HEALING MASTER (复合大师) – Episode 3 [Eng] | Chinese Drama

You have convened so many media, claiming that you have some big news to announce. According to my bold guess, I wonder if it is related to Tina as netizens guessed on the Internet. Sorry, we won’t answer the question. Please don’t use“we”. It is you that don’t want to answer. However,I am not asking you. It is really “the emperor Is not urgent,eunuch is urgent.” Wei. You must think the thing clearly, putting aside our personal enmities. Yes. Today I invite you to come here, I just want to tell you the person who I care about most in the world is Tina. Mr.Pang. Could you please repeat what you said just now in front of all media? Are you sure that Tina will turn up? I am sure. Tina, I am waiting for you in the warmth of spring with all the flowers blooming. Let me sum up your relationship. In the beginning, you were in a good condition. Pang Wei needed you and relied on you. However,Pang Wei became famous later, and he didn’t rely on you as he used to. You love him, so you are afraid of losing him, You fear that feeling as well. Once,I even told her that I was an idol, so it’s impossible for me to hold your hands in public. I also told her that we even had to pretend not to know each other if we meet by chance. She is still smiling and looked at me said OK. So you have tolerated pain silently all the time and finally you gave up until this time. Shortly after the scandal was exposed,she even wouldn’t like to listen to my explanation. I couldn’t get in touch with her in every way. She also moved to another place. As far as I know, Pang Wei entered that club because he was to talk with his friends about business. He tended to be brave and upright in front of you, planning to get his sideline settled into a pattern and to retire from the entertainment industry. What? I will be away from the entertainment circle. No,no. Definitely not. I am confused. It was his company obstructed you before. Now,Pang Wei is willing to abandon the whole world for you, why do you shrink back instead? You don’t understand. I have already retired from the industry, so I know clearly what the feeling will be like from the stage to the ordinary life. Lives on stage and off stage are truly two different worlds. We used to stand on stage, so once we return to our ordinary lives, we are nothing. We even can’t cook fried rice with egg just a lame ducks. I don’t want Pang Wei to go through the feelings I suffered, I don’t want to make him regret. Oh,my God. Oh,my God.I can’t believe it. What is up? Guess what?
Guess how many fans we have now? Let us have a look. Right. Guess how many followers we have on Weibo now? 1,000.
3,000. Guess again. Five thousand. Guess again. Over ten thousand. Let me tell you, now,our fans are up to 125,361. We succeed. Everything is ready,and all that we need is the east wind. Now,it is up to our head. Just now on his way to go there, Pang Wei forwarded a piece of micro blog that a pleasant result will be obtained by both sides’ efforts. If one of them falls, the other will guard him. But if one of them falls alone, then that will be bad. Although Pang Wei was wronged by the media and made a break with his talent agency, he didn’t fall. Instead,now,he is clearer than anyone that who he is and what he wants. It is OK that I am not a star any longer, but I can never lose Tina in any case. Do you really think it is only you who makes efforts and tolerate the pain? In the past eight years,Pang Wei has been making efforts no less than you. I just like a walking ghost. In fact, I lost my ego. You are not falling alone, actually,Pang Wei is always with you. He needs you. If all of the people in the world forget me. At least I can hold my sweetheart’s hands and sit by the roadside, eating kebab and drinking beers. I can also go shopping with her hand in hand, enjoying the happiness She cannot go In the past eight years, Pang Wei turned himself into a superstar through his hard work. He owed all his achievement to Tina. Because of her painstaking experience, he cannot give up. What are you saying?
As Tina said, they only belongs to the stage. And as soon as he left the stage,he is like a piece of rubbish. He cannot do anything. Why prevent me?Am I wrong? How can we just sit by and watch Pang Wei becomes a lame duck? He should go where he should go. No.
Don’t interrupt me.I have not finished it yet. Tina,I understand what you said just now. I reckoned that for Pang Wei, these eight years You have suffered a lot. So it is not easy for him to gain so great achievement, and you should support him And persuade him not to give up. I know you, and I think you did well. Well,Tina. So,you consider it first. And I want to have a private conversation with her. I have not finished yet. Stop saying. Let go of me. Otherwise,I am going to bite you. I nearly succeeded just now, but you have completely messed it up. Where is your success? She has been hesitated just now. Did you notice her hands? Her eyes,her body movement and all of her cells appeal to me 00:08:29.03,00:08:30.07
But there was only one reason that she held back. Which part of her body did you find is shouting? I…… It is her subtext,all right? I could have taken advantage of it to open her knot if you didn’t interrupt me. Now all is in vain. Oh,my God.Did I do something wrong? Benefactor. Well,anyway,I do everything for Pang Wei, right? Can you come up with any measures to repair? Could you teleport away for Pang Wei? How? Get out of my sight right now! Wait! Jesus! I didn’t mean that just now. Don’t misunderstood me. Go. Leave me alone! I’m sorry, Pang Wei I’m afraid that Tina couldn’t come. I got it. What’s the matter? We’ve been keeping waiting for an hour. It has been so long for him hasn’t show up yet. All of my media friends, I have to tell you that today’s Press Conference has been canceled. I’m sorry to disappoint you. I’m so sorry. Mr. Pang Wei, Mr. Pang Wei, Mr. Pang Wei. Say something, please. Has the planned Press Conference truly been canceled? You are almost standing on my face. Well, Mr. Pang Wei, you sent a blog, which read “Spring is coming, I’m still waiting for you, Tina.” Dose it means that you’ve admit the hidden romance? But Tina hasn’t appear until now. Does it means the break of the unexposed romance? Is that true? I’m really sorry. Well,just go so far. Sorry, the Press Conference has been canceled. Nah, boss, what now? You must take Tina to here even with your shoulder. Exactly! Well, stop joking. Don’t bother about that, get more attention first. Look! Pang Wei has come to the search top because of his canceling the Press Conference. Followed it , Healing Master has been in the top five. Besides, the users of our app Keeps increasing, and the number increases to 165,337. Sister, let’s solve the problems together. Wei is still waiting for you. Go. Why are you still standing there? Hurry up. Zhou Mo, just leave it to me you go to Pang Wei and calm him down. Come on. My parents sent me a photo just now. Today is the anniversary of their-thirty-year marriage. They looked happy, don’t they? But would you believe that they keep quarreling almost everyday from the first day they got married to today. The most ridiculous thing is that they thought they argued behind me each time and never know about it. And I never expose the truth, just keep pretending nothing had happened. So why could they contain each other till now but never loss? The truly simple reason, Me. They don’t want to let me be come a child from a single-parent family. I suppose you may also afraid of the same thing just like my parents. Miss Tina, I’m afraid of nothing. I found a really odd thing in your house a moment ago, which comes from a hospital near your apartment which is a maternity hospital. The only reason why you go there at this particular time is you’ve been carrying his child again. I haven’t. If not, please tell me what on earth in this inspection report? Why should I explain it to you? It has been a huge shadow in your life, since you abandoned the child eight years ago. You are afraid that the child was born to

live in shadows just as you do. Meanwhile, you are concerned about Pang Wei’s career You let the hidden romance out, so you are struggling and hesitating all the time for whether keep the child or not. Don’t pretend that you know about me. I don’t know about you. But I hope that you can leave yourself, Pang Wei, and your child a chance to hang out for having and drinking together. Wei, Wei. Everything is moving on. What? I’m not talking to you. Wei. Could you try to be considerate? The thing your idol most needed now is personal room. No, it’s me! Wei. Why there is still media here? Go out, go, hurry up! Are you evicting me or a sheep? Besides, why have I to follow your order, since here is not you own territory. You are mentioned too. Wei,
I must go. I’ve got something to do, I have to send the manuscript out when I go back. Tina is a truly unreliable woman. Watch your tongue! Who is unreliable? Congratulations on your promotion to be a father. Flowers blossom in spring, true love bloom in cherishing. Li Duan, I miss you, really really miss you. My eyes just like the overturned fish tank. The earth stopped rotating. I can’t see it clearly. How many memories? How many moods? Finally, you closed the door gently. Suddenly memory lies in my eyes. The time we traveled in snow. That coat you draped over my shoulder. I’m gonna be a father. That day was my first time. I cried in your arms. Sorry. It was too late. Want to promise not to love you. Manners when we broke up suggested our pleasantries. Why am I so hard when talking? With my heart so soft towards you. Sorry. It was too late. As I promised not to love you. Gone should the dignity won by quarrels. All of a sudden,depress occurs to me. What kind of mood I am in? I lost. Excuse me, are you a journalist? Yes, I am. I have something to declare. What are you doing? You are caught in your own trap, Pang Wei. You contact this matter for some time, now you’re giving up. Do you believe that I will sent you to court for faking news? You can. But I can also expose your things. It’s you to embarrass Pang. Let’s wait and see. Very well. It was you. You gave the journalists money for producing a fake video. You betrayed Wei. What do you mean? I heard you talking at the newspaper that evening. I still remember your voice. You did all the things. Did you? Did you? Did you? Tell me. Tell me. Yes. I did. All of the scandal about you. But, Pang Wei, you should know, I can not only make you popular, but let you be nothing. You, are such a actor without artistic morals. I am able to call the all showbiz to block you. What are you doing? I can tell you, I have recorded what you said and did. And then I sent it to the internet, I think thousands of Pang Wei’s fans will not let you go. Give me the phone! No!
Give me now! Sister, give me the phone. How dare you hit my sister? How dare you to hit me? Don’t you dare to hit my sister. Hello. Can you post a news for me? OK. OK .OK. Hurry up. Let’ start. Wait, wait. Am I beautiful? It doesn’t matter. My phone comes with soft light function. Make-up mode, automatically. Look here. I want to declare a news. Tina is the only woman I ever loved. And I am gonna to be a father. For taking care of my loved
and my child, I decided to quit showbiz, to be a common person. Scoop! Great scoop! What are you crying for? It should be happy for. I am very happy. It was recorded. All. Wei, listen. You cannot strain at a gnat and swallow a camel. Be quiet. How long haven’t you been interviewed? Say again. “For you, and our child I decided to quit showbiz, to be a common person.” My great idol. Why do you invite me for kebab? I feel extremely flattered. Thanks to your video that Pang Wei can reconcile with Tina. To thank you, I treat you to kebab. Come on. It’ my pleasure. I am very full of curiosity about one thing. There is unexpectedly existence of Healing Master. It’s so miraculous. Then, doing fortune, practising geomancy and naming children, how much do these activities charge? What do you mean? I just ask you for having a divination for our Pang and Tina. Their child will be boy or girl. If it were a boy, what name for him will be better. Just now, I though about it on my way. If it were a boy, we can call him Pang Da. or Pang Bian. What’s your idea? You guys. Why are you fans so persistent? And the full-time fans-association? How do you feel? Can you tell me? When were you born? Me?1986. There is a generation gap between us. We are in different hierarchical. Even if I said you wouldn’t understand. Come on. Let’s drink. No. I am interested in it. Tell me please. You can make an analogy. Let me know. If you must know some, I’ll tell you. Once, we went to the airport to pick Wei up, but he didn’t arrive.
until one o’clock the next morning more. After deplaning, he blamed all of us. He said,“you are all girls, came to the airport alone. How far does airport from your home? You just don’t care about your safety.” So, he called some taxis for us. His agent took down the car number. Make us went back home safely. When got home, We left messages to him through Weibo For letting him know that we were safe. I was really so happy at that time. Then, we though. No one would like to sleep, but drank for a whole night
I sang every song of Wei’s. Do you know how does it feel? Though we were sleepy and tired, we felt happy greatly. You know? Yes, yes. I know. Very understand. OK. Its your turn. Say some things What should I say? Say that why do you want to be a Healing Master. Save the whole world. Speak the truth. You see,who has come? Give me twenty lamb kebabs. A bottle of ice beer, a glass of warm water. I want Arctic Ocean. What Arctic Ocean? Wei Zai. Sit there. Don’t disturb them. Excuse me, are you Pang Wei? Can we take a photo with you? That’s Pang Wei. Don’t disturb. Go and have a look, hurry up! Go,that’s Pang Wei. If it’s not convenient, forget it. There’s nothing inconvenient.Come on. Why did he come here? I recommended the grill to him. This time you know that why I choose to become a Healing Master. I just would like to ask you,
what do you think of the events of Pang Wei and Tina? I feel surprised,as if I am cheated. I always think that Pang Wei is a kind of very pure man. Hello !Hello !Hello! Excuse me,
What do you think of Pang Wei and Tina’s events? Hype ! Naked hype! It was self – directed and self-acted from beginning to end. He wants to be popular crazily. I see. It must be the bad idea of the Healing Master. Right. They just got public concern without any effort and falsely accused us instead. Yes. Where did Momo go? Everybody is very worried. She disappeared, and no one answered the phone. Fans-association? Every time we have a collective activity, She can come and leave anytime. Personal heroism is too serious. Then,then what can we do now? After this event of Weizai, organizational structure should be readjusted. I am reading books. You must be thirsty. I just boiled water. Thank you. Wait. It’s too hot. Let me blow off the steam for you. The light is weak. I’ll shine the light for you. It’s so late.Pay attention to keeping warm. Yezi! Are you hungry? I can go out to buy some food for you. OK. Yezi. Take out from the left pocket. Wow! It should be eaten in mouth sweet in heart. Thanks. Be careful of stick to the teeth. I will send you to home. I’m going to the bathroom. Would you like to go to? There! I tell you, Yezi is mine. Don’t compete with me.
It’s my turn. I tell you Yezi is mine. The words should said by me. Go away! Professor, How many numbers of fans now? Now is 1,158,000. What about applications? Until 10:05:34 a.m. The number of users has reached up to 325,623. Make it! Listen to me .Listen to me .Listen to me. Yesterday I come across employees of Old King. They threatened me directly on the edge of the road. I was frightened. But I pretended to be calm. And insisted that it absolutely had no problem. It must be.
Go on like this. It will break five 500,000 before 12 o’clock this evening. Wait, I tell you that Don’t mention Xiaojin anymore. That is a tiger turtle . I tell you ,if you let him come here, This is speaking with actual strength to hit their face. I can’t… I just can’t believe. Beat which wood louse face? My face. General manager Jin can make me change words. This is your hard power. When did you come? What’s wrong ? Who do you mean? This small earlobe is so thin. Go away,away .What are you happy for? How blessed you are! If you want be happy,just be happy. If you want be happy,just be happy. Professor, tell him How many numbers of fans. Listen carefully 1,115,800. Did you hear that? What about applications? 325,623. What did I tell you before? what we sell is something that are more important than intelligence, That is foresight. Is it cool? Have finished.Cool. Divest. Move house. Become cold storage. Frozen pork. Wait a moment,wait,wait. You have the money to bully people? You can have a talk. You are so optimistic. I want to be happy with you. That’s it. You only see the number of users instead of the comments. Many fans are concerned about you are in order to scold you. Impossible,impossible! Let me see for myself,see for myself. What? Cheers ! Make a fortune!Make a fortune!Make a fortune! Big exclusive! Yesterday,I sent the first subscription in my life. Firstly,it was forwarded by our subscription of office. Then,it was surprisingly forwarded by my idol-Breakup Master. It was on the several recommended web pages of countless News website. Its readings are now tens of thousands. The most surprising thing is that There are some readers reward one hundred. You have to appreciate me sincerely. But for the fact that I stayed there all the time to support our Weizai, you must have gone early. How did you dare to mention this ? You must tell me the truth. I am wondering if you were spreading my video? What’s the video? What are you saying, I don’t understand. Pretend. Pretend, keep pretending. How did you fool your sister who watch you grow up? Only I have the video. Only you have seen it. How did your Weizai get it? I am president of Weizai’s Fan club. I protect him is something I must do. Forget it. President of Weizai’s Fan club? What about the job? You will send oil,send flour, send rice at the of the year? What about salary, car, house and petrol subsidy? I must talk to your Weizai. You could talk to me But ,could you don’t talk to my Weizai? Your Johnny? Is he good? A dirty braid. What good is he? How high level Johnny is. How could this be the same? And your Weizai? By contrast, Johnny won in a minute. How about my Weizai? My Weizai could quit the entertainment for the true love . And could your Johnny do this? I think your words are right. Your Weizai has decided to quit the entertainment industry President, how about you? How about your life value? Healing master, Li Duan And some of his lackeys, Hello. And what about our Weizai ? He quit the entertainment industry because of this. I represent Weizai’s fans officially announce that Your Healing master is a harmful illegal organization. You must shut down the company. Stop, don’t look. Are those fans crazy? Boss what we can do now? It is have done, we can only respond positively. The Healing master declares a mirror once. Five, four, three, two, one. Action! Hi, I am Li Duan. The head of Healing master office. In the last 24 hours, We, Healing master were unveiled to the public, We gained a lot of attention. On behalf of the Healing master, I show our gratitude to you. At the same time, I announce that we will hold a APP conference at 9 am on Monday. As for your doubts and questions, We will answer their questions one by one. And the most important thing Weizai will be present. Welcome all of you. Cut, one pass. Just like you love Pang Wei, And I love Depp. When you think of them as a side dish of your life, they are very good nutrition It can rich your life. They have sunshine, and you are not in the clouds. They are going ahead with vigorous strides, and you will fell full of positive energy. But if you think of them as a main course of your life, What if the chef withdraws the plate? And then you will fell unloved. Could it be said that you just walk with empty plates go to other table and look for leftover. What I said is not just the relationship between fans and idols, but also any relationship in the world. Such as, parents and kids, husband and wife, boss and subordinate. If you keep your life value on someone else forever, you can only like a turn table turn around other people. Only you think of your own life experience as a main course. Every day in your life will be interesting. Sister, how have you become smart-talking person recently? I actually fell that your words is very reasonable. I don’t believe it. You say what? Anyway I am also internet celebrity with tens of thousands of readers. I have to write what I just said into my article. Look, when we were talking, and some people reward me dozens of Yuan. It’s a way of making money. Benefactor, Why did you call me? As long as you make an appointment with me, I am available all the time. Who is your benefactor? It’s a bit ambiguous, isn’t it? Keep your voice down. I extremely hated a ladybro . I am not her ladybro, I am her sister. Benefactor? you want to hook up with my young sister you need to get my consent firstly. No. I will tell you the truth, don’t listen to her. Her ex-boyfriend broke her heart. Who knows the bad guy that broke her heart? Where? Tell me the place. OK, it’s okay, I will make it. See you later I am leaving. crazy, It’s not like me at all. You have not paid for it yet. Why are you all crying? I can’t believe Weizai just abandoned us. It’s too cruel. Momo, what should we do? What should we do? How could he like Tina? It’s too outrageous. If Weizai is not married, and you will feel well? Like a woman who is five years older than himself. He loved her for more than eight years. Even for the woman to quit entertainment industry. What a great thing it is. He is so emotive and supportive. We should be proud of having such an idol. What the president said it makes sense We should continue to support Weizai. and bless him and Tina. Alright. Now things have come to light. There are going to be many people coming out to slander our Weizai. All of us must stay with Weizai. Yes, you’re right. That’s right. Everyone is working hard today. So, the drink, coffee, and the food, Be free, it’s my treat. Okay. Momo, you are the best. What would you like to eat?
Fruit yogurt. Fruit yogurt. I would like a cup of fruit yogurt. Me too. I would like two cups. Pardon? I want a cup of fruit yogurt. Zhou mo, Benefactor, Healing master, Thank you for reprinting my article. 00:40:14.20,00:40:15.24
I made the first bucket of money in the way that you taught me to write an article. But most important, I found I was too fond of it. An hour ago, I was still saying what’s the value of life. Now I am sure, I’ve already found it. It’s so popular, I have to write another one right now. Li Duan, Hi I am Li Duan. In the last 24 hours, We Healing Master. When we were thrown from behind the curtain to the stage We got a lot of people’s attention. Liduan, if you don’t come this time, You’ll never have to come. 00:41:08.24,00:41:11.03
I announce that we will hold a APP on line conference at 9 a. m on Monday. Welcome you . Actually, You did the thing about Pang Wei. You did this. I can’t believe it.


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