First Image of a Black Hole!

This is the first-ever image of a black
hole released by the Event Horizon Telescope collaboration on April 10th
2019 It shows plasma orbiting the
supermassive black hole at the center of the galaxy M87. The bright region shows
where plasma is coming towards us and since it’s traveling near the speed of
light it appears brighter when coming towards us and dimmer when going away.
This is called relativistic beaming. From the images scientists can tell that the
plasma is orbiting clockwise. It takes around 2 days for the plasma to complete
one orbit. Here we are looking at the black hole using electromagnetic waves
with a wavelength of 1.3 millimeters – radio waves. This was the part of the
spectrum used to make the image because it can show us the features close in to
the event horizon and it can pass through the accretion disk and
interstellar dust to reach our telescopes. The supermassive black hole
in M87 is very active meaning it’s constantly feeding on lots of matter
from its glowing hot accretion disk, but it also has narrow collimated jets above
and below it here shown in blue, thought to be created by incredibly strong
magnetic fields. The jets extend out at least 5,000 lightyears and one of them
appears to be pointing almost straight at us.
Relativistic beaming is again the reason we can see the jet coming towards us in
this Hubble Space Telescope image but not the one going away.
Since the jet is pointed almost straight at us I’m thinking our perspective is
almost perpendicular to the accretion disk but let’s have a look at what we
would see if we were looking at different orientations. The warping of
space-time around the black hole means we can see light even from parts of the
accretion disk behind the black hole. They are lensed above and below the shadow region. Not gonna lie this is so trippy I could stare at it for a long time. So the
big question most people are going to be asking is why is the image so fuzzy? The answer is because it’s so tiny. Don’t get me wrong the black hole itself is
huge, supermassive in fact. As measured from this picture the black hole has a
mass 6.5 billion times that of our Sun. The actual size of its shadow is nearly
the size of our solar system, but located fifty three and a half million light
years away its size from our perspective is only about 40 micro arcseconds –
that’s the angle it makes on the sky. To understand what that means
take the whole sky and divide it into 180 degrees. Then divide a degree into 60
arcminutes and an arcminute into 60 arcseconds. Divide an arcsecond into a
hundred and into a hundred again and into a hundred once more and that is the
size of the black hole shadow only about 40 micro arcseconds. It puts us at the
very limit of what we are technologically capable of seeing. In
fact to get this sort of resolution due to the basic law of physics the
diffraction limit we needed a telescope the size of the Earth. That being
impractical the scientists used eight telescopes spread across the globe. They
all simultaneously observed M87 and as the earth rotated that helped fill in
the earth-sized telescope that they were trying to simulate. But M87 was not the
only black hole they looked at. They also observed the supermassive black hole at
the center of our Milky Way galaxy, Sagittarius A* – they haven’t yet release an image of this black hole, but this simulation shows what it might look like. it’s much closer at
around 26,000 light years away but also much smaller with a mass only four
million times that of our Sun. It’s also less active, only periodically gobbling
up matter, and it would have much more variation over time with matter orbiting
every four to thirty minutes. That’s probably why we’ll have to wait a little longer to see the black hole at the center of our galaxy. For now, the striking image of the black hole in M87 confirms beyond a shadow of a doubt that black
holes do exist. The general theory of relativity published over a hundred
years ago is supported again in spectacular fashion in the strongest
gravities and at the limits of our ability to test the
theory. What I love about moments like this is the ridiculous
extreme things these scientists did these 200 scientists in pursuit of a
goal that seemed impossible and yet they achieved it. I want to extend my personal
congratulations to everyone on the team for an amazing discovery. I’ll be linking
to all their work in the description

  • It's funny how we laugh at these "black hole" jokes (like: 'on year 3020, 4000) and they're doing the same way we do on internet and soon, in their times, it's just normal for them🤩

  • _+200 scientists. would there a time that women could be as many as men or more, maybe in future wouldn't matter any more?!
    from PERSIA ArmeniA with Passion

  • I did a calculation.
    The black hole including the orange disc is like observing a 1mm grain of sand at a distance of around 4000 miles (2500) km.
    Or 45 million black holes in line to fill up the diameter of the moon.

  • 2019: i am the year in which the black hole was found, so be je…

    2020: i created the corona virus

    2019: now im jealous

  • Read Quran to know more about black hole, study that what islam say about space.
    Quran discussed black hole 1,400 years ago

  • So your telling me I was learning a black whole in class when they weren’t even proven to be real ?? Evolution I tell you

  • 2:33 This image is from 53.5 Million years away. Does that mean it is the condition of M87 Blackhole 53.5M years ago?
    So in present time (earth 2020), the blackhole could have been gone and we wouldn't know?

  • Believe it or not, this picture was posted by a Moroccan guy 2 or 3 years ago and he said it will posted in 2019 as the first picture of a black hole

  • The Big Bang is the creation of black holes.
    Our universe is falling into a singularity.
    What feels like our universe is expanding is actually caused by falling into a singularity, and that's what dark matter is (in fact, isn't this the best explanation for space expansion? More than dark matter.
    As we descend to a singularity, the flow of time becomes slower and slower, but it is not measurable (because we exists in three dimensions).
    Isnt it possible?


    –Chapter 81, verse 15-18
    So verily, I swear by the stars that are veiled(Have blackness/hidden from our eyes). And by the sweeping stars that move swiftly and hide themselves. And by the night as it departs; And by the dawn as it brightens.

    The holy Quran mentions the black holes by its very specific characteristics, these are :
    1 – They are running stars.
    2 – They are veiled or receded.
    3 – They are sweeping stars.
    4 – They are dark as night and at same time bright as day.

    –Chapter 56, verse 75-77
    Then I(God) swear by the places where stars fall/drop. And indeed, this is a great evidence if/when you will know. That this Quran is a very noble book(Sayings of God, signs for those who read & Research).

    1-The place where stars.

  • The first hard drive was 1mb that was more than 100kg but now 1tb has less than 100g
    A day will also come when we have that technology to click images effortlessly

  • It’s not real, in the news says is from “another galaxy” if they can take a pic one far away why not the one of the “center of our galaxy”

  • What I want to know is since gravity is effectively infinite, how much effect if any does our black hole have on the rotation of our galaxy. I have heard it said that the spiral arms of our galaxy are waves of gravity pulling along all the stars into spiraling arms as a combination of all the gravity of all the stars and all the dark matter. Yet it is also suggested that all of our galaxy is spinning a relatively the same speed.

  • I BET history will show it as a fake.
    Just dig into this, there will be many closed closets.

    It is funny in the last few years they have showed in movies how a black hole might look like.
    Then SUDDENLY they find one.
    And NOT in all the years of last century.

  • The resolution of the image is about 1250 times greater than the diffraction-limited resolution of the telescopes. That is just one of the reasons why the image is a fabrication. You cannot reasonably expect the image to be reliable by increasing resolution that much with data processing.

  • Could the processes they used to 'see through' all the matter 'in the way', in order to finally image the black hole, be used to 'see through' the central span of our own galaxy, so that we may image, or at least begin to map out the rest of the Milky Way, that is otherwise usually 'blocked from view'?

  • The image is not real.
    The image was composed based by data. (numbers)
    NASA sucks.
    They are lying to us alot.
    Maybe we don't even exist.
    Why on the hole internet doesn't exist A REAL PICTURE WITH OUR EARTH!!!! WHY? WHY ARE ALL 3D, 2D made?
    Just check internet. You have it under your nose.

  • Wrong.. Using Einsteins power of observation..

    1, If a Blackhole has the power to steal gravity, bend and deconstruct and absorb light its self? Then how does the light leave the blackhole and travel away from it and hit the back of the Eye? Telescope? or Camera lens to take the photo?? And why is it always! the correct light to have a photo or image? conciderng light has many spectrums?
    2, A hole implys a surface on or in something, no surface no hole?
    3, As space from an Observation point of view has 8 dimensions even tho it has 16, then how can you have a hole?
    4. Whirlpools often used to defend blackholes. first a whirpool is flat and on a surface, a whirlpool rotates clockwise or ant-clockwise due to the earths poles magnetics. The Coriolis effect is when stood on the equator water flows stright down, no rotations, this is due to the pole magnetics equalizing and the earth is a ball shape, the hole is not a ball shape and has no north and south pole or magnetics, thus no rotations of whirls of matter. If the Coriolis effect was achived then a blackhole would look like a tube!
    5, To have a blackhole in a place with 8 dimensions and no suface? would be like a deep sea diver making a blackhole underwater, where there is no surface!!
    Blackhole Debunked because when the facts are looked at there isnt actually hard facts just a bunch of theroys they argue with eachother. Einstein didnt live long enough to challange this new age way of thnking unfortunately 🙁

  • It's not first real image of black's first image how Black hole in Saggitarus A…look alike in event horizon telescope hypothetical image.. That's it :). It's a model of analysing various waves and pattern…it can be most relative image of black hole…but reality still very far away…

  • Different question but what is the temperature of a black hole? Hot due to friction, cold due to condensing matter, like condensing nitrogen, or somewhere in-between. I'm not sure what the answer is but I bet it could be fun to research if you ask the right questions. I enjoy the channel and keep up the good work.

  • exselented sir may i think load budhdha sayes somethin about like this, after deth we connect with other univers , so however this is verry usefully experiment ,, i subscribed you. am from ceylon SHINHALES

  • 0:28 𝐎𝐛𝐢𝐭𝐨 𝐉𝐨𝐢𝐧 𝐓𝐡𝐞 𝐂𝐨𝐧𝐯𝐞𝐫𝐬𝐚𝐭𝐢𝐨𝐧

    0:43 𝐎𝐛𝐢𝐭𝐨 𝐋𝐞𝐟𝐭 𝐓𝐡𝐞 𝐂𝐨𝐧𝐯𝐞𝐫𝐬𝐚𝐭𝐢𝐨𝐧 . . .

  • another crazy thing is that the image we are seeing is the light sent 55 million years ago, so essentially we are looking into the past

  • In Muslims book Quran chapter 53 surra an-najam here all information of black hole describe here study that book of God or Allah. In this holy book every type of information given from small to big ones. That book for Muslims every Christian read that book of God how jesus come again to the world here every thing mentioned because its pull off on last messenger of Allah or god Muhammad ( PBUH) it is a book of sign not science. Its is book for those peoples who are pandit . That book show the straight way no book compete that holy book of god.

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