How do I shape shift? Tarot Reading by Alejandro Jodorowsky

Dear Mitchel Van Dinter Mitchel Van Dinter Thank you for contributing to the making of my film Psychomagic Truly, I thank you because thanks to these exchanges I’ve been able to make this film without producers, with freedom I’m going to do all I can to be useful to you you tell me very little about yourself you are 27 years old you are married, with no children heterosexual your occupation: you’re a Dutch musician concerned with life well as are all young people of 27 but you’ve given me three numbers so that I can answer this question How can I metamorphise? Metamorphosis How can I metamorphise? Good. I was shaped by surrealism and your question is a little surrealist it might seem nevertheless it’s very deep I’m going to try to answer you as best I can Here I have two sets of cards These are the 22 arcana of the complete Tarot in order They’re in order and here are the 22 arcana of the complete Tarot but shuffled by chance, thinking of you thinking of you, I think of you I’m going to use both Tarot decks to answer I asked you to send me three numbers between 1 an 22 You want the 3 the empress the 4, the emperor and the 6, the lover voilá That’s what you have. It’s really lovely, quite incredible I’ll answer you, seeing this now I have an idea and now I’m going to use three cards first three, 1, 2 3 4, 5 6 that’s it. Your luck is on the table my dear Mitchel Look What you have is very good You have the three the four, the 3 they make 7 plus 6 makes 13 7, 3 plus 4 is 7 plus 6, 13 what comes up is the number of change the number of change and where is that change going? to metamorphosis the metamorphosis of what? you are like a caterpiller that twists to become a butterfly If you want to metamorphose you don’t want to become an octopus in a spider, in something negative you want to become positive you have aspirations for yourself you’re tired of yourself If you’re tired of yourself, you’re tired of the life you’re leading of the way in which you have to make music of how your partner is doing, who is truly your partner because here the 3 and 4 are a true couple in the tarot there are couples the emperor and the empress, then there’s the pope and the priestess There are couples. So it’s a couple and what’s more, this couple leads to the lover it’s a good emotional relationship well, a good emotional relationship but here there’s another woman Here you are with your woman, with your love, but there’s another woman I can’t say you’re cheating on your wife I could say, perhaps, that your wife has a mother and I could say that she has problems with her mother With your mother in law, maybe I might be wrong, it makes me laugh because they’re so common, these problems with mothers in law but here, look the Arcanum 13 is cleaning away the past and is cleaning the couple see? He’s cleaning the couple of the emperor and the empress, see their crowns? They’re the emperor and the empress, that means, perhaps, your marriage without children is reproducing in some way the marriage from which you were born So there’s something there you want to fix forgive me for saying these difficult things, I could be wrong I’m not judging you I’m reading the tarot and when I read the tarot I can’t lie it’s what I see and I hope it corresponds to you I’ll continue thinking how I can hope you if it’s this Look what comes up! the emperor! and by chance There are the miracles of the tarot you asked for the 4 and the 4 comes up. This is to say that your relationship is a very narrow one with your wife very narrow and it corresponds to what you are in this moment before the change she is also a worm who is twisting around next to you in order to metamorphose like you to be a butterfly like you when the butterfly comes out and looks for flowers, perhaps you will look for a white flower and she will seek a red one there’s a separation, or there’s a fulfillment together in metamorphosis This card will tell that ahh, look, the sun It’s a wish, you have to think about how if you want to metamorphose your wife must also she is your perfect company what lovely company, this sun and then the lover, see how in the lover there is a child-angel see? a child-angel that is to say, the sun is behind is tinted with childishness up to this moment you are you are 27 you are a very young couple that needs to mature see? to mature to make a change in the life you lead and go together with a new vision of the partnership new. Both collaborating with the other. Here you don’t collaborate because you are very imposing, there is emperor and emperor, and you wife is caught in the emperor’s strength You’re behaving with too much strength for her and she needs some freedom and to rise to the next level to be your equal well, so what happens, then, with this trio here? Look what’s here! Look here Look here! Look what’s happening to you twice you’ve had repetitions of something twice. You need change. You need what I told you. To organize your partnership in another way Let’s see by chance I’m going to take out, I have to do this I’m going to think about the magic there is that will make me choose the card that you would choose the hermit and here I’m going to shuffle the cards I’m going to choose the card you would choose Temperance So You want calm You want to find calm Here, clearly it say, calm down because you are wanting to arrive at solitude that’s the hermit who goes to his tree, away from the world by himself by himself and here it’s telling you, calm down, please The tarot say, the tarot of chance You should calm down so, next, 13 14… that’s the return to yourself return to yourself See, Ivo back to what I am I return to myself to return to myself and find yourself there so that then you can metamorphose into what you truly are. That is to say clean away completely your childish prejudices you way of being tied to what your family and society taught you and explode to be something more free now look what comes up. The encounter with your current wife I can’t tell you, she’s a beautiful woman she is the truth it could be… three possibilities: the encounter with your current wife an encounter with a new woman who corresponds more to your cosmic desires your artistic desires or to discover your own femininity your own femininity That’s what you haven’t you haven’t lived, your feminine side So I would say I want to tell you To live your yoru homosexuality, perhaps or maybe discover your soul, the soul of a man is feminine and the spirit of a woman is masculine In the Taoist yin and yang there’s a black comma and a white comma In the black comma there’s a white circle in the white comma, a black circle That is, in the man there is a dose of femininity which he must discover to establish a good relationship with a woman and in the woman there a dose of masculinity that she must discover and live to establish a good relationship with a man So you have these three possibilities Now what do you do? What do you do so that you don’t fear the change? And you decide to take the next step what psychomagical act can I… advise you to do? Well, Well Well, Look. Do two things Or do just one thing Dress as a woman one day with your wife’s clothes Dress only in your wife’s clothes and take photo of her cut out her face and make a mask of her if its possible, put on a wig with hair like hers and go out to look at the world in a busy street go to a restaurant walk around wherever you want do your work if you want, even if you’re alone, dressed like a women so that you see the world through her eyes Her eyes. and you’ll comprehend her and you’ll comprehend yourself. There you’ll find the solution I wish you the best Many thanks, again for your contribution to Psychomagia, our film.

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