Horóscopo Capricornio Enero 2019 | Nuevo Jefe y Fiestas

a tip for my warriors of
capricornio who are working on
now present problems
during the month of January with a chief
which it is in the unemployed have
new beginnings for you for
who they are in this crusade couple
arms not want to make absolutely
nothing and for those who are single
meetings or holidays is capricornio
happy holidays if you’re watching this
video now in December and good if you
see happy new year in January
I am jot and on December 23 it is today
or wow today is that I am
I recorded this video I just capricornio
to account today I am
celebrating the year of publishing my
first video of tarot want to
Thank you all and why
then reading for January
It will be the same as the first readings
I did the general reading and
I hope you enjoy them Escambia
in the comments if you like this
remember these are all messages
Additional because also my book
predictions for 2019 so that
we’ll see
consejitos which are additional to
capricornio you is really wow
betis manages hear and I did not mention aquarium
which today it is 23 wow advice
for my warriors Capricorn
They are working now to
those who are unemployed for the
they are a couple and for those who are
singles very well be my format
when you first start I hope you
remember that there are thousands like video
my channel for all tastes and
everyone in the end you get the
video then that tells you who go
to know they are in love with this
Here are tips part in the work
xota drinks that are talking to you
maybe having trouble with a boss or
You can present problems during the
January with a boss that you
It may be less than you or will put you
a boss who will be less than you will
be someone who placed as they say
there from a finger so good you my
amiguito the brother of my son
brother my son
but no no no no friend of my son
friend of my friend my friend my
friend is the one who’ll put here in the
business for now is the boss and
everyone is having problems
with that person because as it comes
selected finger he believed to be the
He knows all and knows but is not taking
the necessary approach because it does not know
be the leader and has a position
leadership wants to be the one that sends the
honcho then you will have problems
with that person needed that
lower the guard to take things
calmly because that person can
have them all in that job
so gripped by the neck likewise
How is this zone of glasses and the same
It can then cause it to miss
your job or you have a great call
of attention
so it is with those energies cuidadito
sign active hood and let
the comments if you relate to
this and if you like reading celebrating
the year of my Canada in court for
those who are unemployed are
new beginnings for you my
Warriors do not have capricornio
It comes the beginning of the year which are about to
have opportunities to do things
differently says they will
be many of you perhaps
initiating independent projects
Many of you may be thinking
to find a way to make a living
doing something your passion and perhaps
either having a video channel may
is doing tarot cards maybe
is suddenly making a channel
making travel channel do you
tutorials same as the dream
you have and that you want is your
passion that you have it in and you are
then driving to follow your
hunches do it because this new year
for you 2019 will be your year my
capricornio warrior not hesitate to
those who are in a
relationship right now of nine
drinks my guides you indicate that there is
a couple who is obviously your partner
this crusade of arms does not want to
absolutely nothing can be you too
but you is you are telling me that in
This time out they shot the
butt as it says in some countries like
They say in your country
but I know that sentence is being
Understanding in several places because it
as you were saying is you say well you
man were saying spectacular test
test model were saying Supermodels
stop stop all of this said there
aldrich inba good Enrique Martin or
Well you could have enrique garcía
You understand my point saying this is this
divine woman model Victoria’s
secrets from my war that I love
making these films and now you have
to that prince and the princes your
home do not want to do anything
no longer send text messages you no longer have
details with you and no romance
and good to say now you’re gonna get you
make a decision because that person
It seems unwilling to do absolutely
nothing is stuck in this film
which it is the king or queen of the south ‘
That is if you want that
relationship is better than recommended
Jalen you ears and make them
mark my trips to work it is like
a man who does not play does not touch do not know
playing a drill not ride do not know
clean the dishes or good woman
not to make any
office work or whatever you want
be in the house all day
You dab it was how these
functions if they speak these situations
couple’s relationship will end is
She was married to someone who did not reach
100% meet or are committed
with someone they are in a relationship with
someone they have not met the 100% and
They are now those regretful
Singles are three cups
rumbas meetings celebrations celebrations
paris all this will be just fine
aspected for you because these holidays
They will enliven the spirit of love in you
that person may want to know
come into your life as long as you leave
salt cave salt to your capricornio
salt explore fun and if you’re in
are unemployed and unmarried status
because I want you to know that my guides you
are indicating that this combination
it will be perfect for you because you will
then connect with those trips that
you plan to do with a person
special that you will meet your true
Love you find on a trip
at this moment you screen appears
my next video
and there are more details of love on the part
above the link to buy your
Book decreed many predictions 2019
I love light and progress


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