Geminis Fin de Semana ♊ 25 al 27 Octubre 2019 + Consejo Semana

Gemini friends welcome for this
weekend reading from 25 to 27
friday saturday and sunday october and
we will also perform this again
bonus psoe that he liked the week so much
last week so let’s go
first instance at 25 on 27 and then 28
to 31 general for asia advise see
how are the energies
thanking all your support on the channel
a big hug to everyone I want to clarify
that I have also told the others
signs the issue that many me
they ask how the issue of
Chile sometimes for an issue of Venezuela to
well the energies that I see for him
ok sign everyone has different
visions of life everyone has
different as you might call it
and ideals regarding politics in
as for a thousand things therefore we are going to
keep doing it in a general way
independent of the country in which it
find only give all the
force people who are having a
A little bad give you all the energy
positive to the country where you are for
that everything goes perfectly and can
obviously people get ahead in their
project of your life in general good
then gemini
general reading
in the first instance from 25 to 27 of
October of this year 2019
geminians let’s see how it is in the
video description I leave
all my data for those who love me
locate for custom readings
are you my social networks
to add good ok gemini to see
it’s a very good weekend
it’s a weekend where
they will feel more balanced than in
previous weeks what I remember
that the gemini come very complicated
many of you on related topics
with money with work with
family or emotional issues has not
been or at least in this month or for
many even many months that have not
managed to have a good stability this
weekend I feel it will be
Gemini the 2d letter or gold me
indicates that you have a greater connection with
the universe with god with yourselves
they know what decisions to make is like that
they manage to understand this weekend or
feel that at least it is finally
all more stable they will achieve
evolve or will they be able to
solve certain issues that had them
a little complicated and they will feel
more calmly more
as born again it is to them that
optimism that they had lost to
many of you ok
very good weekend emotionally
I even know that there may be help from
part of the environment may have
chances of joining with some
person regarding projects for
that are single there may even be
any meeting or some social event
something born with someone who
know there may be a flowering in
couple issues will feel that the
work the effort the things that have
happened that have happened
even with problems that may
have are going to feel that among you
they understand better that things flow than
there is a flowering as far as the
relationship that there is progress so yes
you have a nice weekend in what
emotional as a couple for those who
they don’t have a partner with many
chances of meeting someone or
feel feel with yourself more
happy to feel that they become like
have that confidence in you so
It is very good in terms of work and
money in the letter of 6 of
sword represents that there is a
feeling of loving her again
job of feeling that they like it
what they do or start a project
may you have them happy that
be happy or feel that
it really was the way they had to
choose for others maybe that’s a
start of something new for those who don’t
they have work maybe they feel it comes
that good energy that energy of
optimism as I said and through
this optimism energy will receive
maybe news that allows them to be
happy this weekend for many
of you also from Gemini there are
pregnancy probabilities of part
from the surroundings of a family member or from
Some may even be from your partner
but I see it more as the environment already and
also as it is in the line of
work this the gestation letter
He tells us about starting new projects
that will be very positive in this
last stage of the year or that they come back to
mark your work what I told you
there is just a flowering or a new
start money is important
because all this positive energy and everything
that optimism is going to manifest in the
money therefore they will feel that there are
probability of starting a path that
allow them to have more money or to see
life in a different way and achieves
in ordering they can finally have to
some of you maybe true
money problems with some with some
within friendships in quotes or
known maybe someone
no concern is found for someone or
that they owe someone money or that
have certain conflicts out there they will
have to handle issues related to
money and with friends or people
that works with you but having
so many positive letters in general
I feel that you will be able to leave
forward in front of some obstacle with
this person and also eye on who
they trust money on the subject of
family I see stability I see happiness
I see joy I see that it is a good week
nice weekend many areas of
bad gemini life in a lot there
certain fears suddenly not having the
force necessary to get ahead of
not wanting i don’t know not wanting to
keep fighting as fear of
to keep trying and things don’t
result but believe me gemini that is
much more positive than negative
so give it all to get ahead
let’s see how this affects the week
since this weekend is very good
let’s see if the week from 28 to 31 continues
this positive energy
to see geminians I feel that for the
week the general emotional issue continues
positive the letter of the sun even though
reversed for me is a very good letter
related to emotions I feel what
that this is this feeling of
stability is not going to go during the
week they will follow what yes
they need to be more generous about
geminian love because they will receive
positive news and they will receive from
somehow opportunities and have had
the opportunity to change your vision of
change your perception of the things of
take out that more positive twin and leave the
other side of not losing that that
joy that happiness that I tell you
whenever they have the Gemini and that to
sometimes it is overshadowed by this other twin
more pessimistic more negative and more more
authoritative then to have and follow
with this positive energy to deliver more
love because through the
deliver more love be generous they will
to be able to continue attracting what has not
worked for example on issues of
work or in economics or subjects
family related already to be
generous with love
maybe not yet because as it came out a
new beginning and a rebirth in terms of
I work for opportunities in terms of
business may not yet be the
harvest time because very soon I
then I have to repeat them again
if you are generous do not commit
same mistakes of the past don’t have for
what to be afraid to play it for his
project no longer have to be afraid
that things don’t work you have to
somehow call and use the law of
the attraction to continue on this path
positive that the weekend is going to
bring there is still as I say
stagnation regarding the issue of
money because there are many things that
some gemini have there and they don’t go
to be easy
solve but you have the
ability and intelligence to leave
forward then there is step by step
trying to solve the problems to
be more generous not to decay in what
emotional already to try to enjoy a
little more and meet new people because to
through that knowledge and give your
space for fun will enjoy
also with the environment may appear
opportunities that did not expect gemini
then it’s good that they don’t want to
neither there obfuscated depressed but that
go out in search of those opportunities
and through friendships the people who
can you know believe me they will see
positive opportunity there will be support from
part of the family or people
close in related thing even with
money so have faith that everything is
can solve to get ahead not
disappoint people who believe in
and obviously the money issues because
8 gold also represents the theme
money related too
represents in that this person who
may some know that miners
single is no more than a friendship or is
play it and don’t have or don’t receive from
back the same but that already depends on
every person believe me gemini that to
through delivering love of trust and of
again recover that positivism
and use your intelligence to get out
from any problem any problem
because the weekend for me marks the
start of a new cycle and if you
they want to keep during the week
it’s only in seeking balance
in being generous in not forgetting the
things you shouldn’t keep doing that
they are negative in enjoying the leader more
in search of those of that priority
priorities of those support dreams are going to
have not be afraid to feel judged
for the environment go ahead and come
also positive announcements I feel to
see let’s get
that’s why the judgment letter
of course they tell us the judgment letter we
they say they should wake up the issues of
money that should not be followed in more than
the same not to commit those again
past mistakes to make decisions of
leave everything that can be
stalling geminians and they don’t
Lets get ahead on the issues of
money being a little disconnected to
get that positive twin let’s see
what do fairies tell us we are going to get
one for the weekend
I remind you that it is a general reading
Gemini friends and it all depends on
you fairies for the weekend
what do they tell us
the power of flowers
to increase your power
of personal healing devotes time to
flowers and flower essences
Gemini is why I tell you that they have
have to go out they have to enjoy that
they have to try not to be there so
locked up so that nature god the
universe connect with you through
of the flowers you can maybe
get this positive energy from that
connection with nature but if they are
there in your house believe me that energy
positive is going to be very scarce that
arrive then to increase the power of
personal healing to connect more with
nature and with flowers and also
with the floral essences for the week
from 28 to 31 and loose ties
when you stop controlling your energy
relaxed quickly attracts your desires
so that’s the feeling they have
some jimenez to control all of
want everything to be fast to handle
every situation is sometimes worse and
this flower and this drop
tie up tell us that through your
relaxation of thinking better things about
attract the positive of using the law of
attraction of connecting being more
generous with love is going to be that everything
relaxed ideas come to them that can
solve all problems in a way
much faster than you
wait but if you want to control everything and
it was done was search and somehow it
stress is not the way i think they are
very good advice that can help you
a lot of geminians in this end of
very good week and week is coming
harness this energy from the end of
week to be able to extend it to what
is this year and why not during
much longer the letter that will
represent in this weekend and
lucky number is
the magician’s letter notice you have
everything in his power
Gemini to create his future on
wizard is number one for games
random that can benefit you this is
for the weekend we are going to get a
more but this time for the week
the wonderful letter car that is yes
you use your power
they have in their hands to be able to
advance your intelligence because the magician
it’s a letter that represents a lot
they will see how during the week too
you can move on and on with this energy
positive number 1 for the weekend
number 7 for the week the number of the
lucky wonderful letters that are going to
help a lot and tell us that there
they have the opportunities to do
changes in this last stage of 2019 already
that come a little complicated to me
friend heaven and I hope you like the
reading to get ahead share and
comment on the video so you can enter
in the raffle for personalized reading
thank you very much to semis


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