*Whaapsh* Top of the mornin’ to ya laddies, my name is Jacksepticeye and welcome back to No Man’s Sky! I’ve done some grinding in the off time I went ahead and I just, I discovered a few more planets and got a few more blueprints. My guy is a little bit stronger now *Breaks into song* “A little bit stronger now” And I found this planet, listen to this music by the way How awesome does that sound?! So this, this planet is harsh as all balls, if I step out of my ship *Steps out of ship* It’ll say that it’s a toxic environment [unintelligible] *Extreme Hazard Planet* Or extreme hazard- ‘what the fuck is that thing?! Oh my god! It’s a forkface!!! What are you?! *Laughs* It looks like the arse end of a seal met the arse end of a dog!! *Laughs some more* That’s crazy lookin’!! Um, so yeah, the degrees here is minus 105 degrees Celsius Which is insane, and these things I have a new multitool by the way Ok so there’s a lot goin’ on A-Also, I have a new mic, so I apologize if the audio is a bit all over the place It’s gonna need some tweaking, it’s gonna need a few videos for tweaking This is the first video I’ve done with it, but these things give me Radnox Whatever the hell that is, I have no idea, so A few things have changed I, my ship is still the same and all that good stuff, but if you go in here, you can see that my, my exosuit I have some extra slots I found some extra slots, you can pay like 10,000 credits and you get extra slots Um, and I have a new multitool, this thing now, I have a bigger gun, it’s not just a little tiny pistol thing And there’s three extra slots in this So this cost me about 64,000 to get, I just found it, randomly and then you can pick up new ones, and, I have 218,000 credits because Stupid ol’ Jackaboy didn’t realize that you can hold square over these and you upload your discoveries Also, you can name, you can rename and upload them Umm, so a lot of people are using that as an excuse to rename stuff and call it like “Buttzilla” As like a creature or whatever I’m not gonna be doing that yet, I’m not gonna be doing it right now because I have to use a controller for all this stuff When the PC version comes out I’ll likely rename stuff, just cuz I have I have a better outlet of doing it, I have a better keyboard to be able to do it, but you can hold square And you get a shit ton of units for it, I got 2 grand for that one, I get 5,000 for this one *I’m not gonna say “Units received” cuz it’s a waste of time, but this probably took up more time than that so…* 5,000 for this 2,000 for this 5,000 for this, so that’s how I got as much money as I did And I found some stuff that I sold, like Gek charms and everything, cuz I haven’t found a use for them yet So I’m learning the game as I go along, some people were saying that I was terrible at the game And I didn’t know what I was doing in the first episode The first episode went up today Like… Two hours ago, as of recording this one, so everyone was like “Jack you’re playin’ it wrong!” and I was like “Of course I am!” “I o- I only just started!” “I have to learn what’s goin’ on first” Ok, what are we gettin’ to, on this planet, what’s here, you’re not off planet are you? *Tsk?* *Incoming storm* Sssss- -torms?! I didn’t even know storms were a thing! This is the first planet, by the way, that I have found with water on it Like, I found a shit ton of other planets, in, in my grindy-offy time But this is the first one that I found with water on it Which is pretty crazy and the fact that it’s 100 or -105 degrees Celsius here but, I… the water’s not frozen so wait, let’s go down here and go into the water for a second ’cause you can go underwater see, you can actually see underwater right now It’s really cool I love it so much! The game is actually officially out for everyone now as well, as of recording this episode Which is pretty cool, it’s pretty… it’s awesome to see what other people are discovering Aww, this planet is coool It’s full of snow and shit Okay, let’s go underwater. I really like that you can see underwater already *bloop* *Extreme Water Temperature Detected* It’s so cool!!! So I can still like still grind off iron and shit down here if I want and get my carbon or whatever. Buut i haven’t found a reason to be underwater yet. And it’s really fuckin scary. Cause not only is the temperature really low. But now i have oxygen and everything to worry about. But it’s-it’s Fucking gorgeous! This game is- oh what the- It’s the butt-hole monster It’s butt-hole face Oh god he’s coming for me, isn’t he? Oh god he wants to eat my liver! Oh he wants he wants my intestines and shit I’m getting the fuck outta dodge. *Loud Wind* AH ITS A BIT WINDY!!! AHHH GET INTO THE SHIP There we go. ah. it’s so nice to be in the ship cause you feel all cozy and nice and warm. a’ight lets take off. I’m-i’m gonna go find some places here. On this planet, I need to find some shelter. And thats how you get all your upgrades, you just find shelter and shit and monoliths Help upgrade your gear, I’m not getting that herridium deposit Wait do i need herridium for anything? Hewwidium No? Also apparently if you line up your upgrades you get a small [loan] boost to them I didn’t know that, so now all my stuff isn’t lined up Do i need herridium for anything. Install technology- ooooh I can install beam intensifiers and range boosts Beam coolant! Ooo! I shoulda-i shoulda… I should install these. I really wish you could move your upgrades around though. Like bring the boltcaster down here. *Awkward silence* That kinda sucks-oh wait can you? No you can just dismantle it. Why would I dismantle it!? Let me move it around! Um… Let’s install these. Why not? I have them, I might as well. There we go. Now my multi-tool is REALLY strong! Building a good multi-tool is the key to everything. And I wanna stay on this planet for a little longer, but I also- … I started finding my pathway to the center of the universe. It’s not that hard to actually do Um…. You-you find atlas fragments, and then you go to these different areas I-I wanna try and do it this episode cuz I felt bad that I did it on my off-time and I didn’t actually find- Er…I didnt get to record any of it. So I wanna find it in an episode. *Sidetracks* I’m not gonna pulse jump! *Awkward silence activating…* Cause I-I’m My goal for right now is to go out into space, get materials for a warp drive And then when I warp I’m-I’m heading towards a black hole Out in the middle of the cosmos somewhere Wait, did I go past my thing? Did I go past the thing?! Wasn’t i finding something? Um… I’m heading towards the black hole and there’s a shortcut to the center of the galaxy -or the center of the universe. WHATEVER! It’s the ga-it’s the…the-it’s a shortcut to the center of whatever that I’m heading towards. So… I wanna find that but -wait what do I need for a warp drive? For a warp fragment? Uuuumm…. I can get rid of… Aahh… I wanna-I wanna sell some of this stuff. Imma get rid of this herridium for now. Just so I can see this-so… To build a- Do I have anything in my warp drive? No. I need to build a-aaa…. warp cell. *Storm Clearing* That was the storm? It wasn’t that too bad. Uuuum… To build a warp cell! I need antimatter. To get antimatter, I need… Electron vapor, and zinc And to get electron vapor I need suspension fluid Ok so build you. *Product Constructed* Product constuc- *Giggles* Yeah and then you need a slot to be able to build it! *Slow clap in background* (GG Jack! G-frickin-G!) Which is so annoying! Electron vapor. *Product Constructed* There we go. Now that’s gone outta there. Now to build my antimatter I need zinc. Aw man it was really hard to find zinc the last time. I need 20 zinc. I don’t think I’m actually gonna find any zinc on this planet. Let’s land here for a second. I wanna see if there’s any zinc around. No you’re just carbon. Zinc, I think Might be this yellow one? Oh god I’m not gonna make this Aaahh! Aaahh! Get close enough so I can climb it. Thank you Thank you (x2) Thank you (x3) Thank you (x4) Oh god *laughs* No this is just iron. I need zinc please! Does anything have zinc in it? Y-you have zinc! Oh yes! Nice! I think i got all the zinc that I need. Get you and- yes! Antimatter. Woohoo! Ok. Now I should be able to build … A warp cell Yess! And then with the warp cell, you put it into your hyperdrive. It’s very confusing. Thamium, I need that for fuel. Ok. Save point! How am I doing? Life support everything’s ok. *Thermal Protection At 50%* Yes-yes-yes. Just save my progress please! Okie smoker-day Kay! We’re heading out to space and we’re gonna warp. I know I did that already. But… Now we’re gonna-now I actually have a feeling I’m… Kinda know where I’m supposed to be going with my warps. Oooooww! That was my fucking legs. Get into- I also… Saw how you get other ships. You could just bid on other people’s ships. So, when somebody comes up and lands in a space station with you You can just go up and bid on their ship and you can get the ship if you have enough credits for it. Which I should have enough for some… smaller ships by now. We’re up into the atmo- er…outside the atmosphere Is that a sun? Wooooooah! I don’t think I’ve ever actually been in a system with a sun. That’s interesting. Can I fly to the sun? Oh I really wanna know now! Ok. It shoots some of these. Booshk! These will give me thamium. Which i need for my Launch thrusters Can I go to the sun? Don’t crash into that asteroid. *laughs* I don’t think I actually can. But that would be awesome! Burn up my ship! *chuckles* See I should be crashing into all those things. But I don’t think you can. Am I-am I any way closer? It’s so fucking pretty to look at though! I like the red. I-I heard that for their engine, for their procedural generation they had to teach their engine “color theory”. So that all the atmospheres and all the weather systems and everything would compliment each other in colors. So you can see like, the purples, and the reds, and the yellows and all that kinda stuff compliment each other they’re complimenting colors. reds and greens and everything. Blues and oranges all compliment each other. Which is really fucking cool! That’s why the game looks so good. ‘Kay I don’t think I can cause its not telling me… how to? *chuckles* Right. Ok. Let’s… put some energy in our pulse engine. Here we go! And launch thrusters Can I? Yes. ‘Kay I can’t do that again. Right! Let’s warp! Let’s go out into the… environment out here. “Free exploration mode” No “Path towards waypoint”? Uuuumm… Where da black hole at? “Atlas interface” No Yeah ok. I’m… Ooh! One more warp and I can get to the…the black hole I think! Oooooohh! I wanna see what the black hole is. Cause I went to an Atlas place. I found a dude who had like a Daft Punk helmet on. And I went up and talked to him. He would either aid me in the Atlas path. Which is like… I think that’s the big red goo thing from the logo like the pyramid? Or the dia-the… the…plu-*sigh* Oh what’s it called? A plumbob! That shape like over the Sims heads there’s a red thing in the middle of it which I went up and like met one of those. I hope I can do it in this episode as well cause I felt bad that I didn’t record it. Then I could go that way Or I could get a shortcut to the center of the galaxy which was the black hole So I picked that because the black hole sounded cool Or he would aid me in some materials to get to the center. Which I assume is just warp cells. So… I chose the black hole- whoooah! Where are we? Mosa…mosagnirub (Mo-sack-knee-rub). Euclid galaxy. Ooh! We have some spaceship bros! I warped into a system before as well and I started getting shot instantly I think this one is ok, they’re not gonna attack me. God, this place does not look nice as the last one. The last one was all red and cool. Let’s scan first -ooh spacestation! “Abandoned Building Detected” No I’m going in the spacestation first! Oh god it’s really far away! Even with this is still gonna take me 10 minutes to arrive?! Oh, no that’s the planet. Oh, the space station is only- 14 seconds *laughs* I was looking at the wrong one Let’s go in here! Let’s see if anybody else’s ships are in here. Cause not only the ships will have better slots But they look cool! *chuckles* In we go! Niiice. Plus I get to sell some stuff in here. YOU’RE ship looks cool! And because I- Ohhh that’s an awesome-looking ship! Because I don’t really know what the ships do Or like how important they are Or if I’m gonna find a lot of them soon Or anything like that I-I just kinda want to buy a new one. I have like 240,000 Traveler! ‘Kay it’s the only word I knew in that sentence. “Make offer of the lifeform’s starship 370,000?! But look at all the slots he has! Aw man! I’m not gonna be able to get… 100,000+ Somebody else’s ship is coming in. No, that’s a ass-looking ship! It just looks like it has 2 googly eyes on it! Two big balls on it. I don’t want that! Aw the other guy’s ship is probably gonna go away now if I go in here! tsk man! See that’s the thing! I don’t know if I can buy ships or I just… Well, technically I’m buying them OFF them but I don’t know if I can buy them like in… the trading thing. What do you want? “Korvax”? That’s all I know. *chuckles* “Shake hands. +1 Health” Sure I’ll shake hands! Aahh! “Thanks me with a gift”. The gift of slimy palms. “Thermic Layer” “Longer-lasting sheilding from extreme cold on frozen planets.” *gasp* Ooh! I need that for my suit! Ok.Thank you. That’s great. Is there ANYthing I can sell that is worth like a shit ton? Wait am I selling? Yeah. Ok. Selling. Uuum. “Atlas Stone” “An extremely rare item often associated with ancient monolithic sites.” Ooh. I’m gonna sell the Radnox How much do you guys sell this for? 71,000 units! See this is the thing. Some people out there have likely played a lot of this game already even though it only came out yesterday. Actually today Last night But they probably know what these Atlas Stones do. They probably have some like… end game result that I can use to put in a REALLY big weapon Or a really cool spaceship but right now to me they’re just- they just sell for a lot! So I kinda wanna sell it. I’mma sell it. I’m sorry! Are you gonna yell at me? It’s 71,000 Power canister-I’mma sell this as well. “Outlawed by many peace agreements throughout the galaxy, many of which are now broken.” Gives me 13,000 THIS gives me 28,000 I’m VERY close to being able to afford that guy’s ship! This only gives me 343. I’mma sell these. Because I can just get thamium in the atmosphere -or out in space. pretty damn easily. Oh, I’m SO close! I need less than 20k. (20,000) Platinum, I can get more of that pretty easily. Chrysonite. ‘Kay I have 371,000 That was enough to be able to afford that dude’s ship. I mean, he’s probably gone by now, but… Aw,it would’ve been cool if I was able to get it! I don’t know about selling or using ALL of my credits. Just to get that. I should be using my credits to get… Oh! Oh! He’s still here! Or is that a new one? Should be using my credits to get better upgrades for myself. Like my exosuit. C’mon Are you the same guy? I didn’t see your name last time. “Traveler”. Ok “Make an offer on the lifeform’s starship.” 256,000! Yeah! Let’s get a new ship son! Wait… See the thing is… Oh, wait. We can compare before we buy. New starship, 17 slots. MY starship has 15 slots. Ok. Uuuh… The new one has a Lot more firepower. You see at the bottom? Th-this is my one, has fuck all. THIS has a lot. It has better shielding. Has the same warp drive. *Random grunt* D these get transferred over? Or do I lose all these as soon as i pick it? I mean, I don’t lose a whole lot. Let’s do it! Why not? Let’s do it for the sake of the video. Is my ship just going to sit over there now? This is MY ship now! YAY! I have a cool-looking ship! That’s the only reason I wanted it! *gasp* Look at HIS ship! Oh I want that one now! Let’s see how much this one it costs me. Cause I got this one as well. The other guy, it was almost the exact same. Aw, this looks like an X-Wing. Aaawwww… “Scholar Entity lkiujyhgtf”. That’s how they talk. See these are the Daft Punk-looking dudes. Ok. How much is your ship? About 400,000 386,000 I almost could’ve afforded that one. And it looks cool, and it has 18 slots! And it has WAY more weapons! I have a photon cannon. Actually, I think photon cannon is what I have in all of them. But he had an upgrade for it. But this ship looks much cooler now doesn’t it? This looks like a ship I built when I was in school for a project. Uuum… Right. I need to go get some stuff for my warp engine. Need thamium for my pulse engine. Right. I’m gonna head down to one of these planets. Before I…start shooting at some meteors. Or asteroids or whatever. Why are there none around!? There we go! Th-there they are. Alright I need to shoot some of these. Yeah, I’m so glad I got a new ship now! It’s so cool! It reminds me of the gummy ships in “Kingdom Hearts”. If any of you play that game. Right. What I’m gonna do is get a lot more materials. Gonna head down to one of the planets. Get zinc and all that stuff that I need for another warp drive And then we’re gonna head to the black hole. I’m gonna get to the black hole before the end of this episode. Woah, woah, woah, woah, woah, woah Hold on a minute! ‘Kay we’re gonna land up here and explore this. But I think there’s…there’s a thing underwater. It said “Hostile Subspace scan detected” Oh, this is a cool-looking planet! See what I mean about the greens and the reds? “Pleasant, regular, abundant, limited.” Okay. All I need is some plutonium. Which I think… I should be able to find. I like how the window’s opened up in the-the bedrooms as well. Man, if space looked like this, in future space travel, was this convenient and this pleasant. I would love that! Somehow I-I doubt it. Hello! I love that shit! I remember when I used to play “Planet Side 2” that’s a really good multiplayer game by the way. absolutely HUGE multiplayer game. but I remember when I played that for the first time. The first map i got into it was nighttime. And firing all the weapons and everything yielded this really nice light glow. across the landscape. And then you saw the spaceships go overhead. And it was one of those moments where I just sat down and was like “This is like a fucking movie! That’s what this feels like. Because, since the game has come out a lot of people are expressing disappointment in it Because it’s not what they thought it was gonna be. Which is understandable because….. a lot of people thought it was something different. Because that’s the way media hyped it. The developers didn’t hype it that way at all. The developers were very much in the know and very self-aware about how neish their game was.. So they were just warning people like: “Don’t expect anything super amazing.” It’s just one of those games-it’s a game -if you haven’t got the game yet and you’re thinking about getting it… It’s a game where you get in, you turn off your brain for a couple of hours, and you just explore. It gets very very repetitive after a while. Which normally would be a “no go” for me. And I would be shitting over a game that gets too repetitive. but… It’s kinda like “Subnautica” in a way. If you’ve played that game, this is very similar. Sometimes you just get in, you lose yourself in the environments. That kid inside you that wanted to explore space comes out and you’re just like “I love this!” And that’s what is is for me. Gameplay wise, its very limited. And I know that. But… At the same time, I’m playing it and I’m just like, I-I get lost. I admire the scenery, those spaceships going overhead. Reminds me of when I watched Star Wars for the first time. It’s just awesome! “You’ve learned the Korvax word for ‘data'” Ok cool. I need plutonium. I forgot what symbol plutonium looks like. I think it has ice on top. So it has a red, sqigally symbol? But there’s only carbon. Oooh! You have some plutonium in you? Yeah! Thank you! This is what I needed. I hear a spaceship. There we go! His spaceship’s like my spaceship! Except mine’s cool, and always will be. CoolER I mean. Uuum. Right. So, what am I trying to make? Suspension fluid. God I only have 35 out of 100. This is going to take forever! I wanna see what’s under the water. You see that? That’s like the underwater area. Should I-where’s my ship? Ship’s a good distance away. You know what? Fuck it. It’s nice to explore on foot every now and then. Would be cool if you had a ship upgrade that lets you go underwater. I don’t think you can though. Wha- Oh God. Look at those crab things, they have like eyeballs on top of em! Eeew! those are gross! Ohh! Kill it! Or don’t, just ignore them God, this is deep This is frecken awesome though the fact that not only do you have space and galaxies.. and clusters and space stations and all that then you come down to the atmospheric level you have the ground; you have the terrain then you can go subterrain! It’s AWESOME No wonder it took so long for this game to come out It’s been a fucken,…. there’s so much to it Okay What’s the building over there hopefully you yield some good results or there’s at least something cool inside you Am I–? Okay, I have to stay above water to get my oxygen back A bit more? There we go hue hue ha ha hooshk How do I get in here? something’s making noises I don’t like it Hello? Okay through here Oh God! Whadoido?? Whadoido?! Quickquickquick I’m running out of oxygen Fear turned…was no longer…. perhaps the fungal deposit…. Okay I can’t actually do anything else so Normally you have to analyze and pick the right decision Something has been left that will aid me on my own journey toxin suppressor Ooh that’s pretty neat! Okay, I wanna go up and get some oxygen and come back Why is there like a line in the water Is that where like the water textures meet? huehueh Okay, can I just stay out of the water without using my jetpack NO? REALLY? I have to use the jetpack to stay up? Yeah, you can see where the water texture meets itself Uhaha that’s funny ‘Kay, anything else in here? Whaddyou Could you…. Inventory full my fucken testicles Get rid of the carbon cause that’s super easy to get back Shielding shard?! *tsk* those suck give me plutonium! Thank youuuuu and I need an atlas pass if you want for that Okay I still don’t have all the plutonium I need but I’m getting close Look how immersive this shit is Just coming along and seeing your ship and the rain and everything in the background and the sun Ooh I haven’t done anything to this place need a bypass chip for this. can I make one? I need… *tsk* More plutonium? God damn it… Okay Well, you know what? Screw it! I’m heading into space. I have my warp drive now. I’m able to warp again. I hope it’s only one more warp to the black hole. How do I fuel my launch thrusters? Ok Uuuhh… “Not enough fuel in launch thrusters.” God fucking damn it [Loud wind] Please don’t tell me I- *sigh* I can’t fill them carbon, can I? or maybe I can Don’t think I have any carbon. Let me see if this works. Nope. “Collect Plutonium to charge up your Launch Thruster” *whispers* fuuuck Well, we’re not going anywhere for a while. Come on, little starship! It’s time to head off this dirt walk…. Probably could’ve gotten a lot more stuff on this planet, but… c’mon pulse engine. *breath* But I mean, you find the same stuff on most planets anyways, so you come down, you get what you need for the next part of your mission, and then you head off. “Threat detected.” Whatever. Are you towards the black hole? Black hole! YES Oh, we’re going there! We’re going straight to the black hole! OOOH [Claps] What does this mean though? Do I just, like, fly into it and then I end up somewhere else? ooOOH super interesting! So this is part of, like, the story element of it? Kind of. Well… There’s a lot of story, that has me read- Actually, the entirety of the story has to be read in little logs everywhere Or talk into the other creatures going up to the monoliths, see what they have to say Butt, the idea is to get to the center of the galaxy like that is the story and when you get there you discover some secret or some… whatever and that finishes the ga–? I have no idea So SoOOOOO MAMA That is fucken awesome! HOly shit DO I JUST FLY INTO THIS?? Oh gawd, something’s shooting at me I’m scared I’m scared… I’m just going in Oh gawd OHGAWDHOLDME OH MATTHEW MCCONAUGHEY WHERE ARE YOU OH INTERSTELLAR Oh that’s byooootiful Where do I end up though? I assume this is just like a a wormhole In this game’s universe it’s gonna act as a wormhole that is gonna spit me out at another end of the galaxy closer to where I was going I hope so anyway it better not spit me out further away Aw it’s so cool In real life, theoretically a black hole will just assimilate you and destroy you Yeah, I’m just in another… system S’wait, shouldn’t that mean that the- the black hole is behind me now? it should mean that blackhole warp successful distance travelled ei- eight-hundred and ninety two thousand light years phase beam critically damaged DEMMIT I travelled eight hundred and ninety two thousand lightyears Okay so whats- What’s next then? I can’t travel there yet Okay *gibberish* Hyper drive has no fuel… so following this line presumably free exploration on path towards galactic core ooOOOOH Gawdemn there’s so many warps left! G– I can’t warp this far obviously It’d be cool if you could warp this far all at once but you can’t you have to- you can only warp one at a time THAT’S SO MANY WARPS at least i got to my black hole scan for discoveries WHAT? am i discovering planets? I have no idea this game gets confusing after a while and I have no idea what I’m doing most times *tsk* I thought it spit me out somewhere cooler… ‘kay let’s go down here WOOOOAAAAAh okay easy, easy does her aww is this a snow planet? OOH, it’s pretty! Do I have any new- Ohh I do I have a lot more units that I can get Nice Cause as you go to new planets you discover a shit ton of new stuff OOH it’s all green trees!! ooh that’s gorgeous! Okay we’re gonna land down here landing not clear LAND Demit Why can’t I land? there’s like a base close by THIS planet is COOL Look at all these snowy trees OH WHAT THE- WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU?? ueeeeeeegh you’re like some sort of snail crab Okay, lemme out of this this is one fault that i have with the game cause those things kinda suck oh I don’t think i have a visor i don’t have a visor all i have is a scanner so i can’t scan what these things are OOH YOU’RE FUCKEN HIDEOUS can I feed you? feed Herridium can I feed you herridium? YEEEEEAY I fed him Herridium are you happy now? yay he got a smiley face now he’s not gonna eat my entrails my gawd he’s fucken scary though DON’T GO THROUGH MY SHIP ya asshool ya goshdang dangus Ohhh… this planet is really nice looking save that let’s go in here do you guys have any sort of secrets? the spaceship’s fucken destroyed health in maximum- okay this is a nice looking planet. And that’s the thing, the first planets you find aren’t anything special and then you start finding all these ones and they’re so nice Ooh! this is like- okay I just got a thing this time the last- one time I came in here and I found one of these and it had a new- multitool actually *faces camera* in it! so that’s how I was finding them OOoooohhh…. holy shit that’s cool oh i can just harvest Chrysonite on this can’t remember what I need Chrysonite for you guys are funky looken I don’t like you Oh gawd you’re terrifying you’re HUGE most creatures don’t attack you though it’s a little weird It’s also a little weird how these sentinel drones are on every fucken planet you get to you start to try to harvest some of the materials and they’re like “NOPE”! not allowed yet ANYWAY I’m gonna leave this episode here It’s a re- it’s kind of a hard game to record because you feel like you get nothing done in episodes even though I’ve been like recording for like an hour and a lot of stuff actually did kinda get done I-I got all my warp drive and everything we went through a black hole that was awesome ANYWAY THANK YOU GUYS SO MUCH for watching this episode if you LIKED it, PUNCH THAT LIKE BUTTON IN THE FACE LIKE A BOSS and, high fives all around whapsshhh whupshh thank you guys now we’ll see you all you dudes IN THE NEXT VIDEOOOOO Well I- You’re not allowed…. Sam Sorkin… Sorry Chief, but I quit… In one night I pulled in more cash than I earn in a month working at this dump… Mr Sorkin said he wouldn’t mind taking me on. I guess I just wasn’t…. *Laughing* What the fuck? Sorry if I’m blowing the mic out. I could see it clipping on my screen every now and then. So I’m trying to be cautious about it Talking like this is fine but if I go…. HHEEIGGGHH!!!!! That kinda eh- automatically clips it I need to mess around with settings


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