Hollywood Stars Lashing Out At Kevin Spacey

  • They all knew what was going on and Kevin Spacey isn't the only pedo in that Hollywood nest. More will be exposed soon enough. They all knew.

  • Hahaha…why suddenly bring this up after such a long time
    Further more what was a 14 year old doing at a party with adults without supervision
    Wasnt that fella rapp or ratt suppose to be at home sleeping like all teenager do

  • CBS opens this bit calling it 'a sex scandal' and the rest of you watching CBS are still watching CBS…idiots, eat it up sheep.

  • Talk about a feeding frenzy! They protect each others perversions for decades, but once the can of worms is open they turn on each other like piranha.

  • Hypocrisy at its worst. Celebrities commenting on what they've always known. They better think about their own closets before making stupid statements.

  • One Night Kevin Spacey, George Clooney and Rob Reiner bursted into my room and sucked my dick. So how much money do you think i can get. Im thinking a few hundred thousand.

  • Here’s the difference: Michael Jackson fought and wasn’t afraid to face the tough questions although he hated it!!! Obviously was a bunch of bullshit! Kevin spacey on the other hand hides and apologizes for these pedophilic acts??

  • Camryn raising her son as a feminist is her prerogative. I think you should raise sons to be gentlemen who respect and protect women.

  • This woman is the spokeswoman for "Bad Moms" Christmas and saying she is raising her son as a Feminist.  This is hysterical.  You cannot make this shit up.

  • Feminism does NOT = kind & gentle. Just look at abortion. (I'm surprised someone actually found Mannheim attractive enough to have sex with, but then again liberals do smoke more pot)

  • start investigating the bosses of Nickelodeon they have abused 10 years old children.why does nobody talk about Nickelodeon and all the kids who already shared their stories and all the pedophile casting they had over the years?
    Do not use these old people cases to cover up a way bigger scandal and it is Hollywood pedophilia and Nickelodeon.
    We are talking kids from ages 8 to 13.There are some videotapes showing pool parties and these monsters and their weird fetishes.

  • I am beginning to believe that around 90% of actors in Hollywood male and female have done some fucked up shit. The thing i don't understand is celebrities can get as much legal sex as they want why do they end up doing stupid shit with kids. Why do some of the men in Hollywood grope women when they can practically get laid anytime i just don't understand.

  • I am starting to releize that the holly wood actors are hypacrities , Both men and women. Many of these people who allegedly were assalted left this go on for years. Why do people not speak up. I do not understand the war like way the feminists are going just on the world.

  • So I had made the comment that none of these politics,celebs,etc. wouldn't see the inside of a cell in this lifetime..Iam proud to say I was wrong.We might just see real justice.Its still early to tell but so far it looks promising.What kind of sucks is most of them have lived their life and would not get the full treatment of whichever punishment is to come

  • If you listen to reps whole interview he did more than just come on to him but the media is trying to downplay it as usual

  • Kevin spacey was one of my favourite actors and i am totally fine with him being gay but molesting a boy of 14 years is so much disturbing to know seriously why would he do so

  • Keep all of this in mind the next time a Hollywood personality starts spouting off about politics or environmental issues etc. Hollywood is a haven for degenerates and scumbags.

  • Kevin thinks Being Gay gives him the excuse to be a Phedo…. Poor Guy.

    Not only he is Demented he is also stupid for crossing a dangerous line.

  • HAHAHA VERY FUNNY, HOLLYWOOD is full of pedophiles / But Hollywood will distance themselves and throw shade at an actor for something there just as guilty of doing or allowing to happen in the industry. "HOLLYWOOD" is aware of what goes on – Shirley Temple this shit has been going on for decades wake up

  • I was molested and I'm not an actor. Thanks to God, counseling, mental therapy and other positive spiritual meetings my life has improved a lot.

  • Ugh. Oscar stars are lashing out and you cunts are pretending it's news while cashing in like motherfuckers. As for the performers stacking on, how about they EXPOSE abusers instead of waiting for victims to rip themselves to shreds out of fear?

  • REALLY Camryn Manheim!!!!!??? You're a FEMINIST!!!!???? REALLY!!!??? I'm so shocked, being as how you are an actress living in Hollyweird and all. Now you are at war with your own kind and going all cannibalistic on each other for the first time!! You just keep being a Femme-Nazi while I sit back with a bowl of popcorn and a glass of Vino Rojo watching you and your fellow Libtards eat, chew, digest and spit one another out for breakfast, lunch and dinner. – Cheers 🍷🥂🍻

  • it's very sad and hard to believe, but I'm wondering why all the stars, the producers, were not against Woody Allen, when he seduced his daughter, seduced little girl he raised with her wife, why did he was forgiven?just because he is honorable Hollywood director? shame on him too that was big mistake from society ,he isn't less guilty…

  • If Kevin was this sexual predatory . I think other people in Hollywood knew but kept quiet and should be just held responsible.

  • when that nigga said I don't remember he snitched on himself, just be political and just say I didn't do it and it's all false allegation.

  • A relationship with a grown man is different than a 14 year old boy does this fucker not know the difference? When he says he's had relationships with men and women he forgot to mention boys too? Disgusting

  • all the homophobes and evangelicals are fully engorged over this
    (and happy it's not a pastor or a Republican politician again)

  • fuck anthony shit or what ever his name is it was more then 20 years ago where the hell where you all this time why didin't you say nothing untill now i think all this story is bullshit spacey is a great actor even if he is gay come on guys for goda sake he's Kevin Spacey not some bullshit actor nobody ever heard about think people think

  • To her credit, I don't think Camryn was lashing out at all. I feel her talking points were cogent and thoughtful. I agree with her philosophy of parenting. I hate that news broadcasters use words like "lashing out" to attract viewers. The very idea that one's attention could not be gotten without sensationalizing the headlines not only insults their audience, but reflects poorly on "the stars" who are purported to be lashing out!

  • go investigate the wars. the cia. tge corrupt politicians. the money tgey steal from the people. go investigate u stupid morons! ur not journalists. ur scumbags. ur enslaving americans and urselves but ur to stupid to do good! i mean look at u. dead babies smothered on ur faces. a can of hairspray in ur dorky ugly hair. ur just stupid i tell you. God regards u all as just plain stupid

  • I have no doubt that Kevin Spacey had experienced abuse and was exposed to sex as a child. From the stories that are starting to surface about him, l would bet anything that Kevin experienced a considerable amount of abuse from a very early age, and was also introduced to sexual activity with other boys and/or adults.

  • what a hypocrisy from hollywood, an actual rapist like romanpolansky is walking away in freedom and this guy is crusified and he is not guilty until proven wrong.

  • Yea yea, it's all coming out now. EVERYBODY in the entertainment industry knew about Spacey and they knew it for at least 30 years. I have no idea how he got away with it but then, Merv Griffin got away with it even though that was common knowledge too.

  • There is really no particular "Lashing Out" in this video… nor much in the way of Hollywood stars. I remember this woman from one t.v. show and she was fine, but by "stars" I thought you meant people like Bradley Cooper, Jennifer Lawrence, "Markie Mark", or "The Rock" (who seems to be in every other new release these days)… this vid's title suggests it is just click-bait. As for Spacey, I don't condone his actions, but I'm sure the same drunken behavior was engaged in by many other Hollywood actors, which makes me wonder if he is being made an example of in order to convince us that Hollywood as a whole is is outraged about such behavior. If so they ignored it and waited for years until it was convenient to display such outrage.

  • Hmmm… the prophet of islam Muhammad did things that were a thousand times worse and they still`worship the sleazebag. Let us get perspective on the big picture. It´s not alright anywhere, anytime or any place to do do what sexual perverts do. Not in the name of power or religion.

  • This guy comes out now. He is just looking for a payday. 15 year old at a party? Come on. Kevin lost everything over accusations. Is there any evidence? If Kevin did do it, then yes lock him up. But ruining his intire life with accusations is crazy.

  • Fucking Hollywood, hypocrites. Yesterday they worshipped the man and today all of a sudden he became the devil?!! No one is perfect, everyone makes mistakes. Truth will come out soon, wait and see. All I can say is stay strong Kevin Spacey❤ and know that you are loved by many and many people who truly care about you ❤

  • That Feminist Lady shows the Wierd Anti Man/Anti American hate they hold, She said a kind World Citizen. Kevin Spacey should be locked up forever but this New Movement of Anti Norms and Hating America is just as disgusting. We will see the real effects by 2025

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