How Tarot Cards Work & Why People Tell You Not to Read for Yourself

Hey, it’s Brandy Joy here and I bet you
are wondering how the tarot cards work and why people tell you not to read for yourself. Well after many years of professional practice
and reading for myself, I have finally figured out how to explain how they work and why people
tell you not to read for yourself. Tarot Cards are the ultimate channeling tool. They work through your own spiritual energy
and your spiritual gifts called clairsentience & claircognizance. Clairsentience is intuitive feeling. If you’ve ever felt a weird energy in a
room, that is your clairsentience working. Or if you’ve practiced energy work like
Reiki, pranic healing, or qigong then you are working with your clairsentience abilities. With the tarot cards, you use your own energy
to pull the right cards for your intuitive insight. Your energy body feels what cards are the
right cards for you to see. In fact, in traditional tarot card training,
you are taught to use your left/intuitive hand to pull the cards. This is the receptive hand. It feels energy easier. Once you pull your tarot cards, you operate
from psychic gift called claircognizance. This is your ability to interpret the symbols
with your crown chakra energy. That’s your highest connection to your higher
self. This is what we call the knowing. If you do not know the cards and have a clear
connection to their meanings, it can be difficult for your energy body to know which cards are
the right cards for you to choose. Tarot card reading requires the reader to
connect with the situation, the higher self, and the cards. To read the cards effectively, you have to
have a clear connection with your channeling tool. If you have yet to develop your connection
to your cards, you can take my free Tarot Mini-Course. The link is in the video description. The very first video lesson in that course,
teaches you to quickly develop a connection with each card. So why do people say “don’t read Tarot
cards for yourself”? Well, The cards you choose are based on your
energy body so pulling cards for yourself can be confusing at times. What happens is we tend to feel a certain
way when we pull cards so the cards will reflect how we feel. And if you are not operating as a pure open,
unbiased channel, your ego or intellect could get in the way of your interpretations. Fear is our biggest block in psychic work. And if you are blocked with fear, the cards
will reflect that fear and freak you out. For instance, you are going through a crisis
and you pull some cards, you get the Devil, the Tower, & the 9 Swords. Oh no! But in reality, your higher self is just pulling
the cards of your situation. You are in a crisis and this is you right
now. You were in a bad situation. The crisis happened and now you are depressed. Another issue that causes a reader to get
confused during a reading Is when you pull cards about a situation but your intent is
not clear enough on what you want to know. For instance, lets say you are going through
a breakup. So you pull out your cards and pull a 3 card
spread. You get the knight of cups, the queen of pentacles
and the DEATH card. Oh no! You are like, oh my gawd, it’s ending. Its done. BUT this is not necessarily true. You pulled some cards about a situation. But you didn’t ask a clear question. So your energy body pulled what was going
on at the time. Yeah, it’s an ending. But what does that ending say for tomorrow? You didn’t ask that specific question. And life operates based on probabilities and
decisions. Things change in life and so the cards change
with the decisions you make. As you are shuffling the deck & pulling cards,
focus is a key ingredient to pulling the right cards. You focus on the question and the situation
and then you let your body pull the cards. This is true channeling with the Tarot Cards. Your vibratory energy creates a connection
to specific cards that your energy body knows resonates with your situation. AND you have to know what each card placement
means for your reading. So for instance, if I am reading a past present
future spread. I have to intend to pull a card for the past. Then intend to pull a card for the present. And then intend to pull a card for the future. To learn to read cards for yourself, check
out my Tarot Mini-Course at my professional tarot website Vibe Tarot doc com or my regular
blog I hope to see you in the course. Love & Light my friends.

  • Thank you, Brandy, I feel like the universe plays your video randomly for me just at the right time, I was shuffling my tarot card and I was nervous and anxious about a question, and suddenly it's the answer that reflects what I was scared about. After I watched your video I felt much more released and less tension. Thank you!

  • Thank you for the clarification I just stumped into this video my thumb pressed it as I was watching another monthly tarot reading 🙏💗

  • Thank you! I am despairing to find job and Despair showed up in the Sibilla Oracle. Now I will put my mind in blank anf focus on the question. Also connect with the querent! Ask him/her to put their mind in a black state…

  • I find, that you can eliminate the problem of colouring your personal readings with subjectivity, by having a guide. I cannot tell you, how you will know or discover your guide, because that is a very mysterious and personal happening. If I tell you my discovery, which happened completely inadvertently, then you may just emulate that and it would be wrong. But when you shuffle your cards, you call on your guide to assist you in the choice of cards and readings.

  • Every time I read for myself (on a phone app) I got the most depressing answers imaginable. I almost wanted to hide under a rock and never come out!!

  • im just starting to watch your videos on the tarot lessons, so far they are helpful.. thanks for making the videos!

  • People believing what they think is the most dangerous thing on earth.. Be a soothsayer not a Tarot reader.

  • l've been doing my own Tarot Card readings ever since l've got my cards and it's not bad really, it's probably the only way your going to learn about your own cards.

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  • This is a good video good work sister i just want to add a couple of key details that weren't mentioned one the crown chakra OM is essential OM pronounced AUM is the crown chakra its the vibrations and conciousness of the entire universe but another one good to work on especially when reading tarots is the third eye chakra KSHAM this will give you better insight on what you're reading so the two together you get knowledge and insight another good one is the throat chakra famous singers and motivational speakers whether they realize it or not is highly intuitive to their throat chakra its gives them the voices you know and love so with all three you get knowledge on what you're reading insight on what you're reading and the ability to better verbally tell your client what's the cards are saying it's also good to work on your root chakra LAM a tree can't grow without its roots that being said your root chakra is the baseline for all your other chakra to grow I hope this information helps anyone new to reading tarot cards

  • Thank you. I have always felt that the purity of my readings really depends on my emotional and spiritual and even physical health. Recently got sick and had to give up reading for a week, but it was a great clearing process. Great info thanks.

  • Thanks's a good explanation..I've often heard tarot readers mentioning that they connect with their spirit guides.. is that a part of tarot learning or pure psychic healing?

  • Few days ago, I asked a fortune teller about whether I can famous and be success doing living with becoming fortune teller. It came out:

    Devil, The Magician and High Priestess or Hierophant (forgot the last one)

    His explanation was brief and unclear. Could you explain pls? I am about to start with tarot cards though as his suggestion.

  • I have noticed that cards can reflect what you are thinking, feeling and believing at the time and not the truth or actual situation. I think they respond to our thoughts and feelings, if we aren't clear and objective.

  • Yes that's the only thing. You can't let fear or ego get in the way of any reading. A person has to be relaxed and channel the energy yes and death is a change

  • Hi Brandy. I've just sent my info in order to receive the free mini course tarot in my email, as it says right away, but nothing has come yet. And I've tried it twice…?

  • Tarot is real… The only problem is the reader shud be certified or experienced. I know soo many instances when the predictions made by tarot reader was soo accurate tht i now know for real that tarot is a divination tool to get guidance from universe. The predictions were not just small stuff something major. I am an educated person i wud not believe tarot had it been predictions going right for small issues. It was really sometng big not only for me but for many of my other ftnds too. Just tht i got d right reader. Problem is to find the right reader. Many readers if they are not intuitive they cannot read cards. Its a gift given to few. Genuine tarot readers excel this art. Look for d right reader before u go for tarot. Out of 1000 people who learn or practice tarot, only approx 100 excel this art, rest half of them quit midway, n the other few struggle to read cards…

  • My divine helpers use my tarot cards to tell me things.Encurrage me and other things.I prefer the divine guidance instead of the ego guidance as many does,so that is how i work with them on myself. I do not ask about others if they havent allowed me to. To me, that is crossing bounderies.❤️🌸Have a great week and many blessings to you all🙏🏻💕

  • I'm here because I recently got my tarot cards and in the past 3 days i have only pulled 10 of swords and death, I am terrified.

  • I ran into some spiritualist ministers that knocked me for a loop. Then I ran into some that were just talking out their butt. I know one thing. You have a right to question God and to yell at him/her. You have a right to test mediums. Ask them anything and don't let them back down. If they are really connected to the other side, they should come up with the right response. If they don't…..then they are in fantasy. In my experience, I asked the Angels to something very specific to prove to me they were real……they did it. So fuck the Pope and Billy Grahm, they haven' t a clue about truth. The self-righteous Christians can leave me alone…

  • Great video. Very informative. I've been a tarot reader for 15 years and only just got social media and moving into virtual readings. Thanks for this 🙏🏻🌺

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