Gemini March 2016 Horoscope

general I welcome to go for the month of
March 2016 Gemini this month is going to really playing hard on your emotions I
feel that is because you have a situation or person that’s taking you
for granted this month no value you are in the right and all you have to do is
sit back and let that person crash and burn and see what’s going to end up
happening is Jim I told you so one of a kind of situations where the situation
or the person is not playing fair and I feel but it’s either a friend ok I don’t know something in regards to
your your love life is after all this is something that has to do with your
friendships are your family ok outside of your mobile life and I still as you
don’t somebody who is this very immature they want to do it their way they want
to be in a sense a brat though this is a month we’re going to throw you under the
bus Jim lines and I’ll let again I do not
let it get under your skin just sit back and watch the situation play out because
before the end of the month you’re going to hear that oh my gosh gym
and I you are right I’m so sorry I was in the wrong at all human being able to
say as I told you sell this person the situation’s going to learn its lesson is
going to happen this month and all you gotta do is sit back and let the
situation play out because a person is very arrogant very image wars but it’s
very difficult to criticize or try to help this person who sometimes criticism
can be constructive and I feel that sometimes people it’s hard to talk soon
emerge how to help them if they think they’re automatically right and I
thought this month in my sit back and watch the person crash and burn and
they’re going to say oh my gosh Gemini you are right on gotta do no matter how
frustrating you get with this person or situation that is very mature and
arrogant let them crash and burn on her own so now we’re gonna get started I
asked what’s going to happen in your optical round your love life and your
Chris actor for this month’s let’s talk about your obstacles for this month so
Gemini obstacles as you not blowing up on some I feel this month you’re sick
and tired of people coming to you and then saying listen you know what I want
to do this for you or listen I’m gonna give you this and they don’t hold up
their end of the bargain I saw this is a month were you sick and tired of giving
second chances I feel that you’re doing with some items brand you before and you
can sleep given this person so many chances to create a new sense of trust
and I thought this person has broken the trust for the last time and I saw this
is gonna be a mama where you actually your actual person they’re calling to
find out avoid him see you around the void them
flat out those things were on the persons around you that like so Jim how
are you today and you gonna look at the person you want to be like I really
don’t like talking to you and I think that’s something to wear their goodness
knows how to get their way are trying to use their own charm and you’re not going
to have any of it is human right you can’t take it anymore it’s like
high-speed she one more time going to blow up on you are I’m gonna snap I
missing something that I regrets I would rather just remove myself from this
situation getting myself involved in an argument or heated discussion I thought
this person in this press and will never learn unless you seriously cut them out
those persons full of excuses and you can finally see their excuses and you
can finally see that they are cool of exactly that excuses and you’re sick
and tired of their behavior and this is a mockery you too seriously cutting them obstacle Gemini for you though is that
you’re not able to close a relationship off without blowing up on the person I
can see a Gemini just trying to close the situation off and very calm way but
isolation on Monday with that any more thought that Dusty obstacle course you
get around the person you upon himself the advice is just take a deep breath and say you know why
I’m done with this let me let the person know that I’m not interested in even
talking to them anymore and just closed off the situation with grace and talk
about what’s going to happen in your love life for this month the gym I wanna come true interesting
because I feel that for a lot of you you’re going to realize that perfect
person in this is getting better but on the flip side for those who have been
struggling with letting go of your exes you’re going to realize that your ex is
not what they say has a different side to the story so maybe your accident
putting a two man I want you back jim when I want you to please ask about
together you’re realizing that your ex is really talking to somebody else is a
month where you realize my gosh as persons not what they seem I feel like a fool I can’t believe this
news is time for me to move on with my life suffer the single gym and I thought
you’re dealing with the access that were not what they ate a perfect example be
coming up soon as you listen Gemini I want us to work things out I’ve got my
life together and then you realizing the christian hasn’t even made any sort of
change in there just full of crap trying to set up their get a quickie and you’re
realizing that all you have to do at this point it’s just sit back and look
at the reality of the situation you gotta move forward with your life ok but
also feel that this is going to bring it to a whole new sense of self and I also
feel that there is good news for you singles you gonna meet somebody else I
thought this is a month is actually worth your time and that could possibly
be the one definitely but those are you ready oh my gosh this is a month were you
realizing ok you know what I want to get serious about what it is and I’m want
and i’m looking for this is where you’re having a heart to heart disease where
you staying now you’re talking to whoever is that you’re doing you’re
saying listen this is what i’m looking for ice wanna make sure that we look at
it from a different angle measure that we are on the same page I’m still at war
with Georgia view all your gonna rise at this persons actually definitely worth
your time is person loves you unconditionally they’re willing to work
for your heart is a beautiful month for you for those who are married I feel
this is a beautiful time because you’re realizing that what you guys have is
stronger because of it challenges from the past because of the
issues and I feel they have you been done with spouse that maybe has told a
fib here and there or maybe they haven’t been so honest about his situation
you’re running to letting go and say you know why I just want to focus on trying
to move forward and pick up the pieces ok now for those you that aren’t so
happy and loved this is going to be quite the opposite for you cause you’re
gonna say I can’t get over the fact that she lied to me I can’t get over the fact
that you sit there and you told me to my face that you are going to do that
because ok on the flip side a lot of you gonna have reoccurring situations having
again this month so your partner told you they were gonna lie to you and then
all of a sudden this month you’re finding out that this person still
talking to an ex or this person still hiding something behind your back you’re
not gonna be too happy about it I can say is Gemini don’t lose your temper
walk away from the situation is evidently not worth your time and you
you are worth so much more do not settle for crimes when you can get the whole
cake ok that’s just a metaphor and know that you can get whatever it is that you
want don’t settle for less ok and your partner’s not respecting what it is that
you have requested don’t be afraid to move on Gemini
because you have every right to view apartments that are on trial I behind
your back and play you out you can do better Gemini ok for those who have not
been so happy in love let’s go ahead and start as to what’s
going to happen in your career sector for this month learning that sometimes you have to let
go of a certain type of dream in order for you to make room for a dream that’s
more realistic I thought that for some of you so focused on this dream s so far
in the future so out of reach in regards to what you can do this very moment that
you’re seeing yourself I can’t live like this I can’t focus on my gosh I want
this situation happens so far down the line your focus now is going to be on
what you can actually do about situations now gonna be a time when
you’re cutting out a far-fetched dream and you’re focusing on things that are
within the net so you saying you know what I wanna make what I have I known
work I’m not going to get rich tomorrow but what I can do is I can actually make
what I have right now worked where it can benefit me in the
future to become rich I wanna make what I have work for me instead of against me
I want to focus on what I have right in front of my face instead of trying to go
to reach for a Dream Castle far-fetched see sometimes we don’t realize that I
feel this is a perfect way for you to see everyone during my gosh I wonder for
situations meant to be if God wants me to have a situation or not the best way
for you to be able to tell if it’s easily ok this is how you can tell if
God wants you to have it but this is like God works is God wants you have a
situation God put it right in front of your face flat out if it’s not for you
it’s going to be very difficult for you to get it and understand that so few and
try every single thing in situations will not work out it’s because it’s not
meant for you let it go focus on situation day focusing
situations that came to you and focus on making it work to put that right in
front of your face because that’s exactly what you need to focus on the
hidden miracle in it once you understand that this is going to be a month were
you gonna see a miracle and a blessing you gonna go my gosh this whole time
this project that I have my stage where the for this customer that I had
actually walk my business a blessing miracle because I held onto this
customer or because they held onto the situation you need to understand as you
have a blessing right in front of your face you are ever discouraging the
future about whether or not situations meant for you have to ask
yourself is a situation hard for me to obtain I’m not saying make hard work is
not fun to work hard work you know it takes hard work to get the situation I’m
talking about where it is difficult everything that you fry does not work
that means that is time for you to move forward and know that guys want to show
you what’s right in front of your face because it’s a blessing there to have a
blessed month gym and I don’t forget to subscribe and I see you soon Gemini and
you take care

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