Hello, happy to meet you for this horoscope of the top signs for the month of February. If you like the channel, please subscribe. You can also find me on my social networks, Instagram and Twitter. The first of the top signs of this month is a sign of Air, which is normal since we are in Aquarius period, it is also a sign of Air, it’s Gemini! You are featured for several reasons. First, because the Sun in Aquarius house and until the 18th, lights up strongly a house of well-being, opening on others, from … warm participation in life and its events, which also manages your travels. So maybe you will … go somewhere … to ski, to the countryside, to go hiking, who know… in any case there is an aspect of distance taken with the Sun in Aquarius house, whether it’s taking distance because you’re leaving, or intellectually because you are temporarily taking distances from problems Let’s say that you can take a step back with this Sun in Aquarius house. We continue with Mercury which is your planet of communication, and your master planet too. So Mercury is also up until the 10th in the sign of the Aquarius. For once, Mercury is very comfortable in the Aquarius house because not only it has ideas, but on top of that it has ideas that are not like those of others. They are sometimes innovative, sometimes even on a technical, scientific level. So… you may not be a scientist, but you may be interested in science, new technologies which are represented by Aquarius. So maybe there will be discoveries, things, articles that will interest you a lot and you will develop a little bit this area of ​​interest because with Mercury in Aquarius, you develop, Aquarius is a sign for you that allows you to amplify and develop the things you love. Then good, Mercury being in the planet of displacements, there is again an element that indicates that you could prepare a little trip, the holidays, something, since we are in the right period. Finally, on the communication side, then frankly good, the only thing that will have to be watched, it is not to cut off the others too much because you will have, you will understand everything very quickly, so you will tend to cut off your interlocutors because … you will understand even before them what they want to tell you! We will finish with another good aspect, that of Mars which will last until the 14th. This will mainly concern the 3rd decan of Gemini, and which therefore occupies his sign, Aries, it is strong, it is powerful even when it is in Aries house, and she occupies the house of your hopes and your projects. So now is the time, if you have a project in mind, an idea, something, to put it on the table, or put this project on track, or start something that concerns a project that you have prepared for some time … I mean, I cannot know what stage you are in this project, but what I can tell you is that with this harmony of Mars, it will speed up, There will be a booster. So this booster can be you who suddenly develop more energy, but it can also be a helping hand that comes from the outside, someone who will tell you “I know how to do it”, or “I know someone who has already done this and who can help.” In short, there will be help coming from somewhere and it will help you … or move the project forward, or finally get it started, depending on where you are at. The second top sign of this month of February, it’s you, Sagittarius friends
You’re not an Air sign, since we are in the Aquarius period, we might think that there’s only the air signs that are going to be up, well no! The signs of Fire too, since the air activates the fire! So a really active month for you. The sun will be in Aquarius until the 19th approximately, the 18th/19th, so that will concern especially the second part of your sign, and you will have ideas … they’ll come in volume, and often, with Aquarius these are ideas, concepts a little bit staggered, original ideas, solutions to problems that nobody had thought of, but you think about it because you are not in conventional thinking, you are not in something of habits,
your mind works differently, and so you see things differently from others.
It’s an excellent … disposition! There is also a lot of dialogues with, and we’ll see it further, with Mercury you are in the house which relates to communication.
So relationships with loved ones are favored also with with Aquarius and let’s say there is a small light and fun side, so maybe you’re going take a vacation and you will be in the company of friends or … close relatives with whom you get along well, and it will be a good time. You’re also on top this month thanks to Mercury. Mercury is the planet of trade, you know, and it is also in Aquarius house, like the sun. They are also more or less joint, but hey, the sun, represents your goals, your ambitions while Mercury represents your way of communicating. So it overlaps a bit because the house represented by Aquarius is the house of communication. So we have twice, even three times, indicators, … how to say?… it puts the cursor on the side of communication, exchanges, trips, steps to do too.
With Mercury, we are often in a … in a period when we have administrative procedures to do for example. You have to go ask something to… an administration. Well it is also administrative, in short! So Mercury will also facilitate your means of expression, whatever they may be, that you express yourself verbally or in writing,. Often Sagittarius likes to write, he loves … to philosophize, he likes … to be heard, to show that he has culture, and that … he must be taken seriously in this area, while the Aquarius side makes there is humor in the air, there is lightness so you may be afraid not to take yourself seriously, but no problem. We finish, Sagittarius friends, with Mars. It’s your strength this February. So it’ll last until March 14th It is in Aries house, you know it, it is rather strong since it is in her sign, and so if you are from the 3rd decan, you will really appreciate because first you will be in good shape, really, you will feel alive at most amongst others… sometimes it happens that we feel a little behind, a little bit transparent, but absolutely not! Above all, you will dare. You will to undertake.
You will even take risks, but these will be calculated risks, and in my opinion, you will have no difficulty to do what you undertake, not in the long run, but in any case to give a nice impulse! Afterwards to carry out, it will be better when Mars will be in Taurus, but as long as it is in Aries, it will give the impulse, we give the starting point, we put things in place, we really undertake, that’s it! That’s the word that suits this Mars house in Aries. Just take a little care to spare your friends because you will have so much energy, will, determination … Do not make decisions for them, for example. The third top sign of this month of February, We are now in the signs of Water.
It’s going to be Cancer. Because from the 18th, well the Sun is going to enter the Pisces house…
On the 19th and the 20th, The Sun will return to the Pisces house, therefore in sign of Water also, and inevitably, you will be in harmony with the conjuncture, you will feel in phase, especially since the Sun in Pisces illuminated a sector for Cancer which is extremely fulfilling. You see life “La vie en Rose”, more than before, in any case if you are from the 1st decan and a small part of the second, you have the impression of counting more in the eyes of others… of having easiness to succeed in what you undertake, How do you explain that?
The Sun is in your house 9, which is a sector of luck, so it’s not a big luck, but small daily lucks of everyday life.
The one where you find an immediate spot on the parking lot in front of where we are going, or when the bus … arrives right when we arrive, you see, these little coincidences, these little … those little things in everyday life that all of a sudden are going in the right direction, so you do not have to wait, you do not have to … to do anything really. So obviously, it only applies to some areas, especially with the Sun is the area of ​​your ambitions. Mercury is also part of the planets which will put you on top this month, because it will be, from the 10th in the sign of Pisces too, therefore even before the Sun enters the Pisces house. You will feel a little bit of this Pisces atmosphere through your exchanges, through your relationships with your loved ones, through even your relationships with your customers since Mercury represents all these people we meet every day.
We can meet, with whom we can have an appointment, with whom we can do business. Here it is Mercury and Mercury is in the Pisces house. Starting the 10th, It will obviously be in good harmony with you and in addition, to top it off, you will have a lot of intuition because Mercury in Pisces it is … it sees through appearances, and so you will know how to capture some things that others do not see but you’ll see, and it will be your strength … In the field of work, business, negotiations, etc. you will feel, you see there will be this notion of intuitively feeling,
what the other is going to tell you,
or what are his hidden intentions, or even what your interlocutor does not know and you know about him. Third planet to be in good shape with you, but only after the 14th, it’s Mars, and it will be for the 1st decan! Mars, planet of energy, will, and decision, which is really what makes us act, which makes us move … Mars will be in your area … projects. So it’s not just about your projects, it also concerns your professional alliances, your friendships, the links that you will tie with people who are likely to help you, or that you are likely to help, it works both ways … So … With Mars in this area of ​​mutual aid, help and support, you will definitely do something that will allow you to move forward … in your projects whatever they are.
You may even be able to start them yourself, undertake something new Or ask someone to help you on a project you have. It’s a dynamic harmony that makes you want to go ahead and sometimes even go a little too fast! Fourth top sign of this month of February: Scorpio. Well, Scorpio friends, but in the second half of the month, after .. say after the 18th, the Sun will then return to Pisces and … as you are a sign of Water, that the Sun in Pisces will be in sign of Water too, you will necessarily be in line with the economic situation. On top of that, Pisces is your most sentimental sign, the most, how to say? The one … if you are a creative, for example, the one who will give you the most inspiration, where you will be able to dig a little in your deepest resources to create, to innovate … Many things that will make you happy. In fact the energy of … this second part of February for Scorpio, it will be pleasure, the idea of ​​pleasure, the idea of ​​… giving yourself pleasure, or allows you to provide pleasure to others visually, aesthetically, or simply, showing your darling how much you love him or her. Do not forget that we have Valentine’s Day on the 14th, and that it will be necessary … to make a little effort to show the other that you have feelings. Because of Scorpio, it’s still a little secret, it’s a little bit mysterious,
it does not want to be unveiled, it has trouble saying that it likes, it shows it in another way, but it has a little trouble. so make a little effort! Second planet to be … the best for you this February, it’s Mercury. So it will be from the 10th, so even before the Sun, it will return in Pisces and … same, it will be in tune with you since it will be in sign of Water and that it will have a particular sensitivity, an intuition, which will be really helpful to you at any time. It’s going to be three decans because it’s fast, so … say that you will feel it a day or two, from the 10th, each, and you really have to use your intuition, what you will capture. You will have antennas, so you will capture what others do not say, what they are trying to hide or even what they do not know about themselves. You have the gift, you Scorpio, to find in the folds and folds of … of the psyche of others what they do not … know of themselves and you reveal them.
You are a sign who likes to reveal to others what they really are, and with Mercury, of course, you will be completely at the party for that! But it’s also a very good … how to say? a very good configuration for your work overall
Because, in my opinion, what you will do, will earn you compliments, Even if you are not creative, if you are not an artist, you will be entitled to your little compliment in the course of the month, but after the 10th! The third planet to be in good shape with you, in this month of February, it’s from the 3rd, Venus! And a serious Venus, It returns to Capricorn, a sign of Earth with which you get along well, precisely because it has this background of sincerity and authenticity, and also of fidelity, of seriousness, finally, all the qualities that you can appreciate in others. And so Venus, in this sign of Capricorn, you will like a lot. It does not mean that you will be more in love than usual, it simply means that you will be surrounded by people you like, or even love, and that will really give you an impression of … emotional security not to risk being lied to, betrayed. You will be internally quiet, with the people with whom you will be. So obviously, Venus is fast, it’s always the same thing, except when it retrogrades, but there it does not retrograde, so its speed makes you feel that well-being with your loved ones for a day or two, three maximum, but well, it’ll be worth it because anyway, all moments of well-being are worthwhile inside you and fight the negative, so, thank you Venus! Bye bye. See you next month, for your March forecast, By then if you want more details, if you are part of the signs that have not been mentioned, and well you go, if you like to read, on,

  • Bonsoir, vous êtes très très juste en ce qui concerne la personnalité des sagittaires. Tout comme, dans son ensemble, l'horoscope quotidien et mensuel. Je prends l'horoscope avec précaution mais je note toujours les conseils. Merci pour votre travail et votre gentillesse. Au plaisir de vous lire et écouter.

  • Youpi ! Mon cher et tendre est CANCER né un 04 juillet ♡ vos analyses sont tellement riches, claires et rassurantes, même si ce sont des généralités, ça booste ! Mon mari en a bien besoin, à son compte, gros bosseur qui attend le succès et la reussite surtout financiere ♡☆♡☆ et puis devinez…je suis SCORPION ! Du 26 octobre…et comme cela m'est utile et tellement vrai, reconfortant, encourageant et inspirant♡☆♡ ☆ mille MERCIS VENUS 😉 mille MERCIS Christine !!!

  • Marrant pour le gémeaux,ma collègue de boulot viens de faire le moteur de sa voiture et pour gouverne elle est femme de ménage… alors signe top et voyage…!!!!!hum c vraiment de la foutaise l'horoscope….. désolé suis scorpion et peut pas m'empêcher de parler….

  • Bonsoir
    Je vous présente tous mes Voeux pour 2019. Prenez soin de vous.
    Je voulais vous demander, je suis née le 8/8/1961 à 9h50.
    Je suis donc 2ème decan du Lion ascendant 1er décan de la Balance et la lune en Cancer… Je voulais donc savoir si je devais aussi tenir compte du signe du Cancer ?
    Merci à bientôt

  • Je suis Scorpionne de deuxième décan bonjour Vénus oui j'ai besoin de ces moments de me sentir en sécurité et que mon autre Bélier qui est en silence depuis plusieurs mois vient me rassurer et à l'approche de Saint Valentin me dévoiler enfin ses sentiments.. je vous adore Namasté 💞

  • Je suis Gémeaux Je ne fais que cela ; couper la parole de mon interlocuteur est mon défaut majeur vous avez tapé plein dans le mil 👏👏. Merci pr ce positivisme.
    Votre visage est radieux et la couleur que vous portez vous va à ravir 😘😘😘😘

  • Avec ces prémices d espoir comme des bougies que vous allumez ds l'obscurité… pourrais je rêver d'une réponse de vous s'il vous plaît.
    Femme Née en 12 juin 1978 gémeaux ascendant Vierge j' ai des problèmes financiers urgent et des objectifs à atteindre , est ce que le dénouement est proche, ma vie à été très compliquée et j'aspire à un confort. 😁😁😢😘d'avance merci

  • Je me demande bien ce qu'il en sera des 3e decan balance…apparament nous ne faisons pas partie une fois de plus des signes en vedette🤧🤧🤧

  • Je suis du signe de la balance du 23 septembre et depuis longtemps je n ai vraiment pas de chance !Je suis désespéré 😔

  • J"adore Christine ,c'est une sympathique astrologue qui nous remplit de bonheur pour la journée !! Je lui offrirai bien une collation ,hummmm…..
    à 16H ,tantot pour une belle discussion de tout et sur tout ; son mari à bien de la chance en tout les cas lol !!

  • Bonjour
    Merci pour votre commentaire sur mon signe le cancer 1er decan ascendant scorpion née le 220663 à 17h45 mais j attends le côté "vie en rose "en févier car pour le moment C est "vie en gris "!!

  • Merci vous appuyez mes idées. Super pour moi qui suis gémeaux ascendant verseau. En effet, je voulais vendre ma maison depuis bientôt 8 ans, coincée par d'autres mais c'est fini, elle est vendue et je prépare mon déménagement pour avril, génial et professionnellement bon aussi ouf ça faisait longtemps que la chance n'était plus là, 2019 commence bien 🙂

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