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start these readings fell letter
week so we’ll see what
are your main energies to this
Geminis out the letter you all
and this letter is speaking to you from
you’ll be able to get help from
the universe of friends
of people who do had your
around it will be a week very nice
for you full of bright and very
app much support you can understand
then your next help you have
I been needing perhaps to
find an answer to a problem
to know what decision to make what
way to go and see these people
here what beautiful leaning each
while others are guindados of
this of this device here so that
It is definitely going to have
this week said support helps give that
leap of faith is to confess that
people who are around you are going
to support you to open more in terms of
your energies and start enjoying
all of your entire life
your joy and the things you have to
around you my warrior Gemini no
you’re worrying or you’re thinking of
negativity opens
your mind and trust that people
that they are around you or go to
You are coming to your life during the
Next week they’re doing it because
They are being sent from God
part of those loved ones in the
which you think a week where you go
closing chapters where you’re opening
to new things a week where
will definitely be changes that
you’re sure to get out of your comfort zone
comfort changes that you are going to help you
able to see life from another point
for some of you view these
changes may have to do with a
new exercise routine have to
about making a diet simply
change routine routine something
you were doing in a way
So get ready because this week
for you warriors Geminid
letter gives you all energies
Positive talks to you that you will support
be receiving from people
which may be entered by first
once in your life and there you are saying
trust these people going to
get in your way because they are being
guided in the universe
support you and to help
recalls that at the end we will have a
Interactive question so I stay
me and also throughout this
reading work and let’s see
love for you and your family is the letter
you go out in these moments with
NINE of CLUBS talk that some of
you are standing firm after
some kind of difficult situation
regarding your family can be
Gemini Warriors have to see
with a situation where you had is
a conflict or a battle with
relatives or heard of any kind of
conflict or battle your family
Around you
This can affect you directly or
but indirectly with family
talks here that definitely
person being affected will
out successful wound but successful
so you talk about your family if
There are some situations
conflict or jealousy or maybe
You will feel that you do not want to support
all these situations and energies will
change this week because you
winner but sales will suffer
maybe your little sweetheart so
my geminis much
with that situation in the family and when
I see the family I’m watching
then your family is your core group
I see your parents your cousins ​​your
brothers because then we will see your
partner when you are in a relationship
that’s what tells me I look here
another message is coming
for some of you your family is
incomplete right now missing
because someone in your family may be missing
a person who has been missing one
person who is lost can
miss a person simply has
disconnected from you and told my
family does not communicate with them and me
this is now telling me I was going to
throw you another letter telling me your guides
Jota Gemini Tell your family will
and can be completed during this
week be receiving news
a relative who could have walked away
and this departure from your family could
It has been voluntary or involuntary
for that person you’ll give news
this week for some of you
He could be even appearing
This family reconciling this
family with you and have been
having conflicts with his family and
They heard the dog barking on the
Doggy neighbors is telling me
also from heeding that
It might make some of you have
lost a pet and that pet could
this week to be popping me
keep abreast leave comments
Watch your friends you out chart
Nine of Cups some of you look
I indicated to your friends
You’ll have new groups of friends and
you get this letter telling the
friends of friends of sector
your dreams are going to realize and what
kind of dreams could be made
your reality with friends could
you indicate that you finally accept
They understand you because you understand you act
in a way it could indicate you
also they are reaching new people
Circle of friendship and for some of
you are telling me that that’s
new group of friends that you go
to have my geminis you can go
someone with whom you’re going to have a
connection and may be having some
type of affair this week very
attentive because you’ll meet a
new person can be a group of
friends a different person too
with which you’ll be attracted and that
person is going to notice you too well
that attentive good news for Geminis
those who have groups of friends
new or will be part of
new groups of friends because there
could emerge a romance
at work this week we will
see what the message will be
We happening to you in your work will
this letter will stay with the
so first we will stay with the
First you out chart
looks are telling me your guides
spiritual that for some of you
this week they could be
having some kind of revelations
spiritual disclosures regarding
their beliefs might be knowing
a person who may be coming to
preach or may be coming to
talk about something that has to
do with religion or with some
this could be your spirituality
person you are chatting with others
beings but here’s letter
Priestess tells you about a great
spiritual intuition of a connection
the divine also are telling me your
guides some of you might start
understand interest in tarot readings
or you could be doing readings seal
Or tarot could be
knowing something about healings
something that has to do with the
spirituality within this week will
to be very important in your work can
that’s why you is coming out that in this
moment because some of you may
Once again artists are to have any
kind of spiritual knowledge and you
They are saying that you’re on the road
or maybe you have only that interest
to do and tell you if you have that gift
you have that spiritual ability
the connection with the divine and you have to
begin to look for ways to develop
you have someone who can do
a teacher and I can give you then
instructions on how to do that more
later in your life so attentive
because the spiritual path will be
very strong look have to tell you
one that came to my mind also
part of your spiritual guides and me
They said someone may reach
your job and maybe you have nothing
that your work has nothing to do
with spirituality or any kind of
religious belief but will reach
someone at your work or listen to
someone in your work maybe you are
with those intentions to preach
of any religion about
any of these holistic types
reiki yoga meditation but someone
You will be talking about things
spiritual about your work and
That may catch your eye or
You can also on occasion you
say but why come here to
tell us that’s what will be
happening around you
If you are seeking employment
Gemini What is the message for you if
you are seeking employment and letter of
I will leave it a shot one
opportunity that comes from heaven and looks
that this opportunity will come to you
by people you you know
because this letter of love me
talks about job opportunities
They come to you by friends
I remember my grain receipt
messages from your guides
I give them spiritual message
literal letter why is that if
some of you know these great
that letter does not mean passing
is that I receive messages in a way
intuitive part of their guides
spiritual connect with you with
most so be prepared because they
You will get a chance to work
this week by a
Friendship is someone you know or could
maybe even be your partner that will
to say or you know they are looking
looking for someone like you in such a place
applies or someone who knows you sees your
resume and say oh look but if
Gemini clear oh yes let’s call
Geminis have to call because it is
up with that energy I am also
seeing that a gear is closed
in your life in a way
General’s why I always tell you
stay until the end if you if you already
you work and you left you go to
then lose this time when
I will talk about energy
I just received speak of a gear
finally fits speaks of a
situation finally adjusted and
arrange for your life that you’re
removing negative energies and such things
Once your family about you
They were blocking positive situations
for you and blessings in your life
this week you will receive great
news and that the universe is
God preparing you what you think is
you preparing to receive a large
surprise and a blessing so
attentive Gemini prepared
so I tell them to always stay
me because even though each
these cards are already marked for
something particularly like at this moment
You can also receive a message
additional watches
This letter fell for the next
position in this reading is for
If you’re dating someone or if you
married or are in a relationship and you get
the letter of death but this
occasion with all these letters are
here around you are showing me
your guides the message to you is that
your relationship at this moment will
you start taking a turn will
transform will change in a way
negative toward something more positive to see
healing and that with this aspect with
this letter family can also
relate a little with your relationship
because you you indicate that wounds
battles difficult situations
end and this energy is transformed into
something positive is not going to transform
energy from positive to negative so
If you are fine with your partner no
all they get stressed well
but very attentive transformations this
week will be writing down your
Geminis partner who can hear but say
Now look at my partner does speak to me or
you saw me that my partner asks me
All this week I was invited to dinner or
lunch or dinner together because I
prepare food in the home can be the
man or woman regardless of
Gender is the message you receive is
you will find a great change
her partner who did not hesitate to
not sow seeds of doubt or that
Poisonous let people tell ay
not so do not go to your work be
telling people anything because there’s poison
ay after saying yes sure is
dating someone or love has
do not let remorse fill the
If you are looking for partner letter
out for you
and Geminis letter prepared and sun
it gives me goosebumps ayayay not
I do not know if they can get to see
there is
Geminis This week you know a
a person very important person
important this person might want
get to have a family with you going to
meet someone who has
likely to be your soul mate
possibilities for this person going to
know will shine shines by itself
can be a recognized person can
be a person because it is famous
It can be a person who just
has a great attraction that ever
who walks somewhere around the world
It will have to be looking woof woof
great week some of you might
You are meeting someone who is
You are traveling this person you will be
Knowing Geminis This week is a
who you are coming to your country or
Your city trip
you can to be there temporarily or
you may be there maybe even
December to celebrate the holidays by
es una persona que vas a conocer que es
el viajera
con la cual hay grandes posibilidades de
llegar a tener una familia
qué linda esta carta para ustedes guau
mis guerreros recuerden que si ustedes
guerreros de géminis quieren llegar a
ser los primeros en ser publicados la
próxima semana pues tiene que ser el
vídeo más listo así que te invito a que
compartas este vídeo con tus amistades
con tus seres queridos diles que se
suscriban y que vean el vídeo hasta el
final para que de esa manera entonces
este vídeo sea el más visto y sea el
primero en ser publicado los números de
la suerte para ti tienes el 8 el 3 el 83
tienes el 5 y el 6 56 esos son los
números que te dan si tú quieres
cambiarlos pues tienes todo el derecho
de hacerlo si te gusta digamos que el 38
lo puedes hacer utiliza el número que
razonen contigo pero el que te dan aquí
es el 83 y el 56 tu día de la suerte
para esta semana mis guerreros desde
geminis va a ser el día jueves así es
que muy atentos porque el día jueves
estarás recibiendo noticias positivas
vamos a pasar con la pregunta
interactiva te explico cómo esto haces
una pregunta de si o no me conviene este
trabajo me conviene cambiar de auto yo
te voy a sacar dos cartas la opción a y
la opción b tú tomas la carta que
quieras yo la volteo y te digo si la
respuesta es sí o no si quieres en estos
instantes puedes poner pausa piensa tu
pregunta y luego regresas acá voy a
revelar las la opción para ti te dices
que no con la carta de la torre
es un no definitivo
si tomaste es la opción b la respuesta
para ti es un no con la carta del rey de
bastos que te indica de que este no tú
you can turn on if more
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