How to edit milky way in Photoshop – Orionh panel – subtitles in English

Open your file in Adobe photoshop CC and start post production in Adobe Camera Raw Start to correct lens distortion and chromatic aberrations I have modified camera raw and I correct white balance with cold tones You can use 3400-3800 kelvin to correct white balance with non-modified camera. Reduce lights and whites
Increase shadows and blacks Stretch your file with adjusting levels to increase the signal of Milky way Contrasts the image with the curves Use Orionh Panel to increase the sharpness of milky way To do this we use the “Boost contrast” command We pass the brush after selecting the white color and opacity above the desired part of the galaxy Let’s brush the white brush twice if the result does not satisfy us Reduce the size of the brush to make small details In the Orionh panel we have three effects boost (soft, medium and hard) We have to make a single level at each step We use the Light pollution feature to reduce light pollution Before applying the white brush, check the opacity and size of the brush With the dark-sky command we will darken the sky In the Orionh Panel we have two effects for the Dark Sky My advice is not to exaggerate with the function of darkening We have to make a single level at each step If in our image we want to emphasize the nebulosity of the Milky Way compared to the stars we can use the filter “Filter Stars” We pass the white brush to emphasize the nebulosity of the milky way We have to make a single level at each step Depending on the technique used and your equipment the photo may contain digital noise and color spots hanks to the “noise kill” command we can reduce it Color spots command We can select the command several times to increase the effect We use the Color Balance tool to adjust the halftones, lights, and shadows of the photo We try to give a color to the sky that is as neutral as possible and treat the colors of the milky way To increase the sharpness of the photo duplicate the level and apply color desaturation Enhance the contrast with curves Set the merge method of the levels on brightness Let’s give a touch of selective color to the Milky Way I’ve saved a preset of settings I always use to save time If light pollution is still present in the picture, let’s run the Orionh “Light pollution” command again If the tutorial was helpful I invite you to buy our Orionh panel on our site at


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