How To Enhance Focus (More Money & More Time)

What’s up? Kris Krohn here. And today, I
want to share with you how to enhance
focus in your life. I seriously think
that this might be like an actual
superpower. There’s tons of things I’m
bad at. But when it comes to focus, I can
certainly take it to an unhealthy
extreme .Check it out.
You know, today I get to talk about
perhaps one of my favorite topics –Focus.
And I think it’s because it’s one of my
superpowers. Like I’ve got some buddies
that know how to flip or breakdance. I’ve
got other buddies that are just like
crazy genius or smart or great at you
know guitar. I’ve got kind of a lame
superpower but I it’s super important to
me. Which is I have this crazy ability to
hyper focus. I’ve got some people that
even suggest I might be on the spectrum.
I’ve got literally the ability to block
everything out of my awareness and just
hunker down and stay focused. And I
really attribute a lot of my success to
the… To my ability that once this dog has
found a bone. I do not let go til I get
exactly what I want. I’ve definitely
taken that to some unhealthy extremes.
But the world that we live in today, it’s
amazing how many people struggle with
holding focus. And here’s what I’m
observing: They’re not holding focus for
a tenth of what they need to have
success. And I think it’s really getting
in their way. I think this whole idea of
ADD and ADHD and all of these
self-proclaimed labels are giving people
excuses or inabilities or we get
distracted. Shoot! The reality is we’re
all distracted by this magical device
that miraculously connects to like
things up in space and you know travels
tens of thousands of miles per second. I
mean, this technology is really wild. And
so, a lot of us are capable of having way
more success. But we’re not because we
just have a hard time focusing. So today,
what I want to do is as a person who has
some hyper focus superpowers. I’m going
to share with you today 4 hacks, 4
secrets that have worked extraordinarily
well for me. I’m going to put them up here
on the whiteboard for you. I hope in
sharing these that they help you make
more money, have higher quality
relationships. Help you ultimately be
happier and live more of the life that
you want to. Check it out. Let’s dive in.
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Alright. So, here’s number one: If you
want to get really focused in life, the
first thing that I recommend that you do
is you’ve got to create a specific kind
of environment. This is your focus
environment. And what you’re really doing
is dedicating.
Environment essentially means setup a
place where you can really focus. Don’t
be worth sloughed, don’t be where it’s
noisy, don’t be where the people are.
Don’t be where you have outside stimulus,
other people’s music; traffic or whatever
just kind of getting in your way. It’s
very difficult to allow your mind to
just hone and focus when it’s being
distracted. So, a non distraction
environment. For me, if you’ve seen
some of the videos where I’m at my home
and I’m looking out over 40 pristine
acres down into the city and I got the
lights at night. That place is like my
home of Zen. And it’s a place where I
really get to focus. And I love it. I’ve
also got a place here in my office where
I get to focus like that as well. That’s
the first part is make sure you create
an environment where you can crush it
and rock it out. Number 2 is a thou
shalt not rule which is there is no such
thing as multitasking. Multitasking is
this idea that I can do many things all
at the same time. And all we’re doing is
distracting ourselves. So for example, if
you’re trying to listen to a podcast
while you’re working on writing a
document and having a conversation with
your neighbor; dude, you’re screwed. You
want to block out. You literally part of
hyper focusing means that you need to
shut out all those impulses so that
there’s only one thing. A clear mind in a
great environment.. And you’re not trying
to do anything else. This is not 2
birds-one stone. You’re just trying to
slay one thing at time, you’re trying to
slay your individual task. Third thing
for me, this is just a personal
preference. I actually love relaxing
music but I’m going to put the word spa
music because you might want to look
that up on Pandora or something like
that. Like literally in my house, when I’m
trying to get into a meditative calm
focused state,
I’ll just have like the calm rustle of
leaves or movement of water or just some
sweet gentle tones. And what it does is I
listen to music that puts me into a
deeper theta state. Where it’s just easy
to be more focused in a line with my
thought processes. So, you may want to try
experimenting with “is there a kind of
music out there?” I definitely recommend a
lyric list music keep it instrumental,
keep it light. And super low in the
background to just really create more of
a harmony in your mind. But the fourth
thing that I really want to share with
you which is probably the most important.
Is that if you really want to work on
taking your focus to the next level, you
have to have a clear picture. What are
you focusing on and why? And how will you
know when you’ve achieved it? So, one of
my mentors taught me about something
called sacred space in sacred time. This
is an individual that said, “Kris,
reverencing life, everything is sacred.
Everything is an act of creation. You’re
either creating what you want or you’re
creating what you don’t want.” Now, this
gentleman has since passed on to the
other side. But I’ll never forget this
lesson because what he really showed me
was that when you really stop and become
hyper focused aware and conscious, you
then can start creating something from a
space of consciousness. And this is an
act of God. This is this is Godlike
creation. So, he called it sacred. Your
environment is your sacred space but now
you’re going to create what’s called sacred
time and you’re gonna actually have an
objective. In this moment of time, I’m
working on X to produce Y. You want to
figure out what that formula is and when
I know exactly what I’m actually
focusing on, I will not stop the task
until it’s completed. And this is
something that I learned to do a long
time ago that has turned me into like a
hyper effective human being. And if
you’ll hone in on what we’re talking
about here, for me at least this is now
meant that I’ve got the ability to work
way way less but be way more productive
way more make way more money. And now I’m
using a lot of my time this pro bono
service. Like who can I help? Who can I
serve? I also take you more time on my
personal hobbies. Rate that. ottom line
is I’m having a lot more fun in life. And
it’s this the work hard-play hard but
just get rid of the energy of heart. It’s
just like when I’m working I’m hyper
focused and hyper effective, so that when
I’m not working; I am not working. Focus
also allows you to become really, really
present. So, what is it that you want to
be really present? For example, when I
make these YouTube videos,
I don’t just turn on the the camera with
my team and then start producing, I
actually have a process and the process
is me contemplating, “How can I serve and
what are you looking for?” And then I’ll
actually map out a lot of my videos. I
create kind of like a little bit of a
bullet point to remind myself. “Hey, I took
clear focus time to think about what I
wanted to share with you.” And I often
share different things than what I plan,
but I often share at least the
items that I put in that plan. They’re
like, right here on my laptop, right? So,
like this last item for example, right
here that I want to make sure I share is
that you should have your what-should-be
related to a very concise G-O-A-L. Goal.
For the session. If I’m going to set sacred
space, sacred time, remove distraction
create a nice harmonious environment, I
want to know what I want to achieve,
generally I’ll have a time frame. I’m
going to do this for an hour and
this is the outcome that I want. But
either way I’m not stopping until I get
the outcome. Biggest problem that I think
we have in society today regarding focus
is we have way too many people that say,
“I’ll start something but I don’t have to
finish it now.” If I don’t finish it I can
just do it later. There’s a different
word for that. That word is called
procrastination. And procrastination is
the enemy of focus. And so decide which
kind of human you want to be. A human
that enhances your ability to focus like
a superpower or do you want to be easily
distracted where you put things off or
your procrastinate. At the end of the day,
it’s a skill. And it’s a skill that I
believe you can develop and you can
harness. You just have to have a big
enough reason why. If you don’t have a
big enough reason why, then let me give
one to you right now. I actually teach
people when they come to my events, I
it’s to give them a million-dollar game
plan. I show them how to make loads of
money in real estate I teach them how to
build business. I teach them how to buy
real estate with no money no credit. And
my events are really intense. But over
half of the event is actually teaching
the mindset which includes focus. Where I
put you through a number of skills and
challenges that end up being
life-changing in the end. Focus I think
if you wanted to be successful in
anything including real estate
developing a mind that at a moment’s
notice can dive in and focus hyper focus
on exactly what it’s creating. I think
that is one of the most valuable skills
that it possess. Because I have this
habit now. I never feel okay starting
something and not finishing it. I stick
with it till I get it. If I do it early,
then guess what? I’ve got more time, I get
more life. And that’s something that
other people have a really hard time
creating. So, I do want you to know that
I’ve created a video that I think you
might like that would be a perfect
follow-up to what I’ve shared
here. The video is called “How to be
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man I became financially free there were
specific things that I did and so I
decided to make a video showing you that
because if you’re looking at focus, focus
on winning the money game, it will buy
your time back and then you can do a lot
of other things. Most people watching
this video on focus is because you’re
trying to figure out how to be more
successful. So, I’m going to show you how to
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to seeing you on the next one.


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