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What is up Alfred here from a King Wen Oracle again in the last video, you learn about what is the trigram and you also learn about how is the hexagram being evoluted. In the book of change, these 8 groups of trigram have cover every single element in this universe, or at least in this world that were living right now. Now the question is how are the 8 groups of trigram related or link to the universe? in the book of change, especially in the divination school. Heaven hexagram often related or link to a father in a family or head in the body part. How do we link the world with the trigrams? Keep watching to the end and you get answer. I’ve prepared a simple cheat sheet about What are they being related just download it from the link provided at the description area. Also by getting yourself familiar with these trigrams, it will also benefit you if you wanted to learn Feng Shui in the future, Trigram means Universe and Feng Shui, or divination, or face reading, all of these are interrelated. Let’s say when we see this hexagram we know it is a Heaven hexagram We know this symbol. we know the Heaven hexagram consists of 6 Yang line. So when we look at all these I-Ching symbol, we need to link the symbol to something related. If we can’t think of something related that represented by this symbol Then the I-ching symbol is a useless symbol. without having the link, human are not able to interpret and predict the future in a logic sequences. For instance, When we look at a heaven hexagram, and while we do the casting, we know that our question is related to a family member, then from this hexagram and the question, together with the basic logic of the hexagram. We know that the prediction is something to do with the father. In this case, you can’t really tell that there is something to do with the sister. As the hexagram was not indicating any symbol of sister. Every of the symbol has relevant information to match up to the world. And the principle design of hexagram also comes with a very strong logic base. You can’t define the hexagram by yourself, like when you see the Heaven hexagram, you endow it with a meaning of mother. It just doesn’t make sense and you will lost at the end. This part of knowledge is very, very important, especially if you want to learn Plum Blossom Oracle in the future. I will make a series of this lesson in the future, where this is a fun part of prediction. The fun part here is, you can make prediction whatever, wherever you are. You can grab anything you see right now or hear anything right now and make the prediction. There is no need for any tools like yarrow stalks or coins or playing cards. If you see a car with a red colour and hear a thunderstorm. You could straight away transform the red colour car and the thunderstorm into the hexagram and make the prediction. And the result is still blowing out your mind. So make sure you subscribe to my channel and get this free learning course in the future. Let’s get back to the basic of I-Ching divination. When we need to link the world with the hexagram. In the book of change. it has a jargon called the IMAGE. Image is pretty self explanatory. Image is imagined, it means what you’re seeing. With or without imagination. Whether is imply or affirm states. It is a likeness of any items. how we could use astrology for predicting to the future. The reason is, the astrology framework has been built in the fractal theory of mathematics. While some people call it the geometry of nature. Fractals have their self similarity, which can categories as the exact similar, the semi self-similarity And the statistical self-similarity You are not required to memorise all of these or even really understand what it is. This is just some bonus topic which if you can’t master these fractals, you still able to predict 100% accurately. So what is the self-similarity I’ve mentioned? For example, When you see a leaf. the venation of the leaf is very similar to the branches of the tree. It also looks similar to the blood vessel distribution in a human body. It also looks similar to the river diversion. Because of the similarity. It forms a link or bridge between it. Therefore, to put it simple, because of the similarity when you see “A” you can think of “B”. When you see “B”, you can think of “C”. The association thinking is the source of any kind of prediction. The word “fractals” was coined in 1975 by a mathematician, who was born in Poland. But the idea of fractals is actually dated back to the 17th century. But anyway, No matter how long the concept of this fractal being trace. It still a very big gap of a timestamp to the starting time of I-Ching. This again proved that I-Ching is an ancient knowledge that beyond the current scientific knowledge. If you can unlock the secret of I-Ching, I guarantee you can go far further than what you may be thought of. Let me illustrate to you with a better understanding of how is the image link to the hexagram. This is a primordial trigram arrangement. This arrangement is designed based on the river scheme. 河圖 Again, I can’t put it all into this video series. This is just some basic ideas for you so that you get a quick capture Where are all these things come from. Therefore, I-Ching is properly designed symbol and not coming out from nowhere. It has a logic design framework behind. Imagine that the creator of the trigram FuXi is standing in the middle of these trigrams. He looked up to the sky, which is the heaven, and stared out to the ground, which is the Earth. Looking to the left is the sun (Sunrise at East) which is the fire and looked to right, He sees the river stars which is the water. Then he sees a mountain from here and lake from here. He hears thunderstorm from here and feels the wind from here. Therefore, he creates this chart. This explanation seems a little bit uneasy, but it doesn’t matter for now. As this has nothing to do with King Wen Oracle. This part is just a bonus input for you in case you going to proceed to the I-Ching in the further level. What we need to know here is “Qian” and “Kun” represent the Heaven and Earth respectively. While “Li” and “Kan” represent to the fire and water. This is the four basic images from this 4 basic image. It extend into another extra 4 images are referring to “Gen” and “Dui”, representing the Mountain and the Lake, and the “Zhen” and “Xun” representing the Thunder and the Wind. Now, this is the image of likeliness in nature. As I said earlier, Trigram has covered everything in the universe. So now let’s say, I don’t want to make this image linked to nature. What about (link to) the family member? “Qian” is representing the father. and “Kun” is the Mother, and this is the Eldest-Son. This is the Middle-Son Youngest-Son the eldest daughter, Middle-Daughter, and the youngest daughter. It has a trick to learn the symbol related to the member. You don’t really need to memorise all of them. Let me show you how here, When you see all the line with Yang, it means very Yang, very powerful, so a father will be in this position. Then all line with Yin, it means very Yin, very lovely. very soft. A mother will fit in this position. Therefore, the heaven and earth are always in the pair that give birth to another trigrams. Now, after we learned the easiest of the trigram, we now need to differentiate, which is the Son? and which is the Daughter? Whenever we see a single Yang line in a trigram. these are all Yang trigram. Yang means man. So all of the sons will fall into these trigrams. while the rest you can see that it’s also sharing the same commonality, which is only single Yin line in the trigram. These is the Yin trigram and Yin represent all the women. Now we know what is the group of son and daughter. The next step is to learn how to differentiate the eldest son and the youngest. This is very easy, As I always said, in I-Ching lines always started from the bottom. Now you see the bottom is the only single Yang line the eldest son get born first. So, this trigram, named “Zhen” or “thunder” representing the eldest son. when you see the middle line is the only Yang line, you now know that is the trigram called “Kan” or “water”, which represents the middle-son. And lastly, the only single (Yang) line is on the top. This is the youngest son. It represent the same. When we look at the daughter’s trigram. It’s just that easy everything built with a logic. Let me show you one more last example to link the image of trigrams to the body part. Qian trigram represents Head. as head is a body part that on the top of our body. While your tummy would be able to absorb all kind of things. just like the earth that able to carry anything on it, this is making the “Kun” representing to the tummy. Now, let’s look at the rest. Always remember, the Yang means energetic and Yin means static. I’ve talked about this in this video. Therefore, when you look at the Zhen trigram, you see the Yang line at the bottom. this can represent your legs. Which leg is the movement part for the whole body. and applying to the same concept. Hand is a movement on top. therefore, Gen trigram, the mountain represented a hand in the body part. Let’s look at a Xun trigram, the wind. We can see that the wind trigram has a broken line at the bottom. guess where is this reflect at out body part? This is the butt. Xun trigram represents the butt. Li (trigram), the fire has a broken line at the centre. Does it looks like an eye? and Li, the fire also means brightness and civilisation. Therefore Li is the fire trigram represents our eye For the Dui trigram, it reflects on the mouth and the Kan trigram represent the ear. It has too many to elaborate that I can’t really finish it even in a year non-stop talking over here. The trigram is a reflection of the universe. It also reflect on the animals like Qian represents the horse. I’ll elaborate more when we jump into Plum Blossom Oracle with the examples I’ve shown you may started to understand. how is the I-Ching can be used for prediction But remember, in King Wen Oracle, image is very very rarely to get applied. It only heavily applies to Plum Blossom Oracle. I know you may seem not 100% understand how it works actually. But after watching this video, you shall be at least be able to recognise that there is a logical mechanism involved in this I-Ching. It is definitely not a figment from imagination. The image of the trigram is just an elementary level for Chinese metaphysics, But not to worry if you still can’t master all the images. As I said, you will slowly get into it while you keep watching my video. and the most important part is, it won’t affect your prediction accuracy. I’ll start to talk more about the five elements, The earthly branches, six-kins and six guardians that king Wen Oracle need it. This is all the very basic part that will bring you to Feng Shui, Chinese Birth reading (Bazi & Purple Star) Face reading, palm reading and divination in the future. In the next video, I will talk more about 64 hexagrams. which is the enhanced version of the basic 8 trigrams. So subscribe to my channel, and don’t forget to give me a thumbs up. comment down below if you found something not understand, I’ll see you in the next video.

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