How to be wealthy without Worshiping | Astrology/Jyotish Remedy

hey guys I was about to sleep but my
intuition told me that I have to share
one secret with you all so I’m gonna
share one short tip for retaining your
wealth money currency or whatever the
things you relate with your balance it’s
a simple remedy whenever you are going
to eat anything whenever you are going
to have your breakfast your lunch or
your dinner you have to keep out one
first bite away from your plate fine and
then eat your whole meal and that one
away bite you have to give it to any
animal a stray dog cow Buffalo birds
anyone fine so it will make an impact on
your second and the sixth house second
house is the house of Dhan sthan
kind of a thing anything related to your
dhan like a bank balance your wealth
your property or something and 6th house
shows the obstacle into it so once your obstacle starts
moving out your wealth starts retaining in
your bank or in your locker or somewhere
where you want it to be kept for a long
time so this is a small tip I guess you
would love to keep your money back at
home at your home or at your bank
account so start doing it love you all
DsK Astrology


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