Gemini Tarot & Astrology – Friends and Lovers Love & Money 💰💖

hi Gemini’s this is Reverend Renee here
with your weekly Tarot and overall
horoscope for January the 20th through
the 26 so as I shuffle I typically give
an overview of your horoscope and
luckily for you there are no real
planets or asteroids so to speak in your
sign which leaves you unencumbered and
what I mean by that is no other planet
is forcing you to do anything you’re
just Gemini in and of yourself except
for two small asteroids that a lot of
people don’t talk about those asteroids
are Sappho and Eros so before we get
into Sappho and Eros I want to explain
to you that as we do these general
overviews you may want to go in deeper
and there is an app that I want to tell
you about this app is called daily
horoscope and you can go into this app
on your iPhone or on your Android
devices and you can get today’s
horoscope and Tarot and you can get
tomorrow’s your weekly or monthly your
annual to give you a general overview
but the good thing about this app is
that it features various different
youtubers as well as various pictures
and blogs to help you to understand a
little bit more about what we will be
talking about in our videos so I have
links in the information box for you to
go in and download the apps to your
phone so you can stay abreast of what is
happening to you from an astrological
and Tarot perspective so Sappho and Eros
who are they
Sappho represents the friendship
friendships between people of the same
sex friendships between people who are
of different sexes and it it’s kind of that
point where and I don’t know why I’m
dropping your cards but it’s kind of
that point where you go into friendships
and and lovers from friendship so you
build a foundation you may look at this
person and be like hmm perhaps they can
be someone that I can create a
relationship with now this aspect is not
defined just for your weak
Sappho will be in your sign through
April so you should be meeting new
people you should be developing your
friendships there should be a person
that comes close to you during the next
couple of months and we’re gonna look at
how this will play out this week in your
weekly Tarot so let’s see and it looks
like based on what I’m seeing so far you
need a friend I’m seeing the magician a
lot in the cards for a variety of people
a variety of signs so I encourage you to
look at our daily Tarot as well because
you should be able to get insights from
that also this is almost extremely
similar to some other people that I’ve
seen let’s get some clarifiers out here
and we’ll probably do two cards at a
now Gemini you are very charismatic a
lot of people like you some people don’t
understand you welcome to the world oh
okay I see where you are all right let’s
get one more card with the Hierophant
one more
all right so we’ve got the ace of cups
which is a pretty major love situation
we have a warning from the Hierophant
the teacher the master teacher and we
have a king of pinnacles now to me even
though the king of pinnacles can
represent a business or a business
partner it seems to me like this is a
man that you are this man could be you
or it could be someone in your life and
it’s almost like just giving you a heads
up of you have seen this before now I’m
taking it from these stars that this
person is a friend of yours that you may
be considering moving into more so we’ve
got some dual aspects here we’ve got the
Sun and we’ve got the 10 of Wands
meaning that perhaps for some of you
this indicates a male child that you
have had issues with and would like to
have some help with for some of you this
indicates the last days of a pregnancy
and for some of you this indicates that
you’ve just been working hard and you’re
about to come into a period of rest
relaxation and happiness so these two
cards can mean quite a few things but it
looks like you’re moving out of a hard
situation let’s pull this back up again
you’re moving out of a difficult
situation and and let’s move this closer
so you can see and get the the true
aspect of this card so we’re gonna
you’ve got ten wands this has to do with
work and look this person is carrying
all this and kind of bent over but still
going but now you’ve got the Sun and
you’re moving into
this energy from that so you’re about to
get a break and perhaps you pray for a
break perhaps you said okay wait a
minute this is too much I can’t handle
this kid I can’t handle this job I can’t
handle all of this that’s happening to
so I need a break and a break you are
getting again more more indications of
hard work you are definitely putting in
the time but see you’re not a complainer
Gemini you’re not afraid of hard work
you just do it you know you just get in
there and you get in where you fit in
which is a good thing and it also makes
you open just like Jim and I are just
like Taurus you’re open to a lot of
admirers but you have decided
uh-uh I don’t want that I don’t want
that you see exactly what’s going on so
Jim and I you will not be fooled but at
the same time you recognize that a good
friend is hard to find so it’s okay if
you want to transmute this energy into
friendship it’s it’s something that’s
positive it’s something that’s good
you’ve got the Ace of Cups you’ve got
the Sun you’ve got the the magician
you’ve got a few of the Hierophant
you’ve got a few Major Arcana cards here
indicating that what you decide to do
during this time is going to have a big
effect on your life in the foreseeable
future but no more games for you Gemini
you’re ready for the real thing and
nothing but and hey I can’t blame you so
you take care bye-bye

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