GEMINIS Tu Propósito en la Vida y Mensajes de tus Ángeles Noviembre 2019 Tarot

Geminis welcome my warriors to this
special reading for the month of
November 2019
Here we will know what your
life purpose for this month
November that goal have to achieve
What is your mission for this month and how
you’re going to achieve also seeing
messages from your angels I am later
jot and you’re here in my jack channel tarot
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energy you will have this month
November are the energies of
flowering and you get to them through
of rebellion but it will not be a
rebellion with malcriadeces nor bad
treatment or with these negative energies
you are talking about for you
you can flourish during this month
you can achieve your goals and
purpose of what they tell you letters
today you need first of all
break those ties those chains that do not
you are allowing progress to
some of you this may be mental
Geminis may be blockages and obstacles
you’re having you on your head in
your mind those demons that are in your
orejita telling you that you can not achieve
your dreams are the ones you
blocking so you can get all
abundance and all that budding
You need in your life and will be a month
so you do thinking it will be a month
so then you analyze the actions
you are taking your thinking
and the first weeks of this month you
You’ll then be able to coordinate with you
it and analyze what you are
doing wrong to leave that behind
Gemini and focus on the abundance
It is there at the entrance of your house
It is at the door of your home waiting
you just open that door but
you do not dare not have that fear
fear because these letters are you
indicating that you are to live in
great big full full glory
full abundance of happiness that what
They are telling me your guides here say
Take off those bonds this month your
Take off your hand those situations you
may be retained because what the
universe is in your mind what you have
They prepared for you are things you
you only have dreamed and perhaps
not even
imagine you’ve accomplished
But all this comes into your life once
what you go through this period
analysis of situations that are
bad wrong in your life in your way and you have
November using this
Mercury retrograde so you can
return those past situations
regain those energies analyze leave
that behind us and focus on the abundance
next to you is going to be a month
where you’ll be able to fulfill your dreams
my dear warriors and Geminis
be prepared because this month it will be
special for you
This is a new tech with new letters
They called the purpose of your life is
English was the will translate
The Spanish so is that for you
What is your purpose Gemini this month
November you have to work that
You have to do this month
we will look for you my warriors
Gemini indicate what you here
music then look
says that this month you’ll have a
connection to the music you will
help heal yourself and heal
other some of you might be
just using music to
remember past situations
You could be hearing a lot this month
many songs in your time of youth
many songs from the era of youth
maybe your parents many songs
that in some way or another they are going to
bring back memories so very attentive
because this will help you to
heal and purpose of your life this month
November is healed through
music so maybe you’re
some investigating methods
Alternative healing maybe with music
or maybe you’re just doing
this exercise yourself listening
listening to music songs of the past
and maybe you do up
unconsciously have me ah
keep abreast and comments
Jack hears telling me listening to
song that reminds me of my ex and
use that energy to close that
not to grieve cycle
others are telling you that your purpose
in life it has a lot to do with the
music in the sense that maybe you
you can become a singer you can
get to play some kind of instrument
and you are saying that this month you have
to explore those options fail
this November so you can
connect with the music so you can
then study maybe playing some
type of instrument A violin A
a piano or guitar maybe even
to learn to manage your instrument
voice your own voice you could be
taking singing lessons
They remember that these readings are
general are not for everyone but some
of you might be learning to
these things music to heal you
or through music you could
be healing your wounds or also
others so it depends on you in
what part you because maybe some
of you are not singers or not
They want to be singers but you can
heal their wounds through music
and there is going to be your purpose this month
November let me know leaving your
fingers up if you like these
new cards do
the purpose of your life that will come out
in special like this Month
Also in November for the month of
December and I will use it for
2020 purposes when making these
readings let me know what you think
Archangels romance that tell you
for this November
tells you that you have to work that
there is a great love that is coming to
you worth and you have to
take those steps so that it can achieve
the love of your life will come to
As it is but this TUSSAM
It has a lot to do with the heal
strive to break free with
break routine
to take off those bonds and that
especially those voices and darkness
you tell yourself you can not
achieve your dreams and those voices are
geminis that bind you and keep you
as long as you have to beat braking
those voices and during this month are not
allow for anything you
come to occupy or you go to
destroy your dreams because this is a
month for you to flourish for
enjoy and heal through music
which it is very important for that purpose
Listen this is lightning thunder
there you are confirming that you have to
heal through music so what
make direct consciously or
unconsciously begins to hear
those songs that bring back memories
last to close those wounds
remember me your comments
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These instant messages from
Your angels this is the letter dated 10
Priestess swords wizard
and the king of hearts and ten of spades
you talk about a weight that can
I am having a lot of stress on you
and warns you that it will be a month
which you have to be very careful
not to overload you do not work
let others put more
more weight on you or responsibilities
on you to keep the light load
This may be because you also take
responsibilities of others or
because you want to do many things
while you talk that have calm
tranquility you have your say here
spiritual guides is a month
you do not stress so much so that
seek a way to relax and
Always seek the support of people
around you
speak also here you have to
be very attentive to this month your
intuition that you are able to develop
in order to achieve that success and that
happiness you have to be very
aware of this letter
priestess of your feelings because
You’ll be able to start
to heal the wounds of the past and also
You’ll be able to start to feel the
energies of people around you
the letter of the priestess tells you to
you’ll have that spiritual connection
and you might even develop some kind
skill or what your spiritual gift
you could get to have some sort of
energy where you become a
empathic person a person who can
read the energies of people to your
your intuition during this month will be
more active than ever and is that
intuition that you’re going to take you to
so you can make very wise decisions
you’re sure to help you to grow
and get ahead but you have to be
well aware of these energies
also speaks your spiritual guides
Chart Wizard you will
present an opportunity to
build something you’ll be able to create something and
this can be so much that you want to create
Music might also’re in
this branch as what you had indicated that
It is your purpose for this month
November heal some sort of music
You could be writing poems
songs could be even you one
writer later could be
writing lyrics that
you could get even sell
a future and these definitely gives
help you to progress chart
magician speaks to you that it will be a month
where you’ll have a lot of creativity
where warrior gemini
you’ll definitely be able to put
all your ideas into practice
conscious and always keep you
Always keep anuente that you
You can accomplish anything you like
propose Gemini and this will be a month
November where you’re going to have that
call intuition to do
you want some of you might
be building companies
you could be finding new
opportunities to develop your
talents and speaks to you this letter from you
you have to take advantage because you’ll
be very successful to achieve success is
It is waiting as you indicate the
doors of your house
the letter from the king of hearts tells me about
you will have an encounter with a
older person you can be a
who has power and this could
become a person you could
having a romantic relationship with this
person could also be a person or
important in your career in your life
It all depends on the professional stage
which you find yourself in these
moments but definitely do
the effort with this letter of
Romance archangels leave
break your routine to meet other
people’s letter king of hearts you
It indicates that definitely would be
Knowing a person who is
willing to share with heart
is someone who at first appearance
It could prove to be someone like
Rezek or someone who is not interested
but at this moment but
hidden secret that person is falling
you may still not know this
person remembers that this reading is
for November so you have
to wait until these things happen
during November
let’s see what other message there for you
from your looks guides people
important sign marking here
contracts king of diamonds are going to be
hired by a person who is
the letter from the king of diamonds speaks to you in a
tim person of power and these two kings
this reading and queen
you’ll be surrounded by people
important during this month vip people and
Do not worry about the light in
this card is 10 swords as well
it is illuminated because it is
protected and I will show you that no
let that affect you look’ll be
surrounded by important people during this
month and this may be important people
I looking for you give them some
type of assistance that offer some
type your services might be people
important is communicating
you for your songs
so you’re going to be writing
for music you will be healing and
Here is a signature with this ace
bastos firm contracts are me
saying your guides and this ten
swords you I’ll show here that
usually your guides show me
about betrayals of deceit in these
now they are talking about from
you have your insecurities my
Dearest Gemines indecision is that
You’ll develop when you arise
these great opportunities that come
for you during the month of November
opportunities to meet the love of your
life found opportunity to meet
an important person older than you who
quererte will shake hands and could be
these two people more dedicated to
about love and other more focused on
As for finance
and speaks to you this letter of 10 swords
you do not let your mind overwhelm you
once again we fall to the letter
rebel do not let those feelings
situations or feelings of insecurity
covers you for all these beautiful things
that are happening around you because
If you allow this energy then
ten of spades seizes you from
your creativity with this letter the magician
because I went right there you’ll be
blocked and you will not then be able
achieve nothing we will cover it and master it
with the letter wizard
so you can not have those energies
around you because then you will not
achieve your dreams you will not reach your
goals and the letter of the queen of spades
It leaves just below the king of hearts this
It may be a couple
you could be forming a couple
definitely or might be
meeting a man and woman or couple
woman man because no man
regardless of their gender will then to
be important to you in life is
a VIP partner and can be a person
you are giving an opportunity
someone who wants to talk to you or
you could become part of this
vip partner and once overcome these
10 letters swords and you
then surrender to the power of
Queen of Spades definitely
Is this you in this Geminis reading and watching and
your transformation as you grow
durante todo el mes donde te sientes
estresado donde sientes que no sabes qué
hacer que no te encuentras una solución
que te sientes amarrado con la carta del
rebelde y ahí está el florecimiento
esperando para que tú resurja así para
lograrlo necesitas escuchar tu intuición
necesitas empezar a crear utilizar tu
creatividad y eso te va a abrir las
puertas para sanar heridas y conocer a
estas personas importantes durante este
mes recuerda tu propósito este mes es
sanar sus heridas utilizándola
ya sea utilizando música que te recuerde
a ti cosas del pasado para sanar o
simplemente con algún tipo de terapia de
música algún tipo de terapia alternativa
que te ayude a cerrar estas heridas o
tal vez incluso crear canciones crear
música cantar utilizar ese talento que
tienes si lo tienes entonces para que
por medio de tu voz sanes y también
ayudes a otras personas a seguir
hermosísima esta lectura para ti en el
mes de noviembre recuerda dejarme sus
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vez que llegamos a los 400.000 tiene que
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definitivamente regreso antes aquí a
responder a tus preguntas deja tus
comentarios con tu pregunta de si o no
yo les responderé al azar algunas las
responderé al azar en pantalla te
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siguientes vídeos que te recomiendo y
aquí en la parte superior está el enlace
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las diferentes consultas privadas que
ofrezco te decreto un mes de noviembre
filled with lots of light and progress


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