Halloween Tarot Reading 🎃 October 31, 2019 🦇 Trick or Treat

hey guys happy Halloween and welcome to
your daily tarot reading for Samhain
Halloween All Hallows Eve I hope you
guys are having fun celebrating it I
hope that you all dress up or do
something fun today
and definitely celebrate your ancestors
today so all right definitely check out
the new moon in Scorpio reading if you
haven’t because that energy is
definitely still knocking around today
we’re using that Lucy peg and other
worlds deck for most of the reading I
also have some other fun decks for
Halloween here I have the Gypsy witch
Tarot I also have the mini Tarot which
is all little ghosts so we’re gonna have
fun today I’m actually gonna open this
now because I always have such a hard
time opening it it’s by Bill Miller if
you want to check him out on his
Instagram it says airport life Instagram
Airport life interesting but there’s
these tiny little cards they all have
these little ghosts on them and they’re
so cute so we’re gonna use some of these
I’m gonna use the Lucy deck and we’re
gonna have some fun I’m dressed up
obviously I’m actually dressed up for
the Scorpio and Taurus videos so keep an
eye out for those let’s get right into
this guys I’m actually poor start
shuffling I really want to read you guys
this adorable little little tidbit about
Sawin from my lunar I always get the one
good thing it’s called it’s not called a
lunar diary
it’s the Astro Ameen diary for 2019 if
you do live not in the UK they do have
versions for it that are not in UK
timing I did not know that so sometimes
my timing first certain you know
astrological events is a little bit off
and that’s why for those of you in the
u.s. who are like what is she talking
about sometimes
anyways let’s do this little read here
Sawin festival of completion Sawin is
also known as All Hallows Eve Halloween
or the Day of the Dead a time to honor
the dead in our ancestors at the peak of
autumn energy is rapidly disappearing
within the under grant was sorry within
and underground as daylight fades
earlier every day it seems as if the Sun
has deserted us as it moves away
southwards outside the trees are losing
their leaves and energy around us causes
us to contemplate our own work
Aladin and if you know Scorpio I’m sure
that they have brought up death to you
recently my scorpio has so if any of you
are Scorpios have you been thinking
about death and regeneration and rebirth
and lost what you know lost loved ones
and stuff because I feel in my
experience that y’all Scorpios are
thinking about that stuff right now but
we’ll see in your monthly video which
I’m actually gonna shoot after this if
you’re a Scorpio and also extra happy
birthday to those born today what an
amazing day to be born I’m so jealous of
you so let’s get into this we’re again
starting off with the goosey pig in
other worlds the moon is in what is it
in Sagittarius into Capricorn and the
moon of Jupiter are together in the
evening and obviously mercury colors oh
my gosh eyes as I almost dropped the
deck how funny is that how am I not
mentioned it Mercury’s retrograde
mercury is retrograde in Scorpio guys oh
that’s a nice part to get out first
though four of Wands so mercury is
retrograde in Scorpio this is going to
be a deep one I do want to bring up a
little thing about the Mercury
retrograde that I’ve noticed every time
that you know the Muller investigation
has come out has been investigated and
then now when it’s being reviewed again
where are we at here guys mercury
retrograde if it’s been every single
time within a retrograde see I can’t
even say it right because Mercury
retrograde makes me talk like Yoda but
every time it’s been up for review it’s
been brought out it’s been during a
Mercury retrograde however I think the
retrograde in Scorpio is gonna be a hell
of a lot different I think that this is
gonna bring up some really intense and
deep dark things that we can no longer
ignore so I actually there’s gonna be an
intense one but I think this is the
Mercury retrograde that we have kind of
needed all year especially with Uranus
and tourists also retrograde being you
know knocking just things around like in
like a bull in a china shop but just
extremely unexpectedly so it’s gonna be
an interesting month ahead I think and I
always feel like Solan is
when we’re really closing up here this
is kind of a more of a new year for me
than the new year I don’t really enjoy
I’ll be honest the holiday season
there’s a like Christmas and all that so
this is kind of my new year so let’s
think about the year ahead today in this
reading as our ancestors would like us
to take that up right I feel like that’s
meant to be a bright you know what it’s
a day of fun so we’re gonna take that
three of cups and put it up right
especially when we got the ten of swords
right next to it
we’ll see what pops out here it’s gonna
get a couple more energy for Tuesday
October 31st what are you guys dressing
up at put it in the comments and I will
remember to put my Halloween playlist in
the comments as well I kind of like okay
this is a really weird reading but like
that’s why we got multiple decks today
and I actually want to start off in
terms of clarifying within chipsy wish
here but let’s talk about the cards that
we already have out I’m just gonna pull
them out of a box so first of all like I
said we have four wands then we get the
ten of swords two very opposite cards
four of Wands is for me a card of being
very in alignment happy I could also I
mean for me personally I as a reader
often see it as a like almost like a
fantasy future home like happiness card
when everything is perfect when you’re
imagining your life you know as you
would like it to be when you are
fulfilled and happy and right next so we
get the ten of swords so some of us
might not be feeling very happy where
we’re at we might even feel like this is
you know in the distance and we’re kind
of stagnant and instead kind of stuff in
an energy where we can’t move forward
where we’re seeing all of our all the
problems all the issues all the things
that are not right and we’re really
feeling them especially in a mental
sense three of cups and then we get the
five of Wands reversed two of cups
before I get even further into this
reading I just want to start pulling
some clarifiers but this is
and I feel because energy is you know so
deep today I mean the veil is so thin if
any of you guys have been seeing ghosts
and things let me know in the comments I
have it’s been really weird I am NOT
somebody who it’s not but I love like
ghost stories and like haunting things
but like seeing them it’s very
overwhelming and weird having dreams
like really intense dreams all this
month has been really weird and I don’t
I’m trying to vibe with it but it is
pretty weird so let’s see very much like
this reading I was gonna get mad about
it I like this though okay yes number 34
the star ensures success in all
enterprises one year when very distant
some unlucky events I mean that’s just
for how you pull the Gipsy which Attero
but if you’ve been with me a long time
you know that I almost see these as
somewhere in between Tarot and an Oracle
deck when I use them and release the
relationship that I have with them but
they’re a really interesting deck I
actually got these in Salem they’re one
of my a couple decks that I have from
Salem and when I was living up there but
this is a really beautiful card to get
and I feel like yes there’s been 10 of
swords you’ve had endings we’ve had
losses we’ve been up against the wall
and fighting for whatever it is that we
need to fight for you know again
defending ourselves trying to get where
we want to go it’s been a difficult year
and I think that you know especially
going into Scorpio season is plunging
you back into those depths reminding you
of all the things that went wrong and
you know why they went wrong and what we
need to do about it for the future and
we could be feeling a lot of loss guilt
shame you know almost um anger and
frustration at ourselves a lot of this
kind of indicates here I can also be you
know I’ve lost you know friendships a
job or something like that whatever that
might be but three of cups and five of
Wands reversed with the star here this
number 34 there’s success and we kind of
have to almost stop fighting today
to get there Oh interesting number 24
hand in hand indicates confiding
disposition so for me when I see this
I think this is the king of hearts which
is kind of like the king of cups here
and you see few people kind of grasping
at each other it’s about connection and
I say that especially because we have
you know three of cups and the two of
cups in this reading this to me feels
like it’s time to reach out and
relationships to reconnect to be with
other people and have some good fun
today and stop you know trying to fight
up against this energy let it flow
through you just kind of let the
emotions run through and then enjoy the
rest of this day because it’s not worth
spending an extended amount of time in
that 10 of swords head space when it’s
really just there to release that energy
okay this deck is really hard for me to
shuffle which is why I’m suddenly like
looking down here let’s see some
clarifiers for today so tiny
that’s popping out here to have swords
reversed I feel that some of you guys
need to make the decision to not make a
decision right now and that sounds so
insane right but it’s saying make the
decision to not make the decision right
now the energy is not that clear and
again like I said mercury and when it
goes retrograde always kicks the door
down on the way in it’s like BAM I’m
here on you know F and shit up here mmm
pardon my french I didn’t mean to but
again retrograde it’s gonna make me a
mess I can already tell torrents reverse
I see other readers out there on YouTube
having trouble I saw gemstone Tarot
saying the same thing saw another reader
I think I can’t remember her name but
she was also having trouble I’m like so
it’s not just me then we get the page of
cups we need to kind of extend more
lighthearted energy to the day have some
more fun and be the page of clubs
explore nice energy explore friendships
you know reach out to others just have a
good time three of types five of Wands
reversed two of cups don’t get involved
in any fight it’s not worth it it’s
better to you know appreciate what we
have extend our friendship extend our
love to others and if anyone’s asking us
to go out and do something don’t fight
against it just do it have some fun it’s
really just reconnect here have a good
time let’s pull a couple of Oracle’s now
and again look at how cute this is it’s
like I don’t think I really had you guys
look at this
this is all page of cups and it’s a fish
a little fish in the cup it’s just so
cute let’s pull a Romy it’s angel why
not pull one even though I don’t really
feel like it’s the energy for today
whatever engagement your love life is
ascending to a higher level of
commitment so yeah despite what has
happened in the past you have to trust
that whatever is happening right now
especially in friendships relationships
it’s whatever depth is coming out
whatever we need to talk about it feels
like maybe deep conversations for those
of you in relationships or in budding
relationships is what brings you closer
so I would say open up especially open
up about that 10 of swords headspace and
how you’re feeling but also choose to
not stay in that energy once you’ve you
know talked about it let it go then
whatever you needed to do to release it
or let somebody know how you’re feeling
let it go and just have a good time
reconnect and allow this energy to
ascend you to a higher level here in
terms of relationships and even if
you’re not in a relationship it’s about
letting go of these negative
expectations that we have you know it’s
I’m never gonna find this person I’m
gonna be alone forever all that stuff
that’s what you tell yourself but now is
a great time to release it it feels like
this is a new beginning for reconnecting
in terms of love and having a more fun
time with it see I really can’t speak in
this retrograde this is gonna be rough
eyes I’m not excited now let’s see ooo
barmbrack love it sweetness and synergy
we’re gonna take it okay I really like
this I think this is perfect so
barmbrack um is what they’ve been in
there it’s like um what is it let me see
actually I can read about it
it’s an IRA tradition in first all in
and I have an Irish follower that
corrected me on that and I want to say
that because I butcher everything I try
to say so I apologize for that
I’ve been saying it wrong for years that
means which is super embarrassing but
there’s an Irish tradition and
you know you would bake a loaf of bread
here and you put like you know salt
dried fruit raisins and then you’d put
like some different types of Oracle
things so be the traditional objects
where a coin a piastic a ring and a
small piece of cloth like a muslin and
other additions made in the more modern
times or religious metals and so
depending on what your slice contain it
would be you know your fortune for the
year of head so you know if it was a
coin you get prosperity and good luck so
that’s the meaning behind barmbrack here
now let’s do a little reading here on
the deeper meaning so I just thought
it’d be interesting to tell you guys
about it as it is a saw in tradition
when you pull the barmbrack card
indicates a curiosity to know what it is
a head what is a head but it’s important
to balance that with it now after all we
have the tools to change our future
should we choose the sweets energy of
all the ingredients including the
objects are more complete and powerful
together than they are individually you
should encourage you to seek your own
sweet spot so it’s not about going that
way that’s just been you hitting your
against your head against the wall here
kind of letting it go and allow the
universe to shift you in a new direction
here not fighting the flow anymore
enjoying what you can in this moment is
what’s going to take you to past
whatever you’re feeling blocked by right
now okay so have a wonderful day guys
happy Halloween Hathi Sawin happy All
Hallows Eve happy Day of the Dead I hope
you guys are enjoying it check out the
saw in video that I made on basics and
tips and make sure to subscribe guys if
you haven’t have a wonderful and blessed
day namaste

  • You have interpreted wrong … The energy is shifting and retrograde Mercury is bringing past unsolved issues back to be resolved.. Stagnancy from April 2018 now needs to go and fwd movt asks to address past issues..

    It is necessary to have some knowledge of Astrology for a Tarot Reader.. your lack of knowledge is leading you to mislead people.. plenty of changes await when Jupiter moves in Capricorn on Dec 2.. and in January 2020 recession begins.. devastating than 1929…

    You need to reassess your reading.. you are simply telling what you feel like, not what should be!

  • ☼ you look awesome! & that playing deck from Salem is sweet. Blessed be for Samhain! 🎃

  • Yes I keep seeing a female spirit, and my neighbor said they saw a cat spirit following behind me, super weird lately lol

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