now who your guardian angel shows in
your left hand and if you’ve ever had a
visit from a guardian angel shows in
your right hand
so in your left hand starting in between
your thumb and your index finger that’s
age 10 and I just count that down the
line comes up from beneath the lifeline
this is the left hand only beneath the
lifeline it’ll touch on the lifeline
then it makes a little tiny line that
goes across the lifeline of the age you
were when you lost a loved one and the
loved one the loved ones died like
your grandparents your siblings your
parents your auntie’s uncles cousins old
boyfriends or girlfriends so remember
this is the age that you were when they
died you have to do a little math here
and figure that out so here’s the age as
you were when loved and died at age 14
oh and then they’ve become your guardian
angel age 14 15 28 30 42 and 50 now in
your right hand only this is the age you
were when you had a visit from a
guardian angel so some if you’ve been
really sick or if you’ve had an accident
or if you’re in distress or if you’ve
had someone that’s died very often their
spirit leaves their body and it goes and
checks on all the loved ones before it
goes off into the light so it makes a
little visit from a guardian angel
you’ll get a double number no if you’ve
only got you only got a couple in there
sometimes okay here’s the ages when
you’ve got an angel visit at 18 24 and
then 32 is a really big one oh no I
wonder if that what your accident 32
36 39 and 42 see 42 is one when you’ve
lost someone – okay that’s your angel


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