Fantastical Creatures Tarot Review

Hi everyone! In this video I am reviewing
the Fantastical Creatures Tarot deck created by Lisa Hunt and D.J. Conway. This is a fantastic
deck. It comes with 78 cards, a guidebook and Quick reference cards. These are amazing
and to be honest, this is something I wish every tarot deck had. I wish every deck of
tarot cards came with this. This is a great sheet for those of you who are new to tarot
and sometimes get hung up on the meeding . . . on the meanings of different tarot cards. And
then also for those of you who have problems with court cards or certain majors, this is
a great little tool to have. If you get your hands on the Fantastical Creatures Tarot deck,
these are yours for free and what’s nice about these is that they will work with just about
every tarot deck that you’re using. So long as they follow the traditional Rider Waite
methods and the traditional meanings of each card. I find that these, that these work with
all tarot decks. They’re great all across the board. Another thing that I really enjoy
about this deck is the little companion book that it comes with. Inside of the companion
book it gives very detailed meanings of each card, and another thing that I like about
it is that inside, it gives you the divination . . . divinationry meaning . . . divinatory
meadi…meaning, along with the magickal meanins, so how you can use this to create magick in
your own life. So very cool stuff in this book. So let’s take a look at some of the
cards, shall we? When I was speaking to Lisa Hunt, one of the creators of this deck, she
said that this deck was created, or the idea for it came to her in 2004 right after she
had had a baby. So, as she says it, she was juggling a paintbrush and a baby at the same
time, and the work was phenomenal. Another nice side note about these cards is that they’re
all based on real mythological creatures, so she had to study mythological creatures
all around the world to create this deck. And she also learned about their different
stories and origins. In fact, there’s a card in here for Lorlei, (I think is how you say
it) and she came up with the idea for that on the actual rock, on the actual place where
the Lorlei myth or tradition originated. So pretty cool. So as you can see, in this deck,
we have a lot of fun pictures and a lot of symbolisms. When you look inside each picture,
you’ll notice that there are different faces, faces hidden inside each card. So this makes
it kind of a fun thing. It’s almost like the “Where’s Waldo” of tarot (giggles). You can
ask yourself, “Where’s the extra hidden face?” But there’s so much symbolism in these cards
and they’re so busy that when you flip them over for a reading, there is bound to be something
that resonates with your subconscious mind and with your intuition. So as you can see,
these cards have a very earthy tone. They all have very earthy tones to them. We’ve
got a lot of browns, greens, some mute blues, and on top of this, we have all of these mythological
creatures. So it’s a fun blend of earth energy with mythological, mystical energy. So we’ve
got dragons, and mermaids, and kitty cats with wings, oh my! So this really is a fun
deck, and if you are a writer of science fiction or fantasy, and you like to use tarot decks
to um, to reignite your intuition or to jump start your imagination, this is a wonderful
deck because there’s so many stories in these cards. And if you’re having a hard time finding
the story, the little booklet that comes with it will tell the story for you. So know that’s
typical of other cards and other decks to have a companion book that’s detailed, but
the stories in this one are just so fun and intriguing. Woops! That’s an upside down one,
huh? Woops! So now we’re getting . . .uh, let me, let me turn this around for you. So
this is the Fantastical Creatures Tarot deck and if you would like a copy of this, I’ll
put a link down below so you can order your copy. But it really is a fun deck. It’s great
for your imagination, it’s great for your intuition, and it’s a fun way to give good
readings to your clients and friends and family. And as you can see, it’s just a fun, vibrant
deck. And I don’t know about you, but I can’t get enough of those fun, vibrant decks out
there. So, if this is your speed, be sure to pick it up. This has been a favorite, or
I should say a classic favorite among tarot readers for years, and I feel like I’ve been
left in the dust cause I just heard about recently. So again, this is the Fantastical
Creatures Tarot deck. It comes with 78 cards, the booklet that it comes with, the companion
booklet is 70 pages and it comes with the 2 cheat sheets that you can use for this deck
and other decks, and it really is fantastic. So if you’re looking for a new deck to add
to your collection, I totally recommend this one so make sure you like this video if you
have found it helpful and click on the link down below if you want to purchase your own
copy of the Fantastical Creatures Tarot and subscribe to this channel. I’ll be doing more
reviews as I continue to get more decks in. Thanks for watching! Namaste.

  • Thanks Jennifer S! I will look into it. I'm always looking for new decks to add to my collection and to feature on my channel. You're the best! 🙂

  • I stumbled on this Deck 2 days ago at a Tea and Tarot Class at "The Mystic Dream". I love Creatures of Myth and was drawn to it a few minutes after getting to the shop. The Art is AMAZING, but am not a fan of how glossy the cards are. I got over it really quick when I saw the "Magician" Card. That was the moment I realized this was the deck for me. Had a cat for 16 years and he passed peacefully 2 years ago. I see him in my mind as a Winged Cat. And how perfect this card was considering his name was "Houdini" and was the same exact color as on the card. this Deck as Nicole says is such a Fun and Vibrant Deck, though I also hear it can be quite sassy at times and may not be a beginners Deck. But yes Gorgeous GORGEOUS DECK!<3 )O(

  • Hi! I am a beginner and I bought this deck. I love the drawings. It is really a gorgeous deck.
    Though, I don't see reversed card meanings in the booklet. Does that mean the cards do not have reversed card meanings or should I follow the traditional reversed card meanings?

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