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[MUSIC PLAYING] Hi. My name’s John Morgan, and I’m
a teacher and researcher at Curtin University in
Perth, Australia. My specialisation is
radio astronomy. What we do is we use
cutting-edge technology to explore the universe and
understand fundamental questions such as, how
does gravity work? In this subject, I’d like to
share some of my passion for astronomy as well as give you
some insight into what it is that astronomers like me do. Some of these ideas may appear
very complex, but I firmly believe that they are accessible
to everyone. So whether you’re a scientist
or whether you’re just fascinated by the night
sky, this subject is designed for you. So what will we cover? Well, we’ll start by looking
at how people’s views about the universe have changed and
developed over the centuries. We’ll see how people, throughout
the ages, have looked up at the sky and used
it to understand the world around them, a process that
continues right the way through to this day. In the second part of the
subject, we will go right the way back to the start of the
universe, the Big Bang. We’ll go on a journey and see
how the universe has evolved from this hot gas into the
incredibly rich and complex universe that we see
around us today. We’ll then move on to look at
the vital role that new technologies play in new
scientific discoveries. We’ll talk to some of the
scientists and engineers who are building incredible new
telescopes right now, which will allow us to peer even
deeper into the universe. Finally, we’ll look at the
future of astronomy. How do black holes work? Are we alone in the universe? What are the big questions that
we hope to answer in the coming decades? Enrol now to find out how these discoveries might be made. [MUSIC PLAYING]


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