Great River Learning presents Big Ideas in Cosmology!

The challenge to develop a cosmology
textbook that would more effectively engage 21st century students led to the creation of the Big Ideas In
Cosmology with funding from NASA, a team of
astronomers and educators developed this media-rich
online textbook utilizing interactive multimedia and
integrating real data to paint a more complete
picture of the universe. The pedagogical approach provides a
context for learning in which students piece together real
data to form scientific conclusions reaching higher levels of understanding.
The Big Ideas In Cosmology goes beyond simply knowledge and
comprehension: it uses interactive, numeric, and experiential
activities to reveal the complete chain of logic behind our current understanding of the
cosmos. The flexible delivery option shows a modern approach to learning
by engaging students in different class settings. Built around specific learning outcomes,
this student-centered experience facilitates educational maturity and
create gains in student learning. Contact Green River Learning to learn more

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