Here’s The Woman Behind Prince William’s Alleged Affair

Since Kate Middleton met and married Prince
William, the Duchess of Cambridge has encountered very little in the way of scandal. That’s not exactly a surprise… does she
scream “scandalmonger” to you? “Childhood is an incredibly important moment
in our lives. It is a time when we explore our personalities…” But on April 15, 2019, In Touch floated a
cover story claiming that Prince William had cheated on the duchess with her friend Rose
Hanbury… even though Prince William doesn’t exactly strike us as a wild card himself. “Thank you so much for showing that the great
British public doesn’t let a little rain spoil a good day out.” Here’s everything you need to know about this
supposed royal scandal. Prior to the In Touch cover story, the biggest
controversy that Kate Middleton drummed up was during that brief period when she and
Prince William split up in 2007. She allegedly got drunk on white wine, wore
Playboy bunny ears to a nightclub, and fell down while roller skating. Normal breakup stuff, basically. But now Middleton finds herself facing the
same kind of cheating rumors that plagued Princess Diana several decades ago. The accusations come from a single American
tabloid, and the British media has left the story virtually untouched. That didn’t stop the story from going viral:
Prince William was soon trending worldwide. But where did the rumors came from? That’s the million-pound question. On the surface, it looks like the whole thing
started with a bizarre, unsubstantiated girl fight that snowballed into the ultimate betrayal. Really, though? To fully understand what’s going on here,
it’s important to understand who Rose Hanbury is. According to The Sun, she’s Yes, for some inexplicably British reason,
that’s pronounced “Chumley.” According to The Cut, a Marchioness is the
wife of a Marquess; an aristocratic title that ranks slightly below Duke. In other words, if the rumors are true, Hanbury
punched up. But how close is she to Kate Middleton? Hanbury is reportedly part of Kate and Wills’
Norfolk friends group dubbed the “Turnip Toffs.” Based on the sheer amount of wealth and drama,
The Toffs are basically the UK real-life reboot of Dynasty. “I suggest that you tread very carefully with
me.” Hanbury is a former model who once made headlines
after posing in a bikini next to former prime minister Tony Blair. Her husband is David Rock­savage, otherwise
known as David Cholmondeley, 7th Marquess of Cholmondeley. He’s a former filmmaker who’s 23 years older
than his wife, and he inherited an estate worth an estimated 112 million pounds. According to The Sun, the Marquess and Marchioness
of Cholmondeley live in a mansion that’s only three-and-a-half miles away from Kate and
William’s Anmer Hall residence. Oh, and their kids are playmates. Could a stronger bond possibly exist between
parents of high society? In April 2019, The Daily Beast reported that
rumors of a royal affair had been floating around for the better part of a year. The first whiff that something wasn’t right
with the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge allegedly emerged in a report from the Daily Mail, when
the tabloid insisted that Middleton saw Hanbury as her The Sun echoed that sentiment a few days later,
claiming that the Duchess of Cambridge wanted Hanbury, quote, “phased out” of their friends
group. Throughout this alleged falling out, Prince
William was reportedly doing his best to mediate the situation. The cause of the supposed spat was entirely
unclear. Since 2018, Middleton and Prince William have
faced more than a few rumors about alleged in-fighting. The tabloids have mostly focused on Kate’s
relationship with sister-in-law Meghan Markle. Some reports claim the royal couple wanted
the Duke and Duchess of Sussex to leave England altogether so that they could remain in the
spotlight, but theories abound. In regards to the alleged fight between Middleton
and Rose Hanbury, details are exceedingly scarce. According to The Daily Beast, not a single
publication can even explain what happened. Of course, that might be because nothing happened
at all. History isn’t on Prince William’s side. His father Prince Charles found himself embroiled
in a similar scandal when his affair with Camilla Parker-Bowles rocked headlines while
he was still married to Princess Diana. Of course, those rumors turned out to be entirely
true. “Diana lost her Royal Highness title and became
simply Diana, Princess of Wales. A year later, she was dead.” Today, Parker-Bowles is the Duchess of Cornwall. Of course, history doesn’t actually repeat
itself quite as often as the tabloids would lead us to believe. According to The Daily Beast, it’s official
royal protocol to ignore untrue stories… so then why did Prince William apparently
flip the script? As the Daily Mail reports, he allegedly considered
legal action to fight stories of the supposed affair. Could his reaction mean something sinister? If the story was complete nonsense, why would
he care? The Daily Beast reports that Prince William
did eventually pursue legal action, sending at least one warning to a publication that
spread rumors about the alleged affair. But again… why? In Touch became the first mainstream magazine
to publish a report on Prince William’s alleged romp. According to The Daily Beast, the report claimed
Prince William did the deed while Middleton was pregnant with their third child. That would be quite a slap in the face for
the doting mother of two. According to In Touch, Middleton reportedly
heard about the rumors and immediately demanded that Prince William, Reportedly, that’s what inspired the alleged
falling out. According to In Touch, the scandal has, Has it, though? It’s important to note that In Touch has what
we’ll call “a complicated relationship with credibility.” According to The New York Times, In Touch
even runs a false story about Jennifer Aniston being pregnant several times a year… and
that’s just one celeb. Our advice? Take this particular royal rumor with the
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