How to draw a Box Real Easy

Drawing a box is only easy when you know how
to do it, so let me show how.
First, draw a square with a pencil – press
lightly so it will be easy to erase lines
Now draw another square, starting with one
corner in the centre of the first square.
Then join up all the corners. Now you have
a drawing of a box but there are some lines
in the way.
Erase the lines inside the box.
Now you can press harder on the pencil to
make the outlines of the box.
Shade one of the faces.
Then draw a line either side of the box and
add some shadow to put the box on the table.
Congratulations! You’ve just learned to draw
a box real easy!
If you would like to download a pdf sheet
showing you how to draw this step, by step,
just click the link to go to the page on my
In the next video I’ll show you how to draw
a box in a quite different way.
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