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Hello friends, This is your Astrologer Sundeep Kataria and
I welcome you on this channel. The life is getting busy and hectic. Whether you are a student or in employment
or you run own business or even you are a house wife, everybody is moving at a fast
pace. Yet there is no free time. Therefore, we decided to save your time and
bring a combined reading for your sign for three months. Here’s what the planets predict for your career,
love life, friendships, family and opportunities during October, November and December 2019. So please watch the video till the end to
get full benefit of Astrology. Before starting the predictions, let us quickly
understand the transit of planets over your horoscope these months. The Gemini 2019 horoscope says that this quarter
will be very crucial and significant for the Gemini natives, because there are likely to
be some changes and variations. These will be both positive as well as negative
changes which will affect your personal life. As already mentioned, this period could be
like a roller coaster ride for you, with both good results as well as some challenging experiences. The transit of Saturn over your 7th house
is giving indications of gradual rise in your career. If you work hard with sincerity and persistence
the doors of success will open for you. Also you are advised to keep your plans and
working secret. Those already in a job are likely to shine
suddenly. Also they might get transferred to a place
of their choice. The transit of Rahu in Lagna house is indicating
a situation of ups and downs on financial front. There could be some unexpected expense that
can disturb your budget. Therefore, always keep some money in your
savings account. You are also advised not to make investment
in risky projects. The improvement in your financial position
will be there but slow. Gemini horoscope for this phase indicates
that Gemini’s love life will go through ups and downs. The reasons could be simply your irritable
nature or doubts and misunderstandings that will try to create a bad atmosphere. But if both of you make efforts to maintain
a cordial relationship, it would not be very difficult. Fortunately there is a positive side also. All your efforts and undertakings will be
well supported by your partner if you are in a relationship or married. Your partner’s moral and emotional support
will give you a lot of strength and confidence. Single Geminis, can expect to meet some compatible
new love matches and could even fall in love! Before proceeding ahead with the rest of the
forecast, here is an important announcement. This forecast is a general one for your zodiac
sign and is based on the transit of planets. If you want specific astrological advice from
us based on your individual horoscope, you are welcome. The individual predictions will be based on
your unique horoscope, position of planets, their strengths, dasha system and the transit. Just call us and book an appointment for consultation. And yes, that will be a paid consultation. And now let us continue with the forecast
of the month You may find it hard to remain focused and
diligent in your studies. Sometimes you will be tempted to stop your
efforts as matters outside of your studies may seem more interesting. But Gemini students will have to work hard
these months to achieve their desired goals and aspirations. Maintain your focus, structure and discipline
in each of your endeavours. Dear student friends, it won’t be easy for
you but that doesn’t mean it is impossible. Jupiter remains in your 6th house till 5th
November. This will be very critical period in your
life. Therefore, it is advised that you take proper
care of your health as there are chances that you may face some problems, especially the
ones that may affect your stomach and organs located in that region. So, while keeping a watch and try to have
healthy life style which includes exercises and a proper diet. During the these three months, you may feel
being bothered by stress, confusion or anxiety, making you quite disturbed and angry, even
over petty matters in your day to day life. Fortunately, your family will come to your
support and will stand by you through the most stressful times. Some of the Gemini natives may plan a leisure
trip with family, and create some wonderful memories with them that will be cherished
for years to come. Due to the position of Rahu in Lagna, some
of the Gemini natives may feel disturbed, uneasy and a bit edgy. You may also feel that your life is turning
meaningless, as there are chances that you may have monetary issues or employment issues. In case you want to watch this forecast in
Hindi, then the link to the video is given in the description box below. Friends, please do like and share this video. After subscribing this channel, also click
the bell icon. I wish you a very happy and prosperous month

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