narrator] And this, not
pigeons or the noisy city, was exactly what had
been causing headaches for Robert Wilson and Arno Penzias. The two groups of researchers
from Bell Labs and Princeton each wrote complimentary research papers with their findings. – [Robert] They wrote
one about the theory, we wrote one about our
measurement, and we published them. I think unlike many changes
that occur in science, there really was a paradigm shift with very little pushback. – [Narrator] It was huge. There was now evidence of a new theory for the beginning of the entire universe. Over a decade later, Robert
Wilson and Arno Penzias were awarded the 1978
Nobel Prize in Physics. How’d that feel, Robert? – [Robert] Felt pretty strange
to win the Nobel Prize. I didn’t feel comfortable being on the same list with Einstein. – [Narrator] But, despite
Robert’s humility, there’s no doubt of the
significance of the discovery. – [Robert] It gives us
our earliest picture of the universe from which we can extrapolate back to very early times. It’s one of the centerpieces of cosmology. (soft music)

  • So…in the beginning nothing exploded and here we are? Lel – where did the matter come from that exploded 'in the first place'? Answer me now.

  • This is a lie, the big bang was first talked about by a priest as a joke. That's a fact. sorry but here why the big bang is a bunch of nonsense. In space there is no SOUND, let me repeat it for all the Atheist. There is no sound in the Universe, sound only comes from oxygen. So you couldn't have a bang. The next thing is the Evolutionary Universe must had known that 13 billion years ago we would developed technology like satellites, cellphone an radios to develop microwave and radio waves. Only a designer creator would plan for that. The next thing all this "time an space" theory on can be true when man developed time. Without time, all this is nonsense. actually in space there is no such things as time. If men could live in space, we would live forever. Your body only decompose because of oxygen. So here's why scientist are wrong, there is no time. So the universe has no past or no future, it only has a present existence. Man made up time to give it past an future. if time was true, then someone in Australia talking on the phone in California would be able to tell the person in California what happened 17 hours ago in the future. But that is not true. They is no difference between what happened in Australia to what happened in California. So this time; seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months and years is man made. We don't age every years, we get old because of Oxygen, not because of man made time. if we were living on Jupiter 12 years is equal to 144 years on earth. People Scientists are no different than a Tarot card reader. They just make it up as they go long. I bet you will still see the weatherman saying the sun will rise today at 6 a:m an set at 7 p:m REALLY?… The sun doesn't rotate around the EARTH.😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • I wonder if there is a big bang porno that atheists "explode" to every night…

    butt seriously, stop treating this bullshit as if it's a fact.

  • SO, no Credit to the CHRISTIAN Priest that was the originator of what would later be known as the "The Big Bang Theory"? The theory was proposed in 1927 by Monseigneur Georges Lemaître. Yeah, I know; You don't want to discredit Pelosi and her three G's comment, or other blanket discriminatory comments against Christians made by leading Democrats and others in the far left, or radical Muslims. OH, that's right, there is no such thing as a radical Muslim; only bad Christians. Shhhhhhhhhhhh

  • Horrible explanation of the relationship of the CMB to the Big Bang. For a MUCH MUCH better and more accurate explanation:

  • The CMB is not actually the Big Bang, this light was created some 380,000 years after the Big Bang. That said though, it is important evidence of the Big Bang, as it confirmed Dickie, et al., 's theory on how the Universe would've progressed after the Big Bang.

  • A well defined evolving universe, as you see and take part in, more than likely was programmed from the start, at least from a construction stand-point. Being an evolutionary realm (or existence) requires build up and the evolving of life, as well as the support and creation systems to be advanced and specific, even IF it all comes from simple systems and things (such as stars) that exist within those systems. That it simply came from a "big bang" could be true. That the types of life, even the types of star systems you have, to not have master programming behind it, is "almost" scientifically impossible. So you'll just need to get over yourselves.

  • This story can be scary if you think about it a bit, what if they didn’t build the radiowave detector in that place, in that time? We wouldn’t have proof of what happened in the beginning of our universe. What if things like this actually happened? What if radiation which can tell us a lot about the universe literally striked Earth many times in history, but we didn’t notice it?

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