Finding the Occult in the Everyday

– The occult just refers
to secret practices.
(tense, low drone music)
(clock ticks slowly, then fast)
– The word occult in Latin
basically means hidden.
In the post-enlightenment world
the occult becomes,
outside of sanctioned religion,
tending towards private activities
perceived as countercultural.
But it does have a relationship to this
idea of experiment, practice and
producing results through an activity.
For me as an artist that sounds
a lot like making art work.
The art I make affects people
that I’ll never meet.
That in a way is a kind of
action at a distance.
(slow wind chimes)
– My art primarily is interested
in visual traditions.
I’ve really been focusing on ideas of magic,
of the occult, and of “beyond”.
(clock ticks slowly)
If one were looking for the occult in
the every day I would point out
the idea of a good luck charm.
The object is supposed to produce
a result that doesn’t really have
a direct cause-and-effect relationship.
Pinch of salt, broken mirror/seven years
of bad luck. A lot of the buildings that
we live and work in—
the leftover bits of the architecture
that suggest its previous use
have a kind of hidden or occult
quality to them.
Another place that I see magic
in the everyday: nature.
We have spent the last 5,000 years
trying to build structures that separate
us out, or protect us, from the natural
order. And we’re recognizing now that
we’ve gone a little too far.
(clock ticks fast)
– Every form of magic I’ve ever worked with
you have to locate yourself in a moral
universe. If you’re not setting a moral
compass it will never work.
(fast chimes and clock ticks)
– One of the main entry points for the young
practitioner is the Western esoteric tradition.
It brings up the fluidity of cultural interaction,
the sharing of mystical traditions, and the
interaction that has been happening
all along between these world traditions.
(clock ticks faster)
– The occult is all-permeating.
(slow wind chimes)

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