How to Read Tarot Cards : Reading by the Book vs. Reading Clairvoyantly

Hi I’m Suzanne Diamond I’m a psychic and I’m
here with Now we will go into the differences between reading by the
book if it where verses reading clairvoyantly. When anyone gets a tarot deck whether it would
be from a friend or purchasing it, it would come with pamphlet or a little book of suggested
meanings. Each card would have a suggested meaning and then it would show your basic
Celtic cross which is the spread that we have here. Ideally this cards should be looked
at as a war shack each card should give you a feeling and while the suggested meanings
are helpful in general you don’t find the emperor being mean or impulsive as the fool
card for instance. They should only be suggested because ideally what you are doing from a
reading is taking the placement of the cards as the Celtic card which we would go into
in our next segment in scatting like in a jazz singer or a guitarist would do. This
way opening up to your own intuition. The best reader that I know are reader that are
open to there intuition. As I said as when we started this video the deck should have
some sort of resident with you. You should look at each particularly card and give a
feeling from them. When a reader reads a spread and Celtic cross whether it would Celtic cross
spread which is this or a pyramid reading whatever that spread would be a reader generally
looks at the groupings as a whole and as individual different cards. The main thing that they
get is the feeling that particular spread and those particular cards feel for them because
it should the cards should ideally open you up to your intuition that is the difference
between by the book and reading clairvoyantly.

  • Excellent guidance. The Tarot is based on communication to our inner awareness through the use of symbols bearing meanings that our conscious minds may not grasp, and so at its best Tarot reading is not mechanically performed. Thanks!

  • I'm in complete agreement with her about not being too "by the book". If you were to say "this card always means this" a computer program could do readings. I've found more than anything that seeing the card drawn for a given position opens something up in the reader, a feeling or a gift of interpretation. Always go with you feeling. Always.

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